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PBS - Chapter 2094 - Projection of the Heavens and Earth

"Art of Taiyan!"

Qin Nan executed a Dao Art after calming his thoughts.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan displayed great teamwork. They stood by Qin Nan on each side while controlling the formation.

The Void Master Bugs provided them with temporary relief. They must clear a path when the Void Master Bugs were still around and entered one of the corpses of the Masters of Dao.


The Nine Heavens Supremes began to make their moves.

"Follow Qin Nan, he won't escape today!" Zhuang Nan yelled. He unleashed the power of the seven fleshes.

the mysterious valley was filled with deafening explosions and the light of countless Dao Arts which lit up the surroundings.

Qin Nan was doing two things at once. He was slaying the Void Master Bugs while keeping an eye on Zhuang Nan and the others. If anyone tried to approach him, he would use the Sky-Stride Blow to relocate himself.

Zhuang Nan and the others gave up on killing Qin Nan amid the chaos. They maintained their distance while following behind Qin Nan. Otherwise, they would only be wasting their energy trying to catch up with him.

Even so, Qin Nan remained cautious. Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan did not dare to lower their guard either.

After all, they were currently holding onto a lot of valuables, thus the other Nine Heavens Supremes might team up secretly to take them out.

The shocking battle lasted for more than half an hour. The majority of the Nine Heavens Supremes managed to push forward to the center of the tide. They were not far away from the corpses of the Masters of Dao.

The Nine Heavens Supremes began to use their trump cards. They used special formations, talismans, and Dao Weapons to force their way into the two corpses of the Masters of Dao.

Qin Nan realized something after a quick glance.

The two corpses of the Masters of Dao were different from the corpses of Masters of Dao in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Not only were the corpses well preserved, they were enlarged significantly too. They would also draw in the cultivators who landed on them. They were unable to refine the corpses from the outside.

It was obvious that some terrifying force had modified the corpses, turning them into something like a forbidden ground or ancient ruins.

A while later, Qin Nan threw a punch forward and unleashed the Dao-Melting Immortal Flames. He then executed the Sky-Stride Blow and brought his women to the chest of one of the corpses.

A huge force encapsulated them and drew them into the body without giving them a chance to fight back.

Zhuang Nan and the others quickly executed their moves.

"Qin Nan, you've chosen well. You didn't choose to enter the corpse of our Li Clan's senior!"

Li Changsheng grinned coldly, "However, once I refined the senior's corpse, you are still going to die regardless of your luck and capabilities!"

Nothing was worth mentioning before absolute power!


The eyes of Qin Nan and the two women flickered with astonishment when they arrived at another place.

They were currently beside a blood-red lake around a hundred li wide. The sky was pitch-black with countless light dots like stars. The ground under their feet was dark yellow. They also saw the silhouettes of mountains in the distance.

The scenery was no different from what they saw outside.

However, they were currently inside the corpse of a Master of Dao instead of some ancient ruins.

Qin Nan unleashed the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle. He grabbed a handful of soil and observed it. He then fired a wisp of Supreme Force at the lake which produced some ripples. Finally, he destroyed the trees nearby with saber intents.

"As I thought!" Qin Nan said.

"Xiao Nanzi, what's going on?" Princess Miao Miao asked curiously.

"I just confirmed that the soil, grass, and water here are all projections inside the corpse of the Master of Dao. In simpler words, it's a projection of the outside world," Qin Nan explained.

From the looks of it, the force behind it was nothing ordinary.

At least Masters of Dao were far from capable of doing so.

The question was, what was the purpose of creating the Land of the Duo?

Was it to provide the cultivators a chance to achieve the Master Realm?

"Huh? Does that mean refining the land, lake, and trees here is the same as refining the corpse of the Master of Dao?" Princess Miao Miao was tempted.

She would be overjoyed if that was the case!

She just needed to refine everything along the way!

"Princess, that's obviously not the case," Jiang Bilan shook her head with a smile.

"If the corpse of the Master of Dao has been modified, its heart, eyes, blood, and bones would be the mountains, rivers, and ancient trees."

"I'm afraid the normal land and lake doesn't possess any power."

Qin Nan nodded and said, "She's right, I just noticed the power that the land and lake contain is very faint. Refining them won't do you any good unless you refine the whole place."

Princess Miao Miao pouted. It was such a wicked idea to project the mysterious force in the form of a world.

"We should leave this place first. We have to keep looking on our own since we have no other choice. The others will soon catch up to us..."

Before Qin Nan could finish, the three frowned and looked into the sky.

They clearly felt some powerful rules were activated.

A shocking sight took place before Qin Nan had a chance to observe it.

The sky spun and the ground cracked. The water of the lake flowed upward while every tree broke free from the ground. Some flew into the sky while some flew horizontally.

The whole place underwent an unbelievable change!

Qin Nan wore a stern look. He unleashed the Dao Pattern to defend them from the mountain and the wind.


There was nothing but explosions left in the place.

Qin Nan and the two women were safe inside the Dao Pattern. They observed the changes on the outside with their Divine Sense.

Time gradually passed. The terrifying change lasted for half the duration of an incense stick before it finally calmed down.

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