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PBS - Chapter 2113 - The Astounding Object

"Patriarch Meng, I'm not sure about the details. I'm just running an errand for my brother," Xiang Han shrugged.

"Cultivator Xiang might be unaware, but I'm fully aware of it. Since Patriarch Meng has mentioned it, I shall explain it in advance. Cultivator Qin, you should be prepared for it. It's not really a secret anymore."

Han Qiuying moved her fringe to her ear and said, "The battle between the Supreme Highnesses has a great impact on the Primary Upper Realm. There's no longer a place and a chance to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm."

"After searching for many years, we realized it's possible to set up a formation with the Stones of Time and Space to let a person’s will go back to the past, but I'm not sure how it's done."

"The Han Clan, Zheng Clan, Mumen Sect, and Cultivator Xiang's Shidao Tribe are interested in joining hands with you since your past life is Zhou Xiao, the Supreme Highness' son. You will greatly increase our odds of going back in time."

She said helplessly after a brief pause, "After all, the Boulder of Time and Space is no longer around. The Stones of Time and Space are scarce too. If the odds are too low, we won't be able to achieve much."

Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and Jiang Bilan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

They did not expect the four factions to be carrying out such a shocking plan behind the scenes.

The plan might actually work if there was really a way to go back in time!

After all, it was still possible to achieve the Supreme Highness Realm during the era of the Supreme Highnesses, let alone the Heaven Highness Realm!

Besides, it was likely that the four factions had been successful with their attempts.

However, the experts of the Ruler Realm who went back in time had failed to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm. Otherwise, there would be more than one Heaven Highness now.

Qin Nan suddenly thought of something.

The other factions should already know what these factions were planning.

Did it mean the other factions were carrying out their own plan behind the scenes too?

However, it was unlikely they were using the same method. Otherwise, the other factions would be interested in joining hands with him too.

If so, what were the rest of the Heaven Highness Clans, Supreme Daoism factions, and the ancient tribes planning?

How were they going to lift the restrictions to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm?

"Of course, it's still too early to discuss it now. We'll worry about the details after Cultivator Qin achieves the Master Realm or leaves the Dao Seeking Land."

Han Qiuying glanced at Meng Langtian and said, "What we are doing is nothing compared to the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect's plan."

Meng Langtian rolled his eyes and said, "Our Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect is purely focusing on setting up bets. How are we even comparable to your factions? Could it be that the Han Clan is thinking of extending its expertise into betting too?"

Zheng Wuyuan said with a smile, "Let's not talk about that for now. We should keep going. There must be Stones of Time and Space somewhere in here. They are extremely valuable, so I suggest it's finders keepers so it doesn't ruin our relationships."

Qin Nan did not dwell on the topic since Meng Langtian was unwilling to spill the beans.

Besides, there was still a long way ahead until he became a Heaven Highness.

"According to the reaction of the object I have, it's leading us to the east. This way," Qin Nan said.

The others nodded and flew to the east.

They found quite a lot of Stones of Space and Time along the way, but they were only tiny pieces without any energy left.

"It's here!"

Qin Nan came to a stop some time later.

Ahead of them stood a gate over a hundred zhang tall and thirty zhang wide. It was purple with complicated carvings on the frame. There was a tiny hole at the center.

The gate was not emitting any aura, yet it had a mysterious ancient presence that many found intimidating.

The purple key in Qin Nan's storage bag began to vibrate vigorously and glow brilliantly.

The eyes of Meng Langtian and the others glittered. Based on their experience, something unusual must lie behind the gate.

Qin Nan executed the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking as he went forward and inserted the key.

The purple gate slowly opened.

The atmosphere tensed gradually.

Everyone held their breaths and waited in silence. When the gate was half open, a strong force burst out of it before anyone could see what was inside.


Qin Nan and the others were startled. They tried to resist the force, but it was too powerful. They only lasted for a second before they were dragged into the gate.

They felt their bodies lightening as they landed on the ground. They immediately looked around them after collecting their thoughts.

They found themselves in a palace that covered an area of a few thousand zhang. It was made of some ancient mineral. The place was enclosed without any other openings apart from the purple gate they came in from.

The palace was empty. There was no drawing on the walls, nor was there any decoration except for a faint golden table at the front. It had a broken writing brush and an ink slab with no ink. However, there was a flower with nine colors in it.

"It's empty?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were disappointed.

"Wait! Look at that flower, it's..."

Xiang Han's voice trembled as he discovered something.

"The flower? Hmm? Is that...is that a Heaven-Reaching Dao Flower?" Zheng Wuyua's eyes widened following a glance.

"Heaven-Reaching Dao Flower?"

The words served as a great clap of thunder.

Qin Nan, Jiang Bilan, and Princess Miao Miao were astounded too.

They already knew there was a Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree in the Dao Seeking Land since the first day they set foot into the Dao Seeking Land!

The tree would blossom and produce Heaven-Reaching Dao Flowers and bear five Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits once every thirty years. A peak Nine Heavens Supreme could achieve the Master Realm by refining the fruit!

Even though the thing in front of them was not the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruit, the Heaven-Reaching Dao Flower which could transform into a Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruit would possess incredible power too!

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