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PBS - Chapter 2128 - Insane Reward, Part One

Meanwhile, in the Dao Pattern...

"Why did the noise stop? Did Senior Brother Qin Nan win? Even though he's strong, he won't stand a chance against eighty demons, but those demons from before are respectful toward him. Does Senior Brother Qin Nan have a way to deal with them?"

Countless thoughts crossed Zhang Zhiling's mind. He was struggling to find the answers to his doubts.

The Dao Pattern was summoned, bringing him back to the sea.

Zhang Zhiling immediately looked around him. He was dumbfounded by the sight before him.

Senior Brother Qin Nan raised his saber and slashed at a cultivator four times in a row, yet the person had taken the slashes directly without trying to dodge them. Blood splattered across the place as black Qi rose into the air.

The cultivator cried out in pain with a twisted expression.

However, not only did he not lose his temper, his eyes were filled with surprise too. He was murmuring grateful words.

Zhang Zhiling was confused.

A weirder scene followed.

"Make way, let Cultivator Qin Nan slash at me first!"

"Screw you, why should I let you go first? I have been suffering from the curse for a longer time!"

"Bald donkey, stop pushing me around. Step aside or I'll turn you into a cripple!"

The skeletons, half-skeletons, and cultivators were cursing and pushing around. Some of them even started fighting one another, resulting in a huge mess.

Zhang Zhiling was stunned. What was going on here? Was he placed under some kind of illusion?

If so, the illusion was really something special...

Qin Nan recalled his promise when he saw Zhang Zhiling. He said, "Shi Ming, bring Zhiling to the succession he was looking for."

Shi Ming nodded and left with Zhang Zhiling who was still trembling.

Little did Qin Nan know, the little hand he lent Zhang Zhiling would eventually help him become a reputable Heaven Highness authority of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm in the future who possessed the legendary power of the Heaven-Shrouding Tribe from the ancient era.

Half an hour later, Qin Nan had finally done lifting the curse for the cultivators. Everyone had sustained serious injuries, especially those who had turned into skeletons.

However, they had claimed a lot of valuables as they were rummaging the Westernmost Land when they were controlled by the curse, thus they had no trouble recovering from the injuries.

Qin Nan was quite surprised when he heard from Xu Ruchen that around thirty cultivators had left to hunt outsiders. Apparently, twenty of them had encountered a strong enemy and were sealed away. They would have to rescue them.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, there's something I would like to discuss with you," Xu Ruchen said after a slight hesitation.

"Aren't you a Saint from the Xu Clan? Since when did you become so fearful? Just spill the beans," Qin Nan said. 

"Sure! Cultivator Qin Nan, we've found a lot of successions and resources over the years we spent in the Westernmost Land. Three of them, in particular, are quite shocking, and we've never claimed them until today."

Xu Ruchen added, "If it's possible, I hope you can leave one or two of them for us as we will need a lot of resources to recover after the curse has been fully lifted."

He looked at Qin Nan nervously.

Qin Nan smiled, "That's it? Sure, I'll leave two of them for you. I'll only take one of them."

Qin Nan asked before Xu Ruchen could respond, "Do you know how to go to the Battlefield of Aeon?"

Xu Ruchen was shocked. He blurted out, "You're trying to go to the Battlefield of Aeon?"

Almost everyone looked at Qin Nan after hearing the words. Their smiles froze instantly.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, don't do anything stupid!"

"That's right, it's not somewhere you would want to go!"

The others quickly tried to convince Qin Nan with a worried look.

"What do you mean? Is the place very dangerous?" Qin Nan frowned.

"Elder Long, you may tell Cultivator Qin Nan the reason."

Xu Ruchen looked at a skeleton that sustained the most serious injuries. Qin Nan had also learned its identity from the conversation between the others.

Elder Long was once a peak Nine Heavens Supremes. He had been trapped here for the longest time, more than a thousand years.

If Qin Nan did not show up, he would die after being worn out by the Heaven-Shrouding Curse in another hundred years.

Therefore, he was the most grateful toward Qin Nan.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, you can go to the Battlefield of Aeon by reaching the deepest part of the Westernmost Land. However, even those who are placed under the Heaven-Shrouding Curse don't dare to enter the place over the years."

"The place is just too terrifying for us!"

"The rumors about how countless cultivators had disappeared after coming to the Westernmost Land aren't all true. Most cultivators had only gone to the outer sector and middle sector. They are plenty of fortunate encounters there. Only those who went too deep to find the ultimate secret of this place have disappeared."

"There's another thing..."

Elder Long spoke with a serious voice, "During the second year after I was placed under the curse, I heard a terrifying explosion from the inner sector. Almost the whole Westernmost Land was affected by it. A few hundred years later, I heard the truth from some Nine Heavens Supremes that came to the Westernmost Land."

"Apparently, an expert of the Ruler Realm had come to the Westernmost Land through the Battlefield of Aeon. He had an epic battle with the terrifying existence deep inside the Westernmost Land."

"In the end, the expert of the Ruler Realm returned to the Battlefield of Aeon and went into seclusion until today. He must have sustained grave injuries."

Qin Nan was shocked even though he was prepared for it.

Wasn't the inner sector of the Westernmost Land beyond terrifying?

Even an expert of the Ruler Realm had sustained serious injuries. Did it mean the existence guarding it was around the level of the Heaven Highness Realm?

Qin Nan soon calmed his thoughts. He let out a deep breath and said, "I still have to go even if that's the case, but don't worry, if I can overcome the Heaven-Shrouding Curse, I might be able to cross the place safely. I will lift the curse for all of you before I left."

The cultivators tried to convince Qin Nan, yet they gave up when they saw how determined he was.

Qin Nan looked at the cultivators passionately and said, "Can you teach me your Dao Arts?"

These people were from different Supreme Daoism factions. Qin Nan had long set his eyes on them.

He could give up on the resources and fortunate encounters, but if they were willing to teach him their Dao Arts, Qin Nan would be able to fill the vacant spaces to utilize the strength of his cultivation.

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