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PBS - Chapter 2126 - Letting Out a Roar When Seeing Injustice

The monk, Shi Ming, nodded and said, "Exactly, that's the Heaven-Shrouding Qi! It's scarier than anyone could imagine. When a cultivator was half-corrupted by it, the Heaven-Shrouding Beasts would show up and place the person under the Heaven-Shrouding Curse."

"The people under the curse would turn into what we were a moment ago and become a slave of this place."

Shi Ming added, "My savior, you should be cautious of the Heaven-Shrouding Qi. You shouldn't underestimate it!"

Qin Nan smiled, "Thank you for your concern, but don't you worry, it couldn't corrupt me."

Shi Ming and the others were stunned.

The Heaven-Shrouding Qi couldn't corrupt him?

However, they immediately recalled how Qin Nan had managed to lift Heaven-Shrouding Curse with his saber. It was reasonable that the Heaven-Shrouding Qi was not a threat to him.

"There's something I don't understand. Did I really lift the Heaven-Shrouding Curse you were under?" Qin Nan asked.

Shi Ming shook his head and said, "Not exactly, but it did weaken the curse by a tenth which allowed me to regain a part of my free will...hang on, are you able to use the same move again?"

Shi Ming wore an anticipating look.

The others were looking at Qin Nan passionately too.

Qin Nan smiled when he realized what they were thinking, "I can."

Shi Ming and the others felt their hearts pounding heavily. They were Nine Heavens Supremes with a firm will after going through a lot of hardships in the past, yet they had been trapped here for a few hundred years. They were like living dead and had killed many of their own people. It was a great torture for them.

Shi Ming withheld his excitement. He said after giving it a thought, "My savior, if you're willing to help us lift the curse, I will swear an oath to help you with everything I have."

"You might be unaware, but there are more than a hundred people like us in the Westernmost Land. Some of them are the Saints and Saintesses of many formidable factions."

"If you are willing to save them, I believe they will serve you in return to repay your kindness!"

Qin Nan's eyes widened.

Wouldn't that mean he could earn the support of over a hundred Nine Heavens Supremes?

More than a hundred Nine Heavens Supremes would join him!

It was equivalent to having a powerful faction in the Dao Seeking Land!

Zhuang Nan, Holy Monk Wangjin, and the others would no longer have the advantage if they tried to abuse their numbers to pick on him!

Most importantly, these cultivators who were enslaved by the Heaven-Shrouding Curse must be extremely familiar with the Westernmost Land after being stuck here for a long time!

Some of them might know how he could reach the Battlefield of Aeon!

"You're right, how about this? I'll remove a tenth of the curse for you all first. You will bring me to the rest of the people and I'll lift the curse for everyone. By the way, just call me Qin Nan," Qin Nan said.


The six cultivators agreed without any hesitation.

Qin Nan did not waste any time further. He slashed at the rest of the five cultivators. Even though they were crying out in pain, they felt relieved.

The group of seven immediately set out on a journey.

Shi Ming and the others were unfamiliar with the Battlefield of Aeon, but they knew where the fortunate encounters nearby were.

Qin Nan conveniently claimed those that were close to him.

"Brother Nan, hang on, there's someone ahead!" Shi Ming suddenly halted in his track and said.

Their senses were sharper than Qin Nan under the influence of the Heaven-Shrouding Curse.

Qin Nan glanced ahead. A few moments later, he saw a young man in a blue outfit who was only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

The young man was surprised to see Qin Nan, but his expression darkened when he saw Shi Ming and the others," Senior Brother Qin Nan, look out, they are demons!"

Shi Ming and the others looked at Qin Nan, who too was surprised, "Did you just call me...your Senior Brother? Are you a disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect?"

The young man answered, "Yes, I'm a core disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect. I only came here recently. My name is Zhang Zhiling. Senior Brother Qin Nan, they are trying to trick you. They are setting you up!"

Qin Nan smiled when he saw Zhang Zhiling's reaction. He said, "Don't worry, they are different from the others. They won't hurt me. By the way, you are only in the early stage. Why did you come here?"

Zhang Zhiling was startled. These demons were not going to hurt him?

He stopped having doubts when he recalled Qin Nan's achievements. He said with a wry smile, "I found a map which leads me to a succession here. I came because I want to achieve the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm quicker."

The young man took out a map.

Shi Ming glanced at the map and transmitted his voice, "Brother Nan, the map has the location of an impressive succession. It's not that far from our palace."

Qin Nan nodded. He transmitted a message to Supreme Chang Xiao to confirm the young man's identity. He thought for a moment after receiving a response and said, "Zhiling, it's dangerous for you to go around alone. You're lucky that you've managed to come so far. Come with me, I'll help you find the succession."

He always had a good impression of the Sky Taihuang Sect.

He was going to lend a hand to the disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect.

That being said, the young man was quite bold to come here alone when he was only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

Zhang Zhiling was overjoyed. He saluted and said, "Thank you, Senior Brother Qin Nan!"

"Alright, you don't have to be so courteous with me. Let's go."

The journey ahead was surprisingly safe.

However, they found a golden tree around half an hour later. They dived into the water in front of the tree.

Qin Nan soon discovered eight mountains of different sizes. The mountains had formed a huge circle.

A palace built with some special kind of dark blue immortal stone stood at the center. It had five floors. It was covered in all kinds of runes that were emitting powerful Dao intents.

The palace was a half-Dao Seeking Weapon!

When Qin Nan and his group approached the palace, the cultivators in the palace observed them with their Divine Sense.

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