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PBS - Chapter 2135 - Boarding the Ship

Qin Nan was startled, "You don't know who I am?"

Most people in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm who reached a certain level of cultivation should know him.

The woman was so strong. She must have an outstanding background. How did she not hear about him?

Li Yangfan said calmly, "Why should I know you? Are you very famous?"

Qin Nan smiled after collecting his thoughts, "A little, but can you tell me who you are before I tell you my name?"

Li Yangfan said after a brief pause, "How about this? We won't tell one another our name, but may I ask the reason why you are here? Didn't you know how dangerous this place is?"

Qin Nan shrugged, "I know this place is dangerous, but I have to pass through here to reach the Battlefield of Aeon."

Li Yangfan was a little surprised, "The Battlefield of Aeon? You are only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme. Why are you going there?"

Qin Nan shook his head without answering the question.

Li Yangfan realized she was probing too much.

Everyone had their secret, not to mention they were complete strangers to one another. They had no reason to tell one another their secrets.

She said after a slight hesitation, "Just keep going down this path. You will reach the end in around three days. You must find a white boat. Those with other colors won't make it. It will bring you to the Battlefield of Aeon."

Qin Nan was startled.

Li Yangfan said coldly, "Whether you believe it or not is completely up to you."

Qin Nan waved his hand and said curiously, "I was just a little surprised. Why are you telling me this?"

Li Yangfan took out a golden brush from her storage bag. She drew some runes in the air and said, "No particular reason. I just feel like it. Farewell."

A huge formation appeared after she tapped the brush. It released energy to encapsulate her before vanishing into thin air.

"What a strange person," Qin Nan shook his head.

The mysterious woman did not swear an Immortal Demon Oath, but Qin Nan had a feeling she was telling the truth.

"Someone extraordinary like her wouldn't want to set me up, right?"

"I wonder if we are going to be friendly or enemy the next time we meet," Qin Nan murmured.

He continued on his way without overthinking it.

It was just as the mysterious woman mentioned. Qin Nan reached the end of the path after traveling for three days and nights.

The boundless ice valley was no longer around. It was replaced by a vast black sea. The strange thing was, the water was completely still.

Qin Nan looked around him and saw a few boats along the shore.

Some were over ten thousand zhang tall with a ferocious beast at the bow. The others were emitting a mystical light.

Qin Nan observed them and finally found a white boat beside a huge ship. His lips twisted.

The boat was only a zhang long and half a zhang wide. It had cracks on it like it was going to sink any time.

"Fine," Qin Nan shook his head. He landed on the boat. It shook vigorously and started squeaking.

Qin Nan was just about to insert his Supreme Force to drive the boat when it started moving on its own. It was pretty quick too. 

"It seems like everything is fine," Qin Nan was relieved, but he did not dare to lower his guard. He activated his twelve Arts of Dao Seeking so he was ready to react at any second.

Time gradually passed. Five days later, he was still surrounded by the pitch-black sea. There was no light and no sign of anything else. Qin Nan made sure there was no danger nearby. He sat down with his legs crossed and began cultivating.

He had learned many Dao Arts. It was still impossible to combine ten Dao Arts, but he could now combine seven or eight Dao Arts and use them effectively. The Dao Arts would complement one another, making it difficult for the enemy to resist him.

He had no idea how vast the sea was. Five days later, Qin Nan woke up. He took a quick glance and closed his eyes again.

He was unable to sense too far away as his cultivation was lacking. The white boat drifted further away into the distance. The rules in the sky and the sea began to spin like a wheel.

The rules dissipated and merged at times. It felt like he was walking out of a dream to the real world.

Time kept flowing like water. Forty-six days later...

A soft thud woke Qin Nan up all of a sudden.

"Did I...arrive?"

Qin Nan was a little shocked. He looked into the sky.

The white boat rammed into a black rock around a hundred zhang tall and thirty zhang wide.

Behind the rock was a faint purple land with towering trees over ten thousand zhang tall and dense leaves. It was like a sea of trees.

The place looked ordinary. There was nothing special about it.

"Is this the Battlefield of Aeon?"

Qin Nan looked doubtful. He landed on the shore.

His heart shuddered the moment his feet touched the purple land.

Strange emotions mixed with reminiscing, rage, excitement, and urge to kill surged into his heart. He heard two soft drips.

He had shed two drops of tears. 

"It seems like this is really the Battlefield of Aeon," Qin Nan let out a sigh.

He calmed his thoughts and transmitted a thought through the red string after a slight hesitation.

He had no idea what the copper mirror was up to. He was unfamiliar with the Battlefield of Aeon. If possible, he would like to meet the copper mirror in person.

However, the red string did not respond after he waited for a long time.

"Forget it," Qin Nan shook his head.

He kept going forward to observe the situation.

However, he felt his arm burning when he only took a few steps forward. He lowered his head and realized the seal that granted him access to the Dao Seeking Land had disappeared.

He turned around and noticed the white boat was gone too.

Qin Nan frowned, but he soon calmed his thoughts and continued on his way.

The Battlefield of Aeon was the place where experts of the Master Realm achieve the Ruler Realm. It was normal for Masters of Dao to die here. Qin Nan was only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme. He could not afford to lower his guard.

Little did Qin Nan know, the ancient, mysterious existence across the Battlefield of Aeon shuddered when he arrived.

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