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PBS - Chapter 2108 - The Hands That Tear Everything Apart

Master Chihao's illusionary figure sat with his legs crossed in Qin Nan's Divine Sense. He said with a stern look, "I have a secret soul art. It's the foundation of my cultivation which I've never taught anyone else, but now is the right time to use it. I shall lend you a hand!"

His hands moved rapidly as he performed a series of ancient seals. He was murmuring obscure chants at the same time.

Qin Nan's body stiffened. An indescribable feeling arose in his soul. It reached his mind and entered his Divine Sense.

The feeling grew stronger as Master Chihao kept murmuring the chants. It was rising like a tide.

Everything became illusionary as if some string had just snapped in half.

Qin Nan found himself surrounded by clouds. Everything around him was weightless, yet it also felt like he was deep in the ocean. He was surrounded by great pressure. The two feelings contradicted one another.


Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat.

"It's what makes the soul of a Master of Dao precious. Not only does it contain great power, refining it will also allow you to sense the power of the Master Realm. It's going to help you achieve the Master Realm!"

Master Chihao's voice echoed in the surroundings.

"As I thought!" Qin Nan said.

He calmed his thoughts and comprehended the changes that were occurring around him.

It felt like time had stopped and everything else had frozen at that instant except for Qin Nan. He was able to walk on the clouds and dive into the sea.

Some time later, Qin Nan suddenly realized something.

Mastering the Dao was becoming one with the Dao.

The Great Dao included every living being, whether it was the Nine Heavens Supremes or the Masters of Dao.

Becoming the Dao was being in the Dao too, but they would remain parallel to the Dao. The Dao remained the Dao, while they remained themselves.


Qin Nan regained his consciousness from the process.

Everything was the same as before. It felt like a long time had passed, yet it only lasted for half a breath in reality.

"You're a monster. You have managed to grasp it when you are only in the Greater Success Stage."

Master Chihao twisted his lips. He said, "Get ready, I will refine the will of the Master Realm for you!"

Following it, strange symbols appeared on Master Chihao's hands. He shoved them downward.

Qin Nan felt his soul turning into a huge web. It was thrown into the void and pulled backward, dragging a string of strange substance with a faint golden glow into his dantian.

A shocking sight took place. His Dao-Melting Immortal Flames actually backed away from the strange substance.

"Is this...the will of the Master Realm?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

Everyone knew that a person's will was vague and indiscernible. It could strengthen a person, intimidate or attack the enemy, but Qin Nan had never seen it in such a solid form.

On top of it, the will of the Master Realm was currently in an ownerless state. It was waiting to be claimed by him.

"Hehe, learned something new? Don't just stand there. Keep refining it!"

Master Chihao was pleased. He finally reclaimed his dignity as an expert of the Master Realm in front of Qin Nan.

He repeated the same sequence twice, producing two wisps of the will of the Master Realm in Qin Nan's dantian. The strange feeling in Qin Nan's soul finally disappeared.

Everything returned to normal.

"(Sigh), my soul is too weak now. I can only refine three wisps of the will at most," Master Chihao let out a sigh.

"Senior Chihao, thank you," Qin Nan said after collecting his thoughts.

The will of the Master Realm was extremely valuable. Qin Nan once obtained the will of a peak Nine Heavens Supreme whom he killed in Gonggong City. He merged it with a Dao Weapon and greatly strengthened it.

However, the will he obtained before was not in an ownerless state.

In simpler words, he could merge the three wisps of ownerless will of the Master Realm with his attacks. He could refine them as he was attempting to break through to the Master Realm. He could also intimidate his enemy.

"It's nothing worth mentioning. There's no need to be so polite with me," Master Chihao waved his hand.

He was far from a kind person. He only helped Qin Nan because of the will of the two Supreme Highnesses in Qin Nan's body. He realized Qin Nan was no ordinary person.

His act of kindness might come into handy in the future.

Qin Nan stopped acting courteously. He let out a breath facing the peak Nine Heavens Supremes before him.

His aura suddenly changed.

Every new comprehension in his current level would result in significant improvements to his strength.


Supreme South World and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes were startled.

They were aware of Qin Nan's changes too.

"The successor of the Tenth Immortal seems like a great option. Should I devour him after the kid leaves him in serious injuries..." a thought crossed Master Chihao's mind.

However, his eyes widened when he suddenly sensed something. His face turned pale as he blurted out, "Kid, something bad is about to happen. You must leave at once!"

Qin Nan was startled. He immediately executed the Sky-Stride Blow and wrapped the Dao Pattern around Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan before flying into the distance.

"Hey, Xiao Nanzi, what's going on..."

"Qin Nan, don't you dare..."

His sudden actions too many people by surprise.

Following it, Qin Nan, Zhuang Nan, Meng Langtian, the peak Nine Heavens Supremes, and the cultivators who were refining the remaining energy of the soul on the statue sensed a great danger approaching.

The whole place broke apart as if it just took an enormous impact. A rift over a few thousand zhang long and five thousand zhang wide like a huge dragon was torn apart.


Two enormous hands reached out from the crack and grabbed its sides.

Blue veins surfaced on the two hands with a strong aura as they unleashed formidable force to rip the whole space apart.

The ground shook vigorously together with strong gusts of wind.

The space above the crowd was replaced with boundless darkness. An enormous figure with an overwhelming aura was floating amid it.

Everyone felt minuscule in front of the figure. They were like little rocks compared to a magnificent mountain.

The figure was the corpse of another Master of Dao in the Land of the Duo!

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