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PBS - Chapter 2105 - The Seal Reacts for the First Time

"The Tenth Immortal?"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

He finally understood why Zhuang Nan and his men always knew where he was.

"HAHA, exactly, and it's something I've acquired thanks to you!" Supreme South World burst out laughing.

The power of the seven fleshes was unleashed once again. He began performing a series of hand seals.

"I don't think it's wise to unleash the Tenth Immortal in front of the Fifth Immortal," Qin Nan said as he unleashed the Divine Battle Spirit.

The soul of the Tenth Immortal began to tremble as it was suppressed by the boundless battle intent from the Divine God of Battle.

"So what if he's the Fifth Immortal? I shall slaughter the Divine God of Battle today!" Supreme South World wore a vicious look.

The two began colliding with one another.

A series of explosions took place in the confined world.

The rift was shattered by the terrifying gusts. The ground was beyond recognition too.

Qin Nan was keeping an eye on his surroundings while fighting Supreme South World.

As Qin Nan thought, many people were watching him. He must be cautious at all times.

Someone took the initiative to disrupt the chaotic situation.

Chen Shiyan and his saber were unstoppable. He crushed every Dao Art that was targeting him and left the Nine Heavens Supremes blocking his path in serious injuries.

He soared into the sky and landed on the statue. He sat on it with his legs crossed and emitted his Supreme Force to encapsulate the statue.


"Stop him!"

The cultivators who were fighting one another were startled. They immediately executed Dao Arts at Chen Shiyan.

It felt like an unstoppable tide was surging at Chen Shiyan from afar.

Even Chen Shiyan would struggle to defend himself if he faced the cultivators directly.

However, Chen Shiyan remained still as if he was lost inside the statue. He was unaware of the danger.

A strange sight took place. When the Dao Arts approached Chen Shiyan, they turned into light dots and dissipated as if they had crashed into an invisible barrier.

"It's the power of the Master of Dao's soul!"

"Does this mean we can no longer stop him after he refined the statue?"

Many peak Nine Heavens Supremes wore displeased looks.

If it was as they had speculated, wouldn't it mean they no longer had a chance to refine the Master of Dao's soul?

Chen Shiyan suddenly shuddered as blood leaked out from his lips.

The Supreme Force which he applied on the statue began to shrink rapidly until it was only covering the head of the statue.

"Mm? Chen Shiyan is having trouble refining the entire soul?"

The peak Nine Heavens Supremes immediately realized something.

They might not be able to stop Chen Shiyan, but they could fly to the statue and refine the soul too.

It was similar to the other parts they had found. In some occasions, the cultivators would choose to compromise and refine the resources together to avoid unnecessary casualties.

The battle became even more chaotic as time went by.

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.

Most of the Nine Heavens Supremes soon charged at the statue and fought one another. Only a few were competing for the three mountains.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan did not overthink it after sensing the changes.

He was interested in the Master of Dao's soul too, yet he did not have the chance to claim it.


The Nine Dragons Seal deep in Qin Nan's soul suddenly flew into his Divine Sense and started glowing.

He immediately felt a cold chill running down his spine.

Nothing good had happened since he acquired the seal.

Could it mean the Dao Calamity was about to happen if it was reacting now?

The Nine Dragons Seal shuddered when it sensed its master's thought. It was clearly displeased by it. It suddenly unleashed a few hundred colorful strings into the statue.

A pure energy of the soul slowly flowed into Qin Nan's body. The aura and will the Master Realm entered his Divine Sense too.


Qin Nan was startled.

Did the Nine Dragons Seal just set up a bridge so he could refine the Master of Dao's soul?

Besides, none of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes was aware of the strings. They did not look at him suspiciously.

"Tsk tsk, it looks like I've misunderstood you. You are pretty useful after all!"

Qin Nan grinned. He immediately tried to control the strings.

As he thought, he was able to control the strings with his Divine Sense!

Qin Nan's eyes glittered. He immediately scattered the strings across the statue's neck, stomach, and legs.

He did not target every part of the statue. Chen Shiyan's reaction had indicated that it was not easy to refine the statue's soul. Besides, the other cultivators might be suspicious if they realized they were unable to refine the soul.

Qin Nan groaned as he fully utilized the strings.

Wisps of pure energy of the Master of Dao's soul entered his body to strengthen his soul.

Qin Nan had been relying on the Divine Battle Spirit. He had never strengthened his own soul, nor did he put a lot of attention on it.

He began to realize the benefits of strengthening his soul. It felt like the whole world was clearer in his eyes.

The benefits would be unimaginable if he could refine the whole statue.

However, Qin Nan suddenly felt the aura and will of the Master of Dao growing rapidly.

They had reached an insane level in just a brief moment.

"Could it be..." Qin Nan thought.

A deafening burst of laughter exploded in his mind, "HAHAHA, that kid only decided to refine a small part of my soul when he realized something wasn't right, but you are stupid enough to make yourself vulnerable because you are being too greedy!"

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