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PBS - Chapter 2172 - The Fall of the Eclipse

Empress Feiyue landed on Qin Nan's right. Her robe covered in blood was drifting to the wind.

The Root-Transforming Dragon reached out its claw and tore the sky apart. Its tail stirred up a great storm.

"Little husband, wait for me!" a pleasant voice with a hint of panic said.

Runes appeared on Qin Nan's left followed by Master Rudao. Her hair draped over her shoulders while her body was wrapped tightly in a long dress.

The Root-Transforming Dragon roared and disappeared into the rift.

"How terrifying!"

"Eternal Night Heaven Highness is in big trouble!"

The Rulers of Dao who already escaped into the distance could feel their hearts pounding heavily.

They did not expect the Army of Eternity to still have such strength.

They were also relieved that Eternal Night Heaven Highness was leading them. Otherwise, they would suffer great losses even if they managed to survive in the end. 

Time gradually passed. A moment later, at the Sun Eclipse Immortal Sea...

The sea was an unusual place of treasure in the Void Heaven Realm with all kinds of successions and fortunate encounters at the bottom of the sea. It also had fewer traps and forbidding auras. Even a Peerless Ruler could find their way in with ease.

However, many factions and rogue cultivators would only stay on the outer circle under normal circumstances. They rarely made it to the center since it was where the Eternal Night Immortal Island was located. 

The sky above the Eternal Night Immortal Island suddenly fell into darkness. The cities, palaces, and mountains on it started glowing. 

Several figures appeared on the island. They were Eternal Night Heaven Highness and three Rulers of Dao.

"Damn it!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness had a dark expression. He could still sense the Army of Eternity pursuing them after they retreated. He had to use a forbidden art to shake them off and come back earlier. 

"Mas...master, will they keep chasing after us?" one of the Rulers of Dao asked. It was too terrifying.

"Chase us? HAHA, even though they are still pretty strong, but..." Eternal Night Heaven Highness scoffed.

However, his eyes widened before he could finish as he sensed something. 


The sky within a million li fell into darkness and shattered into pieces. Lightning flashes within the cracks and strong gusts of wind poured down, followed by the enormous Root-Transforming Dragon.

"What's that?"

The cultivators of the Eternal Night Immortal Island could not believe their eyes.

Was there really someone who dares to attack the Eternal Night Immortal Island?


Eternal Night Heaven Highness' body was shaking.

Qin Nan was no longer in danger. He had also retreated to give him face, yet they still came after him? 

Most importantly, no one in the Primary Upper Realm, including himself would bother attacking a faction's base regardless of their cultivation level.

The reason being that each faction treated their base very seriously. They would set up all kinds of defensive mechanisms and kept improving them continuously.

The Army of Eternity had chased them to their base. They had no respect for him even though he was now the strongest cultivator in the world, let alone the defensive mechanisms he had set up over ten thousand years. 

"Prepare for battle!" Eternal Night Heaven Highness yelled furiously.

Various lights emerged from the ground as ancient formations, forbidding auras, and traps were activated.

The spirit of the Eternal Night Immortal Island woke up and unleashed the power of the artifacts.

In addition to it, fierce waves rose on the Sun Eclipse Immortal Sea as magnificent figures flew out of the water, followed by a formidable ancient will. 


Empress Feiyue was the first to move. She was imbued with the Power of Rules as she landed on the surface of the sea, freezing the waves instantly. 


The Root-Transforming Dragon roared and destroyed countless formations. Its enormous scales emitted a bright light while it swung its claws down.

"Transcendence of the Dao, falling into eternal darkness!"

The Battlefield of Aeon was quiet. The chaos had returned to normal. Meanwhile, the Sun Eclipse Immortal Sea was in great chaos, just like the Battlefield of Aeon a few moments ago. 

"The Army of Eternity has gone to the Eternal Night Immortal Island?"

The authorities of various factions soon realized what was going on. They were astounded. They had underestimated the Army of Eternity's courage and imperiousness.

Many immediately focused their attention on the Sun Eclipse Immortal Sea.


As time gradually passed, the chaos further escalated as cultivators of the Eternal Night Immortal Island died. Even two of the three Rulers of Dao who were in the early stage were crushed.

The battle went on for some time. Empress Feiyue displayed her outstanding strength. She turned into an ancient light ray slashing at the deepest part of the Sun Eclipse Immortal Sea. The spirit of the island cried out in agony.

The valley of ice had turned completely red.

Meanwhile, the Root-Transforming Dragon swung its tail at the darkness and shattered it. Eternal Night Heaven Highness cried out in pain and fell to the island.

The Root-Transforming Dragon fixed its eyes on the island. It opened its mouth and gathered a strong beam in its mouth before firing it.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' face turned pale.

The beam landed on the island and destroyed the artifacts, formations, and deadly traps instantly. Even the spirit of the island could not withstand the blow.


An astonishing sight took place. The island broke into pieces and sank into the sea.

The strong gusts of wind from the impact shattered the valley of ice into shards.

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