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PBS - Chapter 2129 - Insane Reward, Part Two

"Cultivator Qin Nan, I'm willing to teach you, but I've already sworn an Immortal Demon Oath I will never leak it to outsiders. Otherwise, I will suffer great consequences," a peak Nine Heavens Supreme of the Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate said with a wry smile.

The other twelve Nine Heavens Supremes nodded in agreement.

Xu Ruchen said, "Cultivator Qin Nan, if you don't mind, I have a few secret arts that I can teach you."

Some of the rogue cultivators offered Qin Nan to teach him their moves too.

Qin Nan waved his hand and smiled, "That won't be necessary. It's meaningless for me to learn other arts. However..."

Qin Nan looked at the thirteen cultivators and said, "If you can't teach me directly, can you show them to me by fighting me?"

Qin Nan had long expected they were unable to teach him directly because of the oaths. However, he had a different plan in mind!

The cultivators did not turn down such a simple request. They rose to their feet and invited Qin Nan to a duel with a gesture.

Qin Nan rose like a ferocious beast which had just awakened from a deep slumber.

A series of deafening explosions took place. The water over a few miles away was flowing restlessly.

"Such a terrifying strength!"

"So that's the strength of an extraordinary path of cultivation?" the cultivators who were watching the duels exclaimed.

Xu Ruchen's eyes flickered with astonishment too.

Among the thirteen cultivators were five peak Nine Heavens Supremes and eight Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage. Not only did Qin Nan suppress them by himself, he even seemed to handle it well. He did not even use the Dao Pattern. 

The duel lasted for half an hour. Qin Nan finally took a step back and withdrew his aura.

"Cultivator Qin Nan's strength is impressive!" the thirteen cultivators exclaimed. If the duel kept going, they would be injured and lose the fight.

"The others won't feel uneasy after watching the duel," Xu Ruchen mumbled as he looked at the others. 

Although Qin Nan had helped them to lift the Heaven-Shrouding Curse, most people here were proud and arrogant because of their capabilities. They would be reluctant to serve Qin Nan for fifteen years. 

It would be totally different if Qin Nan was insanely strong.

However, Qin Nan did a surprising move.

He closed his eyes and withdrew eleven of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking he was using. He only kept the Illusionary Dao Immortal Manuscript.

He began to move and performed hand seals.

"Isn't that..." the cultivator from the Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate was in disbelief, "the Great Illusionary World?"

The Great Illusionary World was one of the core arts of the Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate. It was invented by the founder of the Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate. It was able to place the target in illusions which would stack up further in layers.


The cultivators, including Xu Ruchen were startled.

Did Qin Nan learn the Dao Art just by watching them?

Qin Nan might have practiced and comprehended the Illusionary Dao Immortal Manuscript, but normally, it would take other cultivators at least three days to learn a Dao Art by watching someone using it.

However, Qin Nan only used half an hour!

How insane was his Martial Skill Talent?

"Not bad, I don't mind submitting to you temporarily now. My Martial Skill Talent is only two-thirds of yours..."

Xu Ruchen's eyes flickered with admiration. However, his eyes widened when he saw something just as the thought crossed his mind. His body stiffened as if he had just been struck by lightning.

The Art of Dao Seeking in Qin Nan's body suddenly switched to the Reincarnation Dao Manuscript of the Reincarnation Sect!

The hand seal he was performing changed too, followed by the will of reincarnation surging in all directions.

An illusionary wheel appeared behind him and started spinning. The water around him was replaced by a vacuum.

"The...Art of Heaven Reincarnation?"

The peak Nine Heavens Supremes from the Reincarnation Sect shuddered in disbelief.

The Art of Heaven Reincarnation was the Reincarnation Sect's secret art!

Most importantly, he had only used it twice in the duel!


The cultivators were dumbfounded.

They initially thought Qin Nan had only learned one of the arts in half an hour, yet he had learned two of them!

"Say...is there a chance Cultivator Qin Nan has learned all the arts?" a peak Nine Heavens Supreme swallowed his saliva and asked.

"All of them?"

The crowd was struggling to believe it.

The thirteen cultivators had used at least twenty Dao Arts in the duel. It was unlikely Qin Nan could learn them all regardless of how outstanding his Martial Skill Talent was!

However, the following scene completely toppled their understanding.

Qin Nan kept shifting his hand seals and switching the Art of Dao Seeking in his body as if he was being possessed. He was emitting all kinds of lights too.

He had learned every Dao Art the thirteen cultivators were using!

He had only learned the Dao Arts of the Supreme Daoism factions. He did not learn the rest of the arts. On top of it, he needed a long time just to use the arts, and they were clearly lacking in strength too. 

After all, he could only comprehend so much in half an hour. 

That being said, he could fully master the Dao Arts if there were only three or four of them.

The cultivators did not disturb Qin Nan.

They proceeded to refine all kinds of resources to recover their strength.

Most importantly, Qin Nan's achievement had given everyone a great shock. They were utterly impressed by him, including Xu Ruchen.

Six hours later, Qin Nan fully comprehended the Dao Arts. His eyes flickered with excitement.

Xu Ruchen who had been waiting immediately asked him to lift the curse for the rest of the cultivators.

When it was done, Xu Ruchen said, "Qin Nan, we have all recovered from the injuries. Why don't we go and claim the fortunate encounters I mentioned?"

Qin Nan agreed. The two of them set out together.

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