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PBS - Chapter 2110 - Going Inside

"Qin Nan," a voice appeared in Qin Nan's mind.

Qin Nan followed the voice and saw Supreme Huanglei who was with Holy Monk Wangjin and the others.

Qin Nan understood after seeing the look in Supreme Huanglei's eyes. He looked away as the voice appeared in his mind again, "That corpse belongs to an elder of the Li Clan. Li Changsheng has abused the power of his lineage to refine its vital parts."

"The will of the corpse did not reject him either, but Li Changsheng was being too greedy. He was trying to refine the whole corpse, including its soul and will."

"The will of the corpse eventually lost it and fought back. Their will started fighting one another and drove the corpse of the Master of Dao into a berserk."

Supreme Huanglei explained quickly, "When we noticed something wasn't right, we left the corpse when it came after us. However, we noticed that it's too scared to come close to Wuyue Palace. It stops attacking us since then."

Qin Nan's heart was filled with warmth. He said, "Thanks, senior."

The information was extremely useful to him. He immediately understood the situation.

Even though it was just a small favor, but he was no longer a disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect, nor did he ever contribute much to the Sky Taihuang Sect.

"Fellow cultivators, the corpse of the Master of Dao might come again. If you don't want to die here, hurry up and lend us a hand to break the entrance so we can't enter the palace."

Holy Monk Wangjin's thunderous voice echoed in everyone's ears.

The Nine Heavens Supremes who left Master Chihao's body immediately executed their Dao Arts without any hesitation.

Qin Nan and his women followed too.

However, a few murderous intents locked onto Qin Nan when he arrived before the entrance.

It was obvious that Holy Monk Wangjin, Daoist Qianlong, Supreme Wanqing, Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, and other Nine Heavens Supremes had realized now was the perfect time to take Qin Nan out.

"Say, is there any point for you old folks to be targeting a young man?" Meng Langtian reclaimed his indifferent attitude.

"Seniors, shouldn't we put our personal matters aside since we are all in a pinch?" Zheng Wuyuan, Han Qiuying, and Caoling said with a smile.

Xiang Han twisted his lips as he stood beside Qin Nan.

"Mm? Since when did these factions side with Qin Nan? Could it be..."

Holy Monk Wangjin, Daoist Qianlong, and Supreme Wanqing immediately thought of a possibility.

Zhuang Nan cursed in his heart. He began to wonder if there was any way to kill Qin Nan here on the spot.

At that instant...

Following a huge explosion, the chest of Master Chihao's body was blown apart by a destructive force. The corpse of the Master of Dao came out of it and began to expand.

It was five times bigger than its initial size when Qin Nan and the others first saw it. It was like an enormous mountain. Everyone was smaller than its single strand of hair.

Its eyes filled with blood vortexes were fixed on the cultivators like a starving wolf that had not eaten for a thousand years. The urge in its eyes grew stronger like it had finally found food.

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It let out a roar which distorted the rift nearby before charging at the Nine Heavens Supreme ferociously.

Meanwhile, the palace let out a buzz as its light grew ten times stronger. It was as brilliant as a sun.

The corpse of the Master of Dao shuddered. It became significantly slower as if it was under great pressure, yet it showed no sign of stopping.

Holy Monk Wanjing and the others were startled.

As they had speculated, it would come after them once there was no cultivator left in Master Chihao's corpse.

"Everyone, that thing was once a peak Master of Dao when it was alive, but its strength is only around the Greater Success Stage, plus it doesn't have any intelligence now. It can't use Dao Arts or Master Arts, making it a lot weaker. We should join hands and kill it now!" Daoist Qianlong said with a menacing look.

"It won't work!"

Holy Monk Wangjin rejected the suggestion and said, "We might have an advantage in numbers, but we have all gone through battles to come here. We have expended a lot of our energy. It's difficult to say who will win in the end."

Many Nine Heavens Supremes nodded in agreement, especially those who were injured.

"If we fight now, we will die like mere cannon fodder!"

"What do you think we should do then..."

Daoist Qianlong was displeased by the crowd's response. He was about to say something when the corpse groaned.

A shocking sight followed.

The Void Master Bugs suddenly appeared from the corpses of the two Masters of Dao and formed a sea of bugs in no time.

Most importantly, they seemed to be less intimidated of the Wuyue Palace. They were only slightly slower than their usual speed.

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled.

They were thinking of taking out the corpse of the Master of Dao by abusing their numbers, but they no longer had the upper hand.

"Everyone, let's break down the entrance and head inside first!" Holy Monk Wangjin yelled.

The Nine Heavens Supremes collected their thoughts and executed Dao Arts.

The entrance of the palace was made of some ancient immortal rocks. It was further imbued with formations.

However, there were soon cracks on it after being attacked by the Dao Arts. It broke into pieces following a huge blast.

A strong immortal aura surged out of the palace.

Everyone turned into rays of light and flew into the palace.

Qin Nan and his women found themselves on a spacious field under a blue sky. They also noticed ninety-nine light rays in the distance.

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"Fellow cultivators, don't go away on your own. If we split up here, we will all die once the corpse of the Master of Dao comes inside. If anyone tries to move, I won't be showing any mercy!"

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