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PBS - Chapter 2176 - The Endless Path of Cultivation

Empress Feiyue remained expressionless on both her face and in her tone, "Many have died because of me in the battle. I'm planning to bring them back to life and leave their successions for their descendants."

Qin Nan fell silent for a moment and said, "I'm sorry that I'm late..."

He sensed Empress Feiyue's sharp gaze before he could finish the sentence.

Qin Nan immediately understood what she wanted to say.

Master Rudao rubbed her forehead. It seemed like her speculation was on point.

At this rate, she could not even retain her position as the third wife.

Empress Feiyue said after some time, " Besides..."

She looked at Master Rudao instead of finishing the sentence. It was obvious what she was implying.

"Hey, Empress, you are overdoing it. You might be stronger than me and has a higher status at home, but we are still part of the same family. You can just say it in front of me. You don't have to hide it from me," Master Rudao grumbled.

"Rudao, what nonsense are you uttering!" Qin Nan's lips twisted. It was fine for Master Rudao to tease her, yet she was even teasing Empress Feiyue now.

“Copper mirror, don't mind it, Mengyao is used to joke around," Qin Nan explained.


Empress Feiyue nodded. On second thought, there was no reason to avoid Rudao. She looked at Qin Nan and said, "Thank you. I'll treat you to a meal of grilled fish once you achieved the Master Realm."

She left after finishing the sentence.

Qin Nan was startled, but he soon grinned.

Copper mirror's way of celebration was indeed extraordinary.

Master Rudao looked at Qin Nan gloomily and said, "Little husband, she actually said it in front of me instead of transmitting her voice."

Qin Nan was startled, "It's not like she's telling me a secret or something. Besides, didn't you..."

However, Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat when he recalled Master Rudao's words.

Master Rudao's expression fell even gloomier as she spoke, "Congratulations, little husband, you have found yourself a third wife. Little husband, can you find another one? I don't want to be the last."

How could a peak Nine Heavens Supreme possibly stand a chance against a peak Master of Dao?

Qin Nan, despite being the reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses, was soon defeated by Master Rudao's words. He fled miserably into the palace, making the latter giggle.

The palace had six floors. The first four floors had all kinds of secret arts and Master Arts. The fifth floor consisted of Highness Arts, while the last floor had Rules of Dao.

Qin Nan had never been to a library like this ever since he came to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. After all, he was more like a rogue cultivator except for the brief time he spent at the Sky Taihuang Sect. He never had the chance to visit a place like this.

Qin Nan soon lost himself in the manuals. 

It took Qin Nan around three days to skim through the manuals and have a basic idea of what they were.

"Little husband, you are only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme. I'm aware of your outstanding Martial Skill Talent, but learning Master Arts won't do you any good for the time being. I think you should pick a few suitable Master Arts and comprehend them."

"You can then merge their will with the Dao Arts you have mastered. If you can do it, it will unleash your maximum potential," Master Rudao suggested, which Qin Nan deeply agreed with. 

They ended up picking ten Master Arts after going through every single one of them. One of them was a Saber Technique called the Crimson Emperor's Saber Art, while the rest of them were illusions, Buddhism scriptures, and other kinds. The Master Arts were somehow related to the Arts of Dao Seeking that Qin Nan had practiced.

Qin Nan sat on the ground with his eyes closed.

The Supreme Force in his body did not grow after he claimed the Undying Cycle Mountain, but his soul and his Martial Skill Talent had improved greatly.

However, it still took Qin Nan three days to fully comprehend the Crimson Emperor's Saber Art.

He was currently emitting wisps of red saber intents followed by a strong aura surging in all directions. He had the presence of an emperor even when he was not unleashing his power.

The Master Art also brought Qin Nan huge surprises.

The difference between the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm and the Master Realm was not only about evolving the Supreme Force into the Master Force, but it also required deep comprehension of the Master Realm. Qin Nan was slowly getting the hang of it.

His comprehension of the Master Realm was a lot clearer.

The rest of the nine Master Arts did not take him too long after he had taken the first step. He fully comprehended them in the next four days, giving him great benefits. 

"Now, let's merge them with the Dao Arts," Qin Nan mumbled.

Time gradually passed. Master Rudao only spent the first few days comprehending the Rules of Dao. She spent the rest of the time keeping Qin Nan in company while giving him suggestions at times.

Qin Nan's strength improved rapidly too.

Ten days later, Qin Nan's eyes sprang open as he let out a deep sigh.

He had combined the Dao Arts he had mastered and the will of the ten Master Arts into three deadly moves, each consisting of nine different Arts.

"I'm almost done here. Mengyao, you can stay here if you want. I'm going back to the Dao Seeking Land," Qin Nan said.

"Little husband, what's the point of me staying here if you are leaving? I'll escort you instead. It's not too safe out there," Master Rudao stretched, showing off her alluring figure.


Qin Nan withheld the urge in him and left with Master Rudao.

Meanwhile, somewhere mysterious in the Undying Cycle Mountain...

Bai Zhongsheng who was staring into the distance withdrew his gaze and drank the cup of blood before him.

"Are you really not worried at all?" Zhou Xundao asked with a frown.

"What should I be worried about?"

"Master's identity being exposed, my appearance, Cang's reincarnation, and everything else will distract the world from noticing that Brother Xiang is the most unique existence among the Immortals, including Huangfu Jue's men."

"At least, master will be able to follow his own will."

Bai Zhongsheng sighed and said, "It's just a pity that I didn't get to kill the traitor with my own hands."

Bai Zhongsheng nodded at Zhou Xundao. The latter realized his intention. He flicked his finger and fired a ray of light into Bai Zhongsheng's body.

A few moments later, Bai Zhongsheng was replaced by a drawing.

He was holding Buddhism scriptures in one hand with a gentle smile, like he always was.

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