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PBS - Chapter 2119 - One Saber Slashing Thousands of Buddhas, Part One

Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing nodded as if they were not surprised.

Qin Nan and Chen Shiyan raised their brows.

Did they already reach an agreement beforehand?

Holy Monk Wangjin said with a smile, "Please don't misunderstand us. I believe this man is destined for the Way of Buddhism, so I'm obliged to guide him on the right path. Don't you worry, as long as you two stay away from our business, not only will I promise you benefits, I can also swear an oath that I won't hurt you two in the land of the Duo. What do you think?"

Holy Monk Wangjin already made up his mind when he saw the enraged corpse of the Master of Dao three days ago.

The Nine Heavens Supremes could have defeated the corpse of the Master of Dao by joining hands, but Holy Monk Wangjin purposely delayed the battle for three days just so he could make the necessary preparations to refine the corpse of the Master of Dao.

If he could refine it, he could turn it into a golden warrior with the cultivation of the Master Realm by using the Ancient Bodhi Temple's methods!

Even though the golden warrior was not that important to the Ancient Bodhi Temple since it would be slightly weaker than actual experts of the Master Realm, but they were still in the Dao Seeking Land.

No cultivators in the Master Realm were allowed in the Dao Seeking Land, except for a special place like the Land of the Duo.

With the golden warrior's help, who could possibly stand in his way when the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree bore its fruits?

Chen Shiyan said with a disdainful look, "Wangjin, do you seriously think I have no clue what you are planning? If you can give me the same benefits you've promised the two Patriarchs, I won't intervene with your business."

Holy Monk Wangjin shook his head and said, "That's impossible, but I can give you half of the benefits. What do you say?"

Chen Shiyan looked at Qin Nan and asked, "Who do you choose?"

Qin Nan's eyes sharpened as he spoke, "I'll leave the two Patriarchs to you. Keep them busy for a thousand breaths. I'll handle the bald donkey and defeat him in a thousand breaths. Whoever fails is the loser, what do you think?"

Chen Shiyan grinned, "Interesting, so be it!"

He immediately made his move and unleashed thousands of saber intents which constructed an overwhelming formation looming over Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing.

"How bold of you two!" Daoist Qianlong chuckled. He fully unleashed his aura.

"Qianlong, use everything you have. If he managed to keep us busy for a thousand breaths, we will only bring shame to ourselves!" Supreme Wanqing's eyes flickered.

Qin Nan executed the Sky-Stride Blow and appeared above Holy Monk Wangjin. He began to accumulate saber intents.

"(Sigh), Qin Nan, I've given you a chance, yet you kept choosing the wrong path. Fine, you are destined for the Way of Buddhism too. I wouldn't mind expending a little more energy and let you encounter Buddha," Holy Monk Wangjin let out a sigh as he performed a Bodhi seal. A Bodhi tree and several figures of Buddha emerged behind him, followed by ancient Bodhi scriptures in the surroundings.

He was using the Bodhi Heart-Calling Art and Bodhi Call simultaneously.

"Bald donkey, does the Ancient Bodhi Temple only have two moves?" Qin Nan smiled.

He performed a hand seal and summoned a Bodhi tree and several Bodhi statues.

The two Bodhi will clashed with one another in the rift.

"Oh? Did you learn the two arts in the previous battle?" Holy Monk Wangjin's eyes flickered with astonishment.

"Unlike your Ancient Bodhi Temple, I have mastered a lot more Dao Arts!"

The Heaven-Shattering Saber left Qin Nan's hand and slashed at Wangjin. Qin Nan flicked his finger and unleashed the Art of Taiyan.

The Combination of Five Arts!

"You have learned the arts of the Extreme Living Gate and the Ten Desires Sect? You can even combine them?" Holy Monk Wangjin's eyes widened, but now was not the time to be astounded. He quickly performed hand seals as the sense of danger arose in his heart.


Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing were startled too.

"Are you sure you can afford to be distracted in the middle of a fight?"

Chen Shiyan's eyes flickered murderously as if he was displeased by their attitude. He performed a hand seal.

His body and the ancient saber in his hand buzzed vigorously.

One with the soul and the saber!

Unlike last time, the soul saber further split into ten soul sabers!

Each soul saber had a different color and aura, but the power they contained was comparable to the first soul saber.

In other words, Chen Shiyan's strength had multiplied!

The breakthrough he had during the three days he spent in Wuyue Palace had allowed him to find his own extraordinary path of cultivation.

He had turned each of the three immortal souls and seven mortal forms into a saber!

"You've mastered an extraordinary path of cultivation?"

Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing were astounded.

They immediately wore a stern look.

Chen Shiyan was already on par with their strength before. He was clearly stronger than them now since he had mastered the extraordinary path of cultivation.

An epic battle took place once again.

However, the cultivators on the outside were completely unaware of it. They continued to attack the Void Master Bugs and the corpse of the Master of Dao as they were tricked by Holy Monk Wangjin and the two Patriarchs.


Holy Monk Wangjin suddenly activated an ancient talisman.

A huge temple appeared from the rift with golden Bodhi runes rising from its bottom which eventually formed the face of Buddha.

It unleashed a tremendous will.

The confined space constructed by the Art of Taiyan collapsed as it failed to withstand the will.

The Combination Arts were nullified!

Qin Nan did not seem surprised. He understood the Patriarch of the Ancient Bodhi Temple would have no trouble overcoming the Combination of Five Arts.

However, he had already prepared the next move.

The Dao Pattern and Divine Battle Spirit emerged from his back.

An overwhelming force and a tremendous battle intent surged wildly and crushed the temple before heading straight at Holy Monk Wangjin.

Holy Monk Wangjin felt a stronger sense of danger.

His eyes suddenly widened.

Qin Nan had accumulated the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking on his saber.

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