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PBS - Chapter 2102 - The Secret Hidden Under the Blood Mountain

"Let's activate the Seeds of Eternity together," the two women shared the same thought. They stopped refining the mountain and gathered their focus.

They were not in any danger, nor were there any significant changes. The only possibility they might have the weird feeling was it had something to do with the Seeds of Eternity.

As they thought, the mountain that had shrunk to a third of its initial size began to shake vigorously.

An ancient aura that originated from nowhere surged across the mountain like a great storm.

"What's going on?"

The rest of the cultivators were startled.

"Look, those two who are with Qin Nan!" a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage blurted out after noticing something.

The others looked at them and noticed both of them emitting a sacred golden light that continued to grow every second.


Qin Nan looked at them when he sensed the changes too.

"Qin Nan, don't you dare be distracted!" Chen Shiyan uttered thunderously.

His voice was like claps of thunder as a peerless dragon sprang out of the ocean and unleashed thousands of wisps of saber intents. They felt like it was his own saber intents from the combination of his body, spirit, and saber.

Something even shocking happened under the influence of the Seeds of Eternity.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan wore calm expressions as if they were unaware of what was going on.

Their bodies were lifted up by an invisible force. The light they were emitting had thoroughly lit up the whole mountain.

Countless cracks surfaced on the mountain below them. Its surface began to fall off and shatter.

A crystalline mountain with a combination of three colors emerged before everyone.

That was not the end to it. An enormous hand appeared out of nowhere and peeled off the mountain. It began to blossom like a flower.


Everyone was intrigued by the shift.

The mountain was still blossoming. It was happening quickly, but for some reason, it felt extremely long for everyone.

The mountain fully blossomed in the end.

The place froze for a few moments before it thoroughly exploded with deafening blasts.

A brilliant glow consisting of three colors soared into the clouds.

A terrifying aura burst out of it and spread across the mountain range and the land. They began to shake vigorously.

The rift across a hundred thousand li rippled like boiling water.

Everyone was astounded.

They felt great pressure from the aura as an overwhelming sense of danger rose in their hearts.

"It's...the full aura of the Master Realm!"

A peak Nine Heavens Supreme of the Ancient Bodhi Temple took a deep breath.

"A full aura?"

The others were startled.

They already noticed that some terrifying power had modified the corpse of the Master of Dao, thus its inside was projected as a world while its body parts were turned into a variety of things.

However, it also meant the things that the body parts transformed into would only contain a small amount of the Master of Dao's will and aura. It was unlikely for a single part to possess its full aura.

If anything, there was only one possibility. It was the aura of the Master of Dao's spirit!

Everyone knew that a person's soul would dissipate upon death!

If the soul of the Master of Dao remained, it was most likely the doing of the terrifying force that manipulated its corpse.

"Who would have thought that the corpses of the Masters of Dao in the Land of the Duo had retained their soul!"

Everyone's eyes flickered with astonishment as the thought crossed their mind.

The Land of the Duo had opened a few times, but the rules changed every time it was accessible. In addition to it, those who benefited from the Land of the Duo were unwilling to reveal anything about the place as if they were afraid of the consequences.

They only knew the Land of the Duo did not have traps.

Most importantly, the soul had completely lost its consciousness!

It was unclaimed, meaning that everyone could refine it!

After all, if it still possessed its consciousness, it simply meant the Master of Dao was still alive.

"Look, over there...it looks like a tunnel!" a peak Nine Heavens Supreme blurted out with excitement.

The others quickly looked in the direction and saw a huge whirlpool forming at the petals of the flower that the mountain had turned into. It was pulling all presence around the place into it.

It was also emitting a terrifying aura.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan were slowly sinking into the whirlpool.

Qin Nan frowned.

He could no longer focus on the battle since the changes occurred. He had to keep an eye on the situation.

He understood that it was happening because of the Seeds of Eternity.

Chen Shiyan sighed. He withdrew his saber intents and said helplessly, "It looks like it isn't the perfect time for a duel."

He could not care less about the changes that occurred, yet he could not overlook the soul of the Master of Dao.

He was so close to achieving his extraordinary path of cultivation.

The soul of the Master of Dao might be the key to it.

Besides, Qin Nan was no longer interested in the fight because his women were being dragged into the whirlpool.

"Cultivator Chen, pardon me, but we have plenty of time after we are done here. You may choose a place, and I promise I'll accept your challenge again," Qin Nan brought his fists together and said.

He had a good impression of Chen Shiyan even though he was a little proud. He found the man's attitude and personality fitting.

Most importantly, Chen Shiyan was incredibly strong. He was a worthy opponent.

"There's no need for that. We who pursue the path of Buddhism believe in fate. It's fate that leads me to my opponents too. We'll fight again when the time comes!"

Chen Shiyan recovered his calm expression as he dived into the whirlpool.

Qin Nan smiled and followed him.

"Let us go inside too!"

The rest of the cultivators immediately made their moves.

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