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PBS - Chapter 2120 - One Saber Slashing Thousands of Buddhas, Part Two

"Bodhi Heart, Subduing the Demon with the Bodhi Sword!"

Holy Monk Wangjin reacted swiftly by performing a hand seal. The Bodhi Tree behind him suddenly emitted a brilliant light. It felt like countless Bodhi brushes were pouring from the sky, each writing Bodhi scriptures which transformed into powerful sword intents slashing forward.

"These Bodhi Arts are surprisingly powerful!"

Qin Nan was excited. He merged with his saber and unleashed strong saber intents to shatter the sword intents.

"The Great Dao of Ultiamte Life!"

"The sentient Great Dao, the desires of the Heavens and Earth!"

Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing were using their strongest moves too. The former's halberd accumulated a great will which surged forward and tore everything apart.

The latter waved her hand, turning the Divine Sense into a sea of desires. Chen Shiyan's desires were enlarged significantly as countless illusions took place before him.

"The three immortal souls as the sky and the seven mortal forms as the earth. The Wuji Sword Formation!"

Chen Shiyan displayed his trump card. Three soul sabers rose while seven others fell. They sealed up the space where the three were in. More saber intents were approaching from all directions too.

The three soon entered a standstill. Either side was struggling to overwhelm the other.

It was not like Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing were struggling to defeat Chen Shiyan. As Patriarchs, they clearly had outstanding trump cards available, yet they were not willing to use them for Holy Monk Wangjin's sake.

Holy Monk Wangjin's heart sank following a glance. He transmitted his voice without any hesitation, "Cultivator Chen, I will give you the same benefits as I've promised them two. In return, you will withdraw from the battle. What do you think?"

Qianlong and Wanqing were trapped in the seal. Meanwhile, Qin Nan's strength had surpassed his expectation. At this rate, he might lose the battle and suffer great losses.

As such, he had no choice but to give away more valuables.

"It's too late now!"

Chen Shiyan did not bother looking at him. He sounded a little disdainful too.

How could he possibly let mere benefits convince him to change his mind?

Holy Monk Wangjin's heart skipped a beat, yet he remained calm on the surface. He smiled as he transmitted his voice to Qin Nan, "Cultivator Qin, why must you do this? If I use my trump card, you won't be in a good spot either. Why don't we call it off? The Ancient Bodhi Temple won't trouble you again in the Land of the Duo. I'll also give you the Sariras of three peak Nine Heavens Supremes. What do you say?"

Qin Nan burst out laughing, "HAHA, Wangjin, even you will chicken out? Didn't you expect this is going to happen when you tried to convert me before?"

Anyone would have accepted Holy Monk Wangjin's offer.

But Qin Nan?

He would only respect those who respected him. However, those who mistreated him, he would return the favor tenfold!

Holy Monk Wangjin took a deep breath and said, "I guess there's nothing to say if you're so stubborn."

He had no choice but to fight.

If he won, his plan would be a great success. If he lost, he would lose everything!

"Namo Amitabha...Namo Amitabha..."

Holy Monk Wangjin closed his eyes while uttering the chants. His voice gradually grew louder as if thousands of Buddhas were uttering the scriptures simultaneously.

Qin Nan only felt a Bodhi intent penetrating his Divine Sense and invading his soul. However, the Bodhi intent dissipated as soon as it encountered the Divine Battle Spirit.

Qin Nan could tell the art was nothing ordinary. A normal cultivator would be greatly influenced by it.

It was only the beginning!

"Death Upon the Area!"

Qin Nan swung the Heaven-Shattering Saber at the rift.

Countless saber intents rose under Holy Monk Wangjin's feet to devour him. However, his flesh suddenly turned golden as a lotus seat appeared under him, rending the saber intents ineffective.

Qin Nan suddenly appeared above Holy Monk Wangjin. He unleashed the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and formidable saber intents.

Sky-Stride Blow!

Holy Monk Wangjin remained still. However, the prayer beads in his hand shattered and transformed into a nine-colored lotus which blossomed in the sky.

Strong gusts of wind surged wildly as the rift became restless.

Qin Nan took a few steps back after receiving the impact. Before he could stabilize himself, every branch of the Bodhi tree behind Holy Monk Wangjin combined into a sword.

"Dao Pattern!"

The ancient pattern soared into the sky and crashed onto Holy Monk Wangjin.

Holy Monk Wangjin suddenly opened his eyes. An ancient presence descended upon the Divine Sense.

Golden ancient words floated out of his body, each turning into a magnificent figure. They consisted of Buddhas, Bodhisattva, and warrior attendants.

Qin Nan stood on the sea. He looked up as his hair drifted in the wind.

"Wangjin, you should stop using an illusion like this on me!" Qin Nan uttered with a thunderous voice. The will of the Illusionary Dao Immortal Manuscript surged like a storm.

"A flower a world, a leaf a Buddha! Ignite the blood of the lamp, as long as the rules apply, all living things belong to Buddhism!"

A magnificent voice echoed in the surroundings. The figures spread out and returned to their positions.

The spacious Divine Sense had transformed into a realm of Buddhism.

Holy Monk Wangjin's figure enlarged significantly in the distance. He reached his left hand forward and slammed it down at Qin Nan.

A great pressure was crashing down on Qin Nan.

The Bodhi hand was simply too huge. It was shrouding the sky like it alone was th world.

It was not just targeting Qin Nan, but all living things between the Heavens and Earth, including the Great Dao.

It was the forbidden art that Holy Monk Wangjin had invented himself. It was called the Buddha-Transforming Hand of Light. He had to ignite the blood essence of a Buddha in the Master Realm to execute it.

It did not have any damage. It would only lead people to bliss in the west.

"Very well!"

Qin Nan's eyes erupted into white flames.

His will peaked as he thoroughly unleashed the power of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking.

On top of it, Qin Nan also gathered Master Chihao's will of the Master Realm and the blood orb in his dantian. He had combined them all into the strongest slash.

A huge light exploded as the two forces clashed.

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