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PBS - Chapter 2185 - Killing Three Authorities in Succession, Part Two

Meanwhile, the Sky Taihuang Sect's Taihuang City on the eighteenth branch...

Supreme Chang Xiao was enjoying a cup of immortal tea in his seat.

He had never felt so carefree in recent years.

He always treated Qin Nan and Empress Feiyue as disciples of the Sky Taihuang Sect regardless of their identities. He felt like the Sky Taihuang Sect should lend them a hand when something happened.

The Sky Taihuang Sect would decide on their punishment if they did something wrong, but if other factions tried to intervene with their business, they would step forward to protect their disciples.

Unfortunately, he did not have much of a say in front of the three authorities of the Sky Taihuang Sect. Luckily, Qin Nan did not fall short on his expectations. He turned out to be the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness. He also managed to help Empress Feiyue achieve the Ruler Realm in time. The three authorities were very pleased with it as they greatly favored Empress Feiyue. 

"Come to think of it, isn't Qin Nan my honorary disciple too? Does that mean I have recruited a Supreme Highness as my disciple? HAHAHA..." Supreme Changxiao was extremely proud of himself. 

"Patriarch, Wuxuan City is in trouble!"

He suddenly received a message.

"Oh? Aren't they holding a feast right now?" Supreme Changxiao raised his brows. He quickly took a look at Wuxuan City.

"A formation of illusions?"

The city was encapsulated by a formation which prevented others from peeking into the city.

"Eyes of Sky Taihuang!" Supreme Changxiao's eyes glittered as he executed a powerful eye-technique to see through the formation.


He was dumbfounded when he saw the fight taking place in the city.

Who exactly was it that gathered so many Nine Heavens Supremes? Were they trying to wipe out the three Supreme Daoism factions?

He noticed strong energy ripples close to the City Lord Hall. A few dozen shocking intents were surging like a wild storm.

Following it, three figures flew out of the sky and slammed heavily into the ground in the distance. They were vomiting blood. 

An imperious figure went after them and fired strong saber intents at Supreme Zhenxuan without any mercy.

Supreme Changxiao was quite far away, but he could still imagine Supreme Zhenxuan crying in agony.

"Blue and red hair..." Supreme Changxiao was startled.

"Holy crap!"

He cursed as he recalled something.

In addition to him, the cities which other Supreme Daoism factions had built not far away from Wuxuan City also noticed the strange blasts in Wuxuan City. They quickly observed it with their eye-techniques.

They were dumbfounded when they saw the astonishing figure.

"Qin...Qin Nan?"

Did Zhou Di's reincarnation come in person?

Meanwhile, inside Wuxuan City...

The explosions continued to take place as the formations, forbidding auras and traps were destroyed.

The streets were heavily damaged too.

The Nine Heavens Supremes of the three Supreme Daoism factions died as they could not fend off the push from the Nine Heavens Supremes led by Xu Ruchen and Elder Long.

The city suddenly lost its brilliance following a painful groan.

The spirit of the city which was as strong as the Patriarchs had been slain by Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan.

Qin Nan had a cold look in his eyes. His heart remained still after he killed Supreme Zhenxuan. He did not stop there either. He proceeded to approach Supreme Wanqing.

"Qin Nan, you..."

The eyes of the glamorous woman were brimming with fear. However, Qin Nan did not give her any chance to speak. He slashed at her mercilessly.

The Patriarch of the Ten Desires Sect had fallen!

Daoist Qianlong immediately consumed the energy of his soul and his blood. He split into a few hundred clones escaping in different directions.

It was an ancient forbidden art which he had learned. He had to pay a great price to use it, yet it was well worth it as long as he stayed alive!

"The Extreme Living Gate was mainly in charge of the attack in the Battlefield of Aeon. Are you seriously thinking about running away now?"

Qin Nan smirked. The Heaven-Shattering Saber left his hand and turned into a brilliant ray. It penetrated Daoist Qianlong's body. The Dao-Melting Immortal Flames erupted in his body and completely evaporated his blood.

The Patriarch of the Extreme Living Gate had fallen!

"Xiao Nanzi, the other factions have noticed us. We should go."

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan flew out from a crack.

"Let's retreat!" Qin Nan flung his sleeves and took the three corpses.

"Brothers, time to go!" Elder Long said. He was extremely pleased with the outcome of the fight.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The Nine Heavens Supremes of the nearby cities noticed hundreds of rays flying into the sky. They suddenly split into five groups as they flew into the distance.

Even the Supreme Daoism factions with bases further away were startled by the strong presence.

"Quick, intercept them!"

"I didn't think Qin Nan is so reckless to attack the Supreme Daoism factions on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree!"

"Don't do anything stupid, we should tell the other factions what happened first!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes swiftly reacted.

Different lights burst out from three of the cities as the cultivators went in different directions.

"Brothers, it's time to teach these scum a lesson!"

Elder Long raised his saber imperiously.

Xu Ruochen and the rest of the cultivators were fearless and thrilled.

Jiang Bilan had already predicted everything that would unfold prior to the battle, yet it felt different when it was happening right before their eyes.

"Stand into formations!"

The figures immediately performed a variety of hand seals.

From far, the five groups of cultivators were diving right at the three cities like five dragons to destroy their defensive formations.

Huge collisions took place.

Many Nine Heavens Supremes in the three cities groaned in pain and were forced to back away.

"What a relief!"

Supreme Chang Xiao sighed.

It seemed like Qin Nan had planned his next steps.

However, his eyes widened when he saw what happened next.

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