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PBS - Chapter 2103 - Three Hearts and One Soul

Little did they know, when they all flew into the whirlpool, an unprecedented transformation occurred inside the corpse of the Master of Dao.

For example, the bright moon which a few dozen peak Nine Heavens Supremes had traveled a great distance to acquire.

Countless runes surfaced on the moon with the outline of an eye, like it was observing the land.

Only the important parts had undergone significant transformations.

The immortal trees and lakes that the Master of Dao's bones and blood turned into remained the same.

After Qin Nan entered the whirlpool, he felt his body sinking continuously.

The mysterious whirlpool had isolated him, stopping him from sensing the presence of his women.

Qin Nan only loosened up some time later as he arrived at a new place.

Qin Nan immediately observed his surroundings. Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan were floating in the rift. The light they were emitting had dissipated. There was nothing unusual about their auras too. Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh.

Chen Shiyan and the other cultivators were around a few hundred zhang away from him.

"Qin Nan, just now..." Jiang Bilan immediately told Qin Nan what happened.

The rest of the cultivators gasped before Qin Nan could speak.

Qin Nan and his women quickly turned. They were startled following a glance.

They found themselves on a golden land. The land was perfectly straight without the slightest bump. There were no trees and flowers too.

There were three blood mountains in the distance.

The three blood mountains were different from the one Qin Nan and the others saw. They were three times bigger with a darker red. The aura of the Master Realm they were emitting was boundless like the ocean too, placing the cultivators under great pressure.

The mountains would vibrate at times in a regular pattern.

The three mountains must be the hearts of the Master of Dao!

However, the Master of Dao happened to have three hearts because of the art he practiced or some extraordinary flesh he possessed!

The heart was the most important part of the body. It was also the source of power before someone achieved the Martial Monarch Realm.

Qin Nan would be able to achieve the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm if he could claim one of them!

Some of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes might even ascend to the Master Realm with any of them!

However, the hearts were dim for now.

Behind them was a vivid statue standing firmly between the Heavens and Earth. It was not emitting any aura, but its presence of the Master Realm remained and suppressed everything nearby.

The statue was obviously the Master of Dao's soul!

Qin Nan's storage bag suddenly buzzed.

Qin Nan looked at it curiously after collecting his thoughts.

The key he obtained from the Three Moons Pagoda was showing a reaction. It was glowing all of a sudden.

What's going on?

Was the key somehow related to the Master of Dao's soul?

"Let's do it!"

The monks of the Ancient Bodhi Temple were the first to react. They groaned and unleashed an overwhelming Bodhi glow surging at the statue.

"Bald donkeys, it's not going to happen!"

The peak Nine Heavens Supremes of the Extreme Living Gate reacted too. They all let out a deafening roar.

They completely ignored Qin Nan.

The chance to achieve the Master Realm was right before them. They could not bother wasting their time on Qin Nan, unless Qin Nan happened to be fighting them while they were competing for the loot.

Chen Shiyan harrumphed. He looked to the other side instead.

Qin Nan also lifted his gaze as he sensed something.

The calm rift was suddenly replaced by a whirlpool with several runes spinning in it.

"Could it be that the blood mountains here aren't the only rare occurrences triggered by the Seeds of Eternity?"

The thought crossed Qin Nan and his women's minds.

A cursing voice came from the whirlpool after some time, "Damn it, I was in the middle of refining something. If I know..."

Meng Jiugong, Meng Jinxian, and the people of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect showed up.

Meng Jinxian had benefited a lot over the past two days. He had achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Holy crap! We are rich!"

Meng Langtian and the others soon discovered the three hearts and the soul. Their anger was soon replaced by great joy.

More figures showed up continuously from the whirlpool.


Qin Nan and the two women immediately wore stern looks.

There were familiar figures among the cultivators who showed up.

Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes under their lead were among them.

"Mm? His hearts and soul?"

The eyes of Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, and the others flickered with greed when they saw the three hearts and one soul. However, they were overjoyed when they saw the people whom they had been looking for the past few days.

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, where will you run now!?"

Zhuang Nan burst out laughing.

He and Supreme South World were on the verge of giving up after searching for two days straight.

They knew they would eventually find Qin Nan after the corpse of the Master of Dao was refined. However, Qin Nan might have achieved the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm by then. His women would be peak Nine Heavens Supremes too.

It would be hard to predict the outcome of the battle!

They already struggled to kill Qin Nan when he was only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. How difficult would it be if he reached the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm?

However, the Heavens had given them such a huge surprise in the blink of an eye!

"Qin Nan, Princess, everyone will fight over the three hearts and one soul. We'll lure Zhuang Nan and the others there to complicate the situation and use it in our favor," Jiang Bilan said with glittering eyes.

Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao nodded. It was their only choice.

However, little did they know, a greater danger was approaching them.

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