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PBS - Chapter 2167 - Eternal Night Is Here, Part Two

A terrifying aura surged across the place like a deadly storm. The authorities in the Ruler Realm and the mysterious existences felt their hearts skipped a beat.

Even the enormous silhouette in the mist shuddered too.

A skinny old man with white hair walked out from the darkness expressionlessly. He stood above the authorities with an overwhelming aura.

Behind him were several figures with formidable auras.

"Eternal Night Heaven Highness is indeed on the move...and he even brings the entire Eternal Night Immortal Island here!" the Rulers of Dao gasped and quickly brought their fists together.

"Greetings, Your Honor Heaven Highness!"

The title was their way of expressing their respect to the only Heaven Highness which had been around for more than ten thousand years.

Regardless of one's identity and cultivation, they must greet Eternal Night Heaven Highness. It was the rule for the past ten thousand years!


Eternal Night Heaven Highness nodded. He glanced at the Rulers of Dao from the seven Heaven Highness Clans and turned to the mysterious existences before focusing on the seventh forbidden area.

When he set his eyes on the seventh forbidden area, everyone noticed the Battlefield of Aeon was shaking vigorously, as if a magnificent power was wrapping its hand around the seventh forbidden area.

"Eternal Night!"

The Supreme Haotian Badge appeared from the mist and uttered a deafening roar, "If you dare intervene with the battle, you will break the rules that the seniors have agreed on. Countless Masters of Dao will lose the chance of achieving the Ruler Realm forever!"

"You will be held responsible for it!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness acted like he did not hear the warning. He did not even bother looking at the Supreme Haotian Badge. His eyes were fixed on the enormous silhouette in the mist.

Flames of passion flickered in his eyes.

Many factions had been searching for the Undying Cycle Mountain over the years, but he had long been searching for it. He almost dug three inches into the ground across the First Immortal Realm and other Immortal Realms just to find where it was.

"Do it," Eternal Night Heaven Highness said before making his move.

The boundary of the seventh forbidden area immediately sank into darkness. Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the Masters of Dao who were stuck in it felt like the seventh forbidden area had been removed from the Battlefield of Aeon.


Shocking roars echoed among the clouds.

The mysterious existences were making their moves too. They unleashed formidable powers to break through the barrier.


The Supreme Haotian Badge erupted into flames as it unleashed its power.

The whole seventh forbidden area immediately turned into a battlefield.

The faces of Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the Masters of Dao turned pale. They had no choice but to use everything they had to protect themselves and leave their fate in the hands of the Heavens.

Qin Nan and Empress Feiyue were the only ones unaffected. It felt like a strong existence was protecting the area they were in.


Empress Feiyue's eyes sprang open. She turned into a peerless ray of light and soared into the Clouds of Tribulation.

Even in such a terrifying battle, she had retained her brilliance. It was not overwhelmed by the powerful auras around her.

Qin Nan had also completed the hand seals.

An enormous hand reached out from the rift and grabbed his soul. When he opened his eyes again, his surroundings changed completely.

The seventh forbidden area and the terrifying battle were nowhere to be seen. They were replaced by a white mist.

The mist in front of him dissipated, revealing a path.

Qin Nan took the path without any hesitation. After some time, he found a cave with an ancient aura.

An old man in a gray robe stood outside the cave.

"My master, your humble servant is here to serve you!" the old man dropped to his knee.

"Aren't you..."

Qin Nan was startled. Wasn't this old man the one who destroyed his Dao Foundation?

"My master, I know you have a lot of questions, but I'm afraid we don't have the time for them now. I'll explain to you later. You should head inside," the old man said.


Qin Nan nodded.

However, he was stunned again when he walked into the cave.

The walls inside the cave were carved with drawings, each depicting a different cultivator.

The cave was deep. Qin Nan could not see the end of it. The drawings were closely stacked together without wasting any space. He had lost count of how many drawings there were.

"These drawings..."

Qin Nan had a feeling of reminiscence and joy when he looked at the first drawing.

It felt like the people in the drawings were alive. Their eyes were full of excitement and surprise.

Qin Nan slowed down his pace as he walked forward. He finally walked out of the cave after a long time with a dazzled expression.

The cave felt like a dream to him.

"I'm the spirit of the Undying Cycle Mountain. Zhou Di has given me the name Zhou Xundao. I've kept the promise I've made over ten thousand years ago by letting you claim the ownership of the Undying Cycle Mountain. However, I won't acknowledge you as my master before you reach the peak," the ancient voice spoke again.

Before Qin Nan could speak, the mist in front of him turned purple-golden and flowed into his body like streams.

Qin Nan realized the whole place was spinning.

Something mystical was merging with his soul.

Meanwhile, the Nine Dragon Seal which had been inactive inside him for a long time reacted.


The seal shuddered, as if it was telling the outsider that it had occupied Qin Nan's soul.

"Mm? Your soul has merged with some other artifact?"

The spirit of the Undying Cycle Mountain said in a cold voice, "If that's the case, I have no choice but to erase it! The Undying Cycle Mountain will not coexist with other things, including the Ownerless Heaven Pattern!"

However, its voice was filled with astonishment when it took a closer look at the Nine Dragons Seal, "Isn't this..."

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