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PBS - Chapter 2115 - Tian, Di

The two groups of people were knocked back by the impact.

Meanwhile, the broken brush suddenly shattered and turned into golden rays which devoured Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and Jiang Bilan before teleporting them away.

"Damn it!" the faces of Xiang Han, Zheng Wuyuan, and the others darkened. However, they soon placed their attention on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Flower.

All kinds of conspiracies and betrayals followed.

As for Qin Nan and his women, their surroundings changed rapidly. A few moments later, they found themselves in an unfamiliar place.

Qin Nan immediately looked around him and froze.

They were currently in a residence with five bamboo trees, a pond, six stone benches, and a hut made of bamboos.

The outside was shrouded by a white mist. They were unable to see a single thing through it.

"You're here?"

A gentle voice came out of the hut. The door squeaked as it swung open. A handsome young man with white hair in a white robe walked out of the hut. He sat on one of the benches without looking at Qin Nan and the others and said, "Take a seat."

Msater Chihao inside Qin Nan's Divine Sense was dumbfounded when he heard the voice. He immediately came out and brought his fists together without any hesitation. He said with a trembling voice, "Chi...Chihao greets senior."

The young man glanced at him and smiled, "Chihao, not bad, you managed to live through it. Fine, consider it your fortunate encounter. Head into the hut first!"

Master Chihao was overjoyed when he understood what it meant. He looked at Qin Nan before entering the hut.

"You're the person who's manipulating the Land of the Duo?"

Princess Miao Miao was curious. She did not notice anything special about the young man.

She would not guess it if it wasn't for Master Chihao's reaction.

"Mm, something like that. I was a little bored after being asleep for so long. I was just trying to entertain myself."

The young man looked at Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan with great admiration, "Not bad, it's been so long. It's my first time seeing someone refining the Seeds of Eternity apart from Zhou Di."

The two women tensed.

Qin Nan's eyes widened too.

Who was this man? How did he know so much?

Besides, he sounded like he was familiar with Zhou Di!

"Are you...the fourth Supreme Highness?" Qin Nan asked, trying his best to stay calm.

"Ugh, no, I'm not that impressive."

The young man smiled, "Don't bother guessing who I am. You will never guess it. However, I can tell you my name. Just one word, Tian."

The atmosphere intensified.

Did the man call himself Tian?

"How are you related to Cang?"

Qin Nan took a deep breath and asked.

"Ugh, why would you relate me to Cang? Oh, is it because of the term Cang Tian? Ugh..."

The young man lowered his head and said thoughtfully, "That's true, calling myself Tian might sound imperious, but it's misleading too. I should call myself Di instead."

The intense atmosphere suddenly broke down. Qin Nan and the women twisted their lips.

Was the man giving off random names?

"Senior Di wasn't surprised when we came here. You seem to be expecting us too. Did you already know we will come here?" Jiang Bilan asked.

"Exactly, the broken brush isn't useful at all. I just modified it a little to lure you here," ythe young man said with a smile. "Don't worry, I mean no harm. I just want to befriend you by offering you a fortunate encounter each."

Qin Nan exchanged glances with the two women.

The young man was most likely speaking the truth. There was no reason for him to lie to them. If he was trying to hurt them, he could easily do it knowing how outstanding his cultivation was.


It felt odd to obtain a desirable fortunate encounter out of nowhere.

"As for you two, since you already have the Seed of Eternity, I shall lend you a hand. Go inside the hut and stay for three months and the seeds should sprout. After that, I'll teach you both a move," the young man said.

Qin Nan was overjoyed. It would be extremely beneficial for Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan!

"Err, Senior Di, we already swore an oath to fend off the enemy three days from now," Princess Miao Miao said.

Jiang Bilan nodded too.

They must admit that the young man's offer was very enticing, yet wouldn't Qin Nan be alone if they had to stay here?

The situation out there was so complicated. They did not want Qin Nan to face it himself.

"You two really treasure your lover. Very well, I shall make an exception for you. You may leave three days from now. After you're done, you may return with these badges."

The young man smiled and flicked his finger. Two white badges fell onto Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan's hands.

"Just...two? What about Xiao Nanzi?" Princess Miao Miao was startled.

"His fortunate encounter is different from yours," the young man said.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan were about to say something when Qin Nan said softly, "You two should go ahead."

Princess Miao Miao pouted her lips when she saw the look in Qin Nan's eyes. She and Jiang Bilan went into the hut without saying a word further.

"Senior, may I ask, the benefits you are giving us, is it because of Zhou Di or Huangfu Jue?" Qin nan said.

He did not believe the young man was giving them so many benefits just because he was in a good mood.

"Yes and no, you know too little now, so I can't explain it clearly," the young man sighed.

However, he soon smiled with a thoughtful look, "Let's not worry about it for now. The fortunate encounter I have prepared for you is quite special. You will have to make the choice."

"Around a year or two from now, you will encounter an unprecedented danger. Do you want to know where it's from, or the way to resolve it?"

Qin Nan raised his brows. The fortunate encounter was special indeed. It was his first time seeing anything like it.

"Even though I have the option to choose between them, but most people would definitely choose the second option, right?" Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and said, "I'll choose the second option."

The young man shrugged. He reached out his finger and wrote in the air.

A line of words appeared. It was piercing Qin Nan's eyes.

Kill one of the dearest people to you.

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