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PBS - Chapter 2169 - Army of Eternity, Part One

The whole place was deadly quiet.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, the Rulers of Dao, Moxie, and Demon Emperor Wutian were astounded.

It was very likely Bai Zhongsheng was telling the truth if he had said it like that!

The reason being that Bai Zhongsheng would not benefit from lying to them!

After all, according to Bai Zhongsheng, Cang would only be reincarnated in two years which did not have any effect on the current situation. They could just send people to investigate whether the rare phenomenon of Ten Blood Moons and all kinds of artifacts and fortune encounters were showing up.

If Bai Zhongsheng was lying, the only benefit for him was to give the Ancient Taboo a hard time and distract the other factions two years from now.

"If he's telling the truth, does it mean the new era is here? Will the other two Supreme Heavens make their return too?" the Masters of Dao murmured.

As for the Ancient Taboo, it was lost in its thoughts as it did not expect Bai Zhongsheng to know the details.

"Bai Zhongsheng, you aren't fooling anyone. What you are doing is meaningless!" the Ancient Taboo grinned coldly with a disdainful look, yet it had a strong urge to kill the assh*** right on the spot.

Because of him, many factions would be focusing on the thirty-second Small Immortal Realm two years from now!

It could no longer bring its master away without alerting anyone after its master was reincarnated.

It would end up in the same situation as Qin Nan and Zhou Di were today.

"Bai Zhongsheng, I shall believe you for now!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' voice echoed in the surroundings, "If you and Qin Nan are willing to join my Eternal Night Immortal Island to find out Zhou Di's secrets, I will stop hunting you. We will focus on taking down Cang's reincarnation two years from now. What do you think?"

"I have always admired Zhou Di in the past."

The Rulers of Dao and the Ancient Taboo were startled.

Bai Zhongsheng's face which had a smile on it most of the time darkened all of a sudden, "A mere Heaven Highness dares to pry into my master's secrets? Do you really see yourself as the strongest cultivator in the Primary Upper Realm?" 

The book of scriptures on his left hand erupted into flames and vanished as a murderous aura soared into the sky.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness wore a twisted expression.

It was the first time that someone dared to speak to him like that in the last ten thousand years!

Perhaps he was just a nobody in the era of the Supreme Highnesses, yet he had survived until today.

He was the only Heaven Highness in the world, making him the strongest too!

What place did Bai Zhongsheng and Qin Nan have compared to him?

The former had sustained serious injuries which hindered his cultivation from improving. The latter was only the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness. His cultivation was only in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

He was being very generous to give them such a great offer!

"Bai Zhongsheng, I guess there's no point wasting my time talking to you. The Tribe of Eternity shall perish today!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' aura skyrocketed. Darkness fell as he threw a punch forward.


The Rulers of Dao and the Ancient Taboo were relieved. They started attacking Bai Zhongsheng too.

The same terrifying sight from before took place. It was getting even worse as the statues were on the verge of breaking into pieces.

The lord of the City of Darkness hiding in the rift tensed. He blurted out, "Moxie, at this rate, the formation won't last for more than thirty breaths!"

Moxie shook his head, "I already told you there won't be any problem. Take a closer look, did you not notice master has successfully refined the Undying Cycle Mountain?"

The lord of the City of Darkness only remembered what Qin Nan was up to. He saw Qin Nan open his eyes.

"Congratulations, my master!" Bai Zhongsheng brought his fists together as if he was unaware of the danger they were in.

"What should I do next?" Qin Nan asked when he noticed the dangerous situation they were in.

"Master, you won't have to do anything. Just stay here and watch."

Bai Zhongsheng went behind Qin Nan and placed his palm on his back. He began uttering some ancient curses.

Strange ripples spread toward the surroundings as an imperious aura loomed over the seventh forbidden area.

The faint silhouette in the sky had returned.

"He's trying to unleash the power of the Undying Cycle Mountain through Qin Nan's body?" Eternal Night Heaven Highness uttered with a disdainful look.

The Undying Cycle Mountain might be one of the two greatest artifacts that Zhou Di had which had mysterious connections with the origin force of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, but Bai Zhongsheng was only a half-Ruler of Dao. He had no chance of unleashing its full potential.

Besides, Eternal Night Heaven Highness had also refined powerful artifacts over the years and mastered peerless arts.

The Eternal Night Immortal Island might not be a formidable faction, but Eternal Night Heaven Highness was a formidable foe!

"Only five breaths left!"

The lord of the City of Darkness held his breath. Even though Moxie kept telling him Bai Zhongsheng could handle the situation, he could not help but be on his toes.

At that instant, ancient drawings gradually appeared around Qin Nan and transformed into two dragons.

"Aren't those the drawings in the cave?" Qin Nan recognized the drawings instantly. The drawings had left him with a strong impression.

"My master is here, shouldn't you all come back now?" Bai Zhongsheng wore an imperious look as his voice reached the drawings.

The drawings immediately emitted a shocking glow. The figures in the drawings turned into statues with icy auras.

"It's coming!"

Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian subconsciously widened their eyes to observe everything carefully.


A deafening blast echoed in the North Battlefield.

The nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine statues shattered into pieces and turned into golden light dots.

The whole seventh forbidden area shook vigorously as if it had just received a tremendous blow. The Masters of Dao who were hiding in the corners spat out mouthfuls of blood.

"Bai Zhongsheng, die!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was going to erase the existence of the Leader of the Immortals like he was the only person between the Heavens and Earth.

"The principles of the Undying Cycle Mountain, as long as one retains their will, their souls will not perish!" Bai Zhongsheng drew out his sword and pointed it at the sky.

The eyes of the statues emitted a red flicker as their auras grew at an insane rate.

"The Army of Eternity has returned!"

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