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PBS - Chapter 2096 - Dao Arts Combination

The three peak Nine Heavens Supremes froze.

They initially thought Qin Nan would still negotiate with them even if he did not agree right away.

However, not only did Qin Nan reject their offer, he even asked them to leave?

Did he seriously think they did not dare to fight him?

The old man was the first to react. He said with a displeased look, "Cultivator Qin Nan, you shouldn't be so full of yourself. Starting a fight here won't do you any good!"

Qin Nan was amused. He said, "Aren't you being full of yourself? Do you think the three of you can rob anyone you please? Enough talk, I will overlook your intention if you leave now."

The three wore cold faces.

"We shouldn't bother talking to him. The two women behind him are attempting to break through to the Greater Success Stage. We should attack now while Qin Nan is restrained. He won't be able to fight with his full strength," the young man said while executing an Art of Dao Seeking, "As long as the three of us work together, we can suppress Qin Nan and split his possessions equally!"

The other two immediately made up their minds and unleashed their auras.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine immortal swords appeared above the old man and established a powerful formation to seal off the rift nearby.

Qin Nan unleashed the Divine Battle Spirit while activating the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking. His aura skyrocketed.

The three peak Nine Heavens Supremes straightened their faces.

"Let's do it!"

The three moved quickly at the speed of lightning, placing Qin Nan under great pressure.

Their strength was terrifying when they joined hands. Even Daoist Qianlong, Holy Monk Wangjin, Supreme Wanqing, and other reputable Nine Heavens Supremes would not underestimate them.

However, Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement.

Wisps of Dao-Melting Immortal Flames burst out of his body and spread like a sea of flames.

"A petty trick!"

The three peak Nine Heavens Supremes executed their moves without backing away. They withstood Qin Nan's aura directly.

However, they saw Qin Nan rising into the sky and pointing at them.

"Art of Taiyan!"

The surroundings changed tremendously.

The three peak Nine Heavens Supremes shrunk rapidly as they found themselves on a deserted land. Enormous figures of Qin Nan showed up in all directions like mountains and looked down at them.

"The Dao Art of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect?"

The three experienced Nine Heavens Supremes immediately recognized the art.

"The lives of nine continents and four oceans! The accumulation of the ancient Dao..." the old man raised his sword and uttered thunderously.

Mysterious runes emerged from the young man's body as his aura grew.

The woman was holding an ancient manual. Its pages flipped while emitting wisps of Dao glows.

The deserted land shook vigorously as countless cracks appeared across it.

The mystical Art of Taiyan was difficult to overcome under normal circumstances, but the three peak Nine Heavens Supremes were too strong. They could forcibly break through it without focusing on its weak points.

However, a shocking sight took place.

The thirty clones which Qin Nan summoned held their hands together while emitting a Bodhi glow. A huge Bodhi tree emerged behind each of them.

They began to murmur Bodhi scriptures from all directions to tackle the three peak Nine Heavens Supremes' minds and souls.

On top of it, fifteen clones sat with their legs crossed and merged with the Bodhi trees. The Bodhi intent they were releasing greatly surpassed that of the thirty clones.

"The Bodhi Heart-Calling Art and Bodhi Call of the Ancient Bodhi Temple?"

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The eyes of the three peak Nine Heavens Supremes widened in disbelief, "How did he learn these two Dao Arts too? How was he able to combine the three Dao Arts into one?"

They could understand if Qin Nan had learned the two Dao Arts. After all, Qin Nan had stolen more than ten Arts of Dao Seeking of the Supreme Daoism factions, let alone Dao Arts.

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However, they were shocked that he was able to combine the three Dao Arts!

Executing three Dao Arts at the same time was not difficult, but not many people could combine them into a deadly setup!

Besides, the three Dao Arts consisted of two different Arts of Dao Seeking.

However, they soon witnessed something even more shocking.

Four of Qin Nan's clones began to unleash a ferocious aura. They threw more than a thousand punches in less than a breaths' time which surged at the three peak Nine Heavens Supremes.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan's true self gathered the remaining will of the nine Arts of Dao Seeking on the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

"Dao-Jolting Saber Art!"

Powerful saber intents poured down fiercely.

Qin Nan had combined five Dao Arts into one!

He already had an idea after learning the Dao Arts secretly from Holy Monk Wangjin and the others. He was planning to keep it as a surprise for Zhuang Nan and the others, but since these three peak Nine Heavens Supremes had shown up, he decided to practice it now!

"How is this possible?"

The eyes of the three peak Nine Heavens Supremes were filled with astonishment.

The man had combined five Dao Arts into one while executing twelve Arts of Dao Seeking. How terrifying was his Martial Skill Talent?

A great chill exploded in their hearts amid their astonishment, forcing them to collect their thoughts.

They quickly executed their Dao Arts to defend themselves.

Brilliant immortal rays erupted close to them as ancient Dao Weapons appeared with a formidable power to resist the attacks.

A series of explosions took place.

Even though the combination of Dao Arts did not kill the three peak Nine Heaven, it had greatly suppressed them. They had no chance of fighting back.

"No, we can't fight him like this. We have to retreat!" the old man said.

He still had other trump cards available. The other two were most likely the same too.

But would Qin Nan not have trump cards up in his sleeves too?

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