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PBS - Chapter 2166 - Eternal Night Is Here, Part One

Meanwhile, the boundary of the seventh forbidden area...

Strong energy ripples were appearing from the rift within a short period of time, followed by figures walking out of it. The man who was leading the way, in particular, had a formidable aura.

They were the authorities from the Wang Clan, Chen Clan, Han Clan, the Supreme Daoism factions, hundred ancient tribes, and powerful factions.

Almost every authority in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had arrived after learning Qin Nan was Zhou Di's reincarnation.

There were twenty-one Rulers of Dao in total!

Many were still on their way to the Battlefield of Aeon.

"That Qin Nan is unforgivable. We must capture him and seize his memories!"

"This Qin Nan is only a reincarnation whose cultivation is still at the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. He has yet to achieve the Master Realm, yet he dares to do something so reckless. What's going to happen once he grew stronger?"

"We must work together to take him down!"

The authorities of the Extreme Living Gate, Ten Desires Sect, and other factions were communicating by transmitting their thoughts.

The authorities from the seven Heaven Highness Clans were transmitting their thoughts too. However, they were not as angry as those from the Supreme Daoism factions. They were merely analyzing the situation and discussing how they should work together.

The truth was, their attitude was the same regardless of Qin Nan's decision.

It all came down to their own benefits in the end!

Who could possibly resist the chance of getting Zhou Di's successions, secrets, and memories?

"Go ahead, keep biting one another!"

Somewhere far away, a man in a black robe was watching the battle through an extraordinary method. He was grinning coldly.

He was none other than the Ancient Taboo who had disappeared from the First Immortal Realm for a long time!

Many factions believed the Ancient Taboo would be the most impatient one after Qin Nan's identity of Zhou Di's reincarnation was exposed. After all, the conflict between Zhou Di and Cang would never be resolved. It was also the reason why the battle in the past took place.

However, even though the Ancient Taboo was shocked when it learned the news, it was relieved after a second thought.

First, it did not need to do anything after Qin Nan's identity was exposed. The formidable factions in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm would get rid of Qin Nan for him.

Second, his master would soon return.

Wasn't it more favorable to his master if everyone else was busy killing one another?

That being said, the Ancient Taboo had to pretend like it was on the edge too. Otherwise, those old monsters were going to be suspicious of it. 


It suddenly felt uncomfortable and disgusted. It subconsciously raised its head and looked ahead.

In addition to it, the authorities of various factions, the mysterious existences, and the Masters of Dao who were stuck in between including Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli looked into the sky too.

They had sensed something different from the Ancient Taboo. They were currently under great pressure, as if something terrifying was about to appear.

A few moments later, a shocking sight took place.

The sky above the seventh forbidden area was shrouded by a mist. The light of the Supreme Haotian Badge became blurry too.

The outline of an enormous mysterious object appeared in the distance. It was difficult to tell if the object actually existed, like it was both reality and a mere illusion.

Everything across the place froze.

Every cultivator and mysterious existence had a feeling they had gone back in time to the era of the four Supreme Highnesses.

"Is that..."

The Rulers of Dao and mysterious existences were astounded as they collected their thoughts.

"It's the Undying Cycle Mountain!"

The Ancient Taboo glared at the object and forced the words out between the gaps of its teeth.

Even though it had long known it was eventually going to show up, its heart was still brimming with rage when it saw the Undying Cycle Mountain.

Zhou Di had used the mountain to execute a powerful blow that shook all thirty-three Immortal Realms and shattered its master's flesh. It almost killed its master and made it impossible for him to be reincarnated.


The whole seventh forbidden area began to shake vigorously.

The faint outline of the enormous mountain emitted a mystical glow. It was pouring down at Qin Nan.

An ancient voice echoed across the Battlefield of Aeon.

"I've once promised Zhou Di that when his reincarnation shows up in the Nine Heavens, I'll give him my aid again. Follow my instructions to claim the ownership of the mountain!"

Words suddenly poured into Qin Nan's Divine Sense like an ancient tide.

Qin Nan felt his nose tingling and even shed a drop of tear. His body sat on the ground on its own and began performing a series of mystical hand seals.

"He's refining the Undying Cycle Mountain!"

"So that's the Undying Cycle Mountain? I can't even see its true appearance even though I'm already a peak Ruler of Dao!" 

The Rulers of Dao had passionate looks in their eyes.

Their factions had been searching for the Undying Cycle Mountain for many years. It had finally appeared before them.


Empress Feiyue who was not far away from Qin Nan suddenly unleashed a tremendous aura. It soared into the sky like an immortal sword.

The mist above the seventh forbidden area darkened with intimidating auras flowing out of them.

"Empress Feiyue is about to undergo the Tribulation!"

The eyes of the Rulers of Dao and the mysterious existences glittered.

They were aware of how outstanding Empress Feiyue's talents were. If she successfully achieved the Ruler Realm, her strength would improve significantly.

Qin Nan also had the First Immortal under his command too!

"Bai Zhongsheng and Empress Feiyue, I doubt any of the factions would dare to take the first move. They can only wait..." one of the authorities thought.

He suddenly turned in another direction when he sensed something. A black light ray was approaching the seventh forbidden area at an insane speed.

The black ray continued to enlarge in his eyes before it loomed over the place like a black tide.

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