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100000PSI - Chapter 62.3: Me and Him, Who Do You Choose? (3)

Bai Zhou knew just how high his mother’s standards were. Even someone of Ji Xinxin's caliber couldn’t hope to catch his mother’s eyes. 

Such an evaluation from her meant that Ji Fanyin was likely to earn a lot of money in the next few years to come. 

She has already moved on to other money-making ventures. Is it because she’s sick of her current lifestyle? If her lousy filmmaking studio is able to rake in big bucks, will she continue to operate her little reservation app?

If I can’t even meet her using the ‘stand-in’ service as an excuse… 

Bai Zhou shuddered at that thought. 

I might just never be able to meet Ji Fanyin ever again. In the end, our connection is bound by a single object―money.

Bai Zhou suddenly recalled Ji Fanyin’s words. 

There had been a doubt lingering in his mind all this while. If Ji Fanyin really wasn’t doing this stand-in business for Song Shiyu but to rake in money, why would she need so much money?

In fact, he had posed this question to her twice. 

The first time, she said that it was to save someone from comatose. The second time, she said she needed ten billion. 

“Is it possible for a person to be in a debt of ten billion?” he murmured.

“If such a person really does exist, they would either be a criminal or one of the richest people in the world,” Mrs. Bai answered the question on his behalf. 

Bai Zhou stared at Ji Fanyin’s silhouette. Based on what he knew, she was neither the former nor the latter.

“You have been spending quite a bit recently,” remarked Mrs. Bai in a tone so casual that she could have been saying ‘You have added too much salt on your steak’.

“Are you going to interfere with my finances now?” snorted Bai Zhou. “Are you sure you have the time to meddle with my business?”

Mrs. Bai froze up as if something had pricked her. A moment later, she let out a sigh, “Bai Zhou.”

“I’ve already met that old man’s other son. What about you?” sneered Bai Zhou. “When are you planning on bringing me to meet yours? Should I start practicing calling them ‘father’ or ‘brother’?” 

“…” Mrs. Bai took a deep breath before speaking, “They won’t affect you. Your father’s illegitimate son can never hope to lay his hands on anything that belongs to you.”

Bai Zhou irritatedly pushed off her hand that was consoling him and started striding off in Ji Fanyin’s direction. He could vaguely hear Mrs. Bai’s soft sigh, but he couldn’t be bothered to think deeper into it. 

This broken family wasn’t worth his attention.

The only thing that was on his mind right now was to rush over to Ji Fanyin’s side. It would be fine even if he could just watch her cook in the kitchen, play games with her, or idle around on the sofa.

That was the only remedy he knew of that could bring him out of this hell. 

His footsteps hastened. Just when he was several steps away from Ji Fanyin, he saw another man step forward and block Ji Fanyin’s path with his hand. 

That man had an innocent smile on his face, but Bai Zhou recognized him. 

This was the man that had triggered Song Shiyu’s ire and his utmost discomfort with a mere smile at the banquet he met his father’s illegitimate child. He didn’t know the man’s name, only the fact that he was a director.

A job that’s related to Ji Fanyin’s new field. 

With a darkened face, he scurried forward and forcefully squeezed between the duo. 

That man looked at him in surprise, asking, “Young master Bai?”

Bai Zhou glanced at him, but he had no intention of greeting him. He turned his attention to Ji Fanyin and said, “I need to talk to you.”

“Young master Bai, I am Cen Xiangyang,” that man said with his usual disarming smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you… However, I was the one who proposed a conversation with Miss Ji first. It won’t take too long. Would you mind waiting for a while?”

Bai Zhou didn’t even bother looking at him this time around. He stared at Ji Fanyin with a hint of ire in his eyes as he said, “Say something, Ji Fanyin! Me or him, who do you choose?”

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