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PBS - Chapter 2106 - The Danger of Being Devoured Again

Qin Nan was left speechless.

How many times had he been in the same situation now?

Why did these experts insist to devour him so they could be reincarnated?

Qin Nan thought for a while. He decided to warn the voice, "Senior, I've gotten quite a lot of benefits from you, so I suggest you to target someone else if you don't want to perish."

The voice immediately responded with disdain, "Perish? Kid, don't even bother threatening me! Do you think I, Master Chihao will be scared so easily?"

Qin Nan saw his surroundings fading away. A magnificent figure suddenly appeared and entered his Divine Sense.

Qin Nan shrugged. People always did not believe him when he was telling the truth.

"Oh my! Kid, you've practiced twelve Arts of Dao Seeking? HAHAHA, I'm blessed by the Heavens. I didn't think I would stumble into someone who has taken an extraordinary path of cultivation! I won't have trouble breaking through to the Ruler Realm..."

Master Chihao was overjoyed, but he soon noticed the Divine Battle Spirit before he made his move. The smile on his face froze, "Is that...the spirit of one of the Ten Immortals? You're a successor of the Immortals?"

Qin Nan said calmly, "Senior Chihao, it's not too late to change your mind."

Master Chihao's expression shifted after he collected his thoughts. His eyes flickered menacingly, "Change my mind? What a joke! I have been around in the Nine Heavens for three thousand years. There's no such thing as retreating in my dictionary! So what if you have the soul of an Immortal? I will devour both of you today..."

A strong aura spread in all directions.

Master Chihao was about to make his move.

However, the blood orb in Qin Nan's dantian suddenly emitted two brilliant rays. The will of the Supreme Highnesses, Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue were unleashed.

The ground began to crack apart.

Master Chihao's magnificent figure shrunk rapidly. He was suddenly as small as a dust particle which would be devoured at any second.

"Holy crap!"

Master Chihao's face turned pale.

What just happened?

Why would a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage possess such terrifying will in his body?

Based on his experience, the two different will most likely belonged to two Rulers...no...

They had surpassed the Ruler Realm. They were at least in the Heaven Highness Realm!

However, Master Chihao who had overcome countless dangers in the past and even died once quickly reacted. He immediately stopped and curled up in a corner as soon as the terrifying will appeared.

The terrifying will dissipated swiftly too as if they were satisfied with Master Chihao's reaction. Qin Nan's Divine Sense soon returned to calm.


Master Chihao was completely worn out.

His effort over the past few hundred years was so close to be in vain.

"Mm? Senior Chihao, you survived?"

Qin Nan was intrigued.

It was the first time that someone's soul was not shattered after trying to devour him.

"(Cough cough), it was a close call."

Master Chihao tried his best to calm his tone and said, "Kid, let's pretend that nothing has happened. I'll be leaving now. I promise I'll give you something great once I devoured someone else."

A real man was capable of giving and taking under different circumstances. Master Chihao chose to surrender without any hesitation.

Qin Nan was amused. He teased, "Master Chihao, didn't you say you won't be scared so easily? Didn't you say you're going to devour the soul of the Immortal too? Why are you leaving now?"

Master Chihao cursed under his breath, yet he quickly forced a smile and said, "Kid, I was being reckless just then. Please don't be fussed about it. How about this? I'll stay in your Divine Sense for now, and once you're out of here, I'll bring you into the Wuyue Palace in exchange for my freedom. How does that sound?"

Master Chihao understood it was impossible for Qin Nan to let him go free so easily. He could only promise Qin Nan some benefits.

Either way, he was not allowed to take anything from the Wuyue Palace. He could only bring Qin Nan inside it.

Qin Nan frowned, "Wuyue Palace? Where's that?"

Master Chihao was startled, "You don't know it? Didn't you see a palace in front of our corpses...oh, I understand now. I believe the Wuyue Palace only appears after everyone has entered our corpses."

Master Chihao scratched his head and said in a mysterious tone, "Kid, I believe you have a feeling that a terrifying power is manipulating everything here, right?"

Qin Nan said, "Indeed, is the Wuyue Palace behind all these?"

Master Chihao nodded, "Exactly! The Wuyue Palace is meant to appear after the Land of the Duo opens three more times. My corpse is also supposed to show up by then, but everything has changed for some reason."

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

It was obvious that the Seeds of Eternity was the reason behind it.

"What will I find in the Wuyue Palace?" Qin Nan asked.

"To be honest with you, I have no clue what's in it. The Mumen Sect set me up and killed me in the Void Heaven Realm. I was trying to dig myself a tomb and leave my successions in it before my will is gone."

"However, a mysterious force brought me to the Land of the Duo."

"A voice talked with me and offered me a deal. It then brought me somewhere in the Wuyue Palace and only released me now," Master Chihao said.

"Fine, bring me in, and I'll let you go."

Qin Nan accepted the offer after a slight ponder.

He was interested in the power that was manipulating everything behind the scenes. He was not going to miss the opportunity.

Meanwhile, a loud roar appeared in front of Qin Nan, "Qin Nan, you dare to be distracted in the middle of the fight? You aren't treating me seriously at all!"

The person was none other than Supreme South World.

His eyes were brimming with anger.

"Oh, my bad, I was busy just then," Qin Nan said apologetically.

However, Supreme South World was even angrier after hearing it. His lips twisted further.

"Very well! I won't kill you today. I'm going to turn you into a cripple and make you suffer!"

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