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LGS - Chapter 994 - Payback’s a Bitch

Li Qingshan shut his eyes gently and brought his focus onto the demon heart.

“His aura has changed!”

The Asura King who had been sitting cross-legged suddenly stood up, gazing at the battlefield in interest. His lips curled into a vicious smile. “It’s finally getting a little interesting.”

“I, Si Qing, belong to the imperial clan of Great Xia! I am chosen by fate! You’re just a lowly common person who only made it here today through some luck! To think you would actually try and oppose me! Today is the day you die!”

The black dragon roared as he tightened around him, reducing the armour to scrap metal.

“You weren’t this stupid back then. Has the lightning rendered you a dimwit when you underwent the tribulation?”

Suddenly, Li Qingshan opened his eyes and murderousness immediately began to surge. Malice rushed into the air. The blood-red swirl rapidly sped up, and his demon heart shone with rings of light, slamming against the black dragon around it.

To a large extent, the power of the demon heart originated from the demonic nature. When he was basically playing around, he did not use his true strength.

“What bold fighting spirit!” Yue Wuyang praised. As a warrior, he obviously admired true warriors. He held Li Qingshan in a different light now. He turned around and asked Han Anjun, “Why didn’t you accept him as a disciple of the school of the Military back then?”

Han Anjun was unable to answer him. Everything had boiled down to a coincidence.

“Though, you aren’t losing out to have a son-in-law like him,” said Yue Wuyang.

Han Anjun smiled wryly. Originally, he did not want a son-in-law like him. It was all because of his daughter’s stubborn insistence.

As Li Qingshan “got serious”, Si Qing immediately felt his surekill death grip loosen slightly. He was alarmed and furious inside, How is this possible? This is a killing strike from the Black Emperor Dragon Classic. Even if it’s not enough to defeat those with higher cultivations than me, how can he break free from this?

“There are no whys. You’re just a little weaker than me when it comes down to both strength and will. Undergoing the third heavenly tribulation and becoming a crown prince of Great Xia has only given you an illusion of strength. You’re even weaker than when I first saw you, Si Qing!” Li Qingshan seemed to read Si Qing’s thoughts as he smiled away.

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“Shut up!”

“At the very least, you still knew fear, and you still knew schemes back then! Now, you’ve just become some shitty crown prince, and you actually believe you’ve already arrived at the top of the food chain, where you can look down on all and do whatever you want?”

Li Qingshan hit the crux of the issue with every word he said. The murderousness he gave off became heavier.

In a daze, Si Qing was caught up in a misapprehension. He was not the one who forced Li Qingshan into dire straits. Instead, Li Qingshan had grasped his fundamental weakness!

He had become a crown prince less than a year ago. The sudden change in his status and identity gave him unprecedented confidence. As soon as he heard that the Asura Field had appeared in the Green province, he rushed right over. He was as relaxed and composed as taking candy from a baby. However, all of the developments had greatly exceeded his initial expectations. Just what had gone wrong?

In the World of the Nine Provinces, facing the third heavenly tribulation could be regarded as arriving at the peak. He could ease up and enjoy the sight of everything below a little. He also happened to practise one of the best cultivation methods out there and possessed an extremely great status. He even had the opportunity to make an attempt at the emperor’s throne. However, when he suddenly looked back, he discovered that an insignificant figure he had once looked down on had already caught up to him, even surpassing him by a step.

“If my enemies are all of the likes of you, then revenge would be far too boring—Remorselessness of the Demon Heart!” Li Qingshan called out.

The demon heart erupted with light, immediately breaking free from the restraints. Demon qi gushed out.


Several dozen Demon Suppression Towers of various sizes jutted out from the demonic armour like sharp spearheads.

With a painful cry, the black dragon oozed with blood, and his death grip halted, but he still refused to let go. He thought, I just have to last a little longer. Once I rip off this damned armour, I’ll be able to kill him!


Li Qingshan shuddered, and demon qi surged out, sending the black dragon flying.


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Li Qingshan raised his hand, and the Chains of Demon Suppression shot out, binding the black dragon’s tail.

The Chains of Demon Suppression became taut as the black dragon tried to fly away, desperately attempting to break free from the restraints. He finally felt the sensation of fear he had not experienced in a very long time.

“Suppress!” Li Qingshan called out.

A huge shadow descended from above. A Demon Suppression Tower so large that it resembled a mountain fell down right over the black dragon.

The black dragon turned around and bit through the Chains of Demon Suppression. Abruptly, he shrank in size, dodging the Demon Suppression Tower and fleeing towards the mountains beyond the battlefield.

This took everyone present by surprise. Si Qing had actually been forced into fleeing!

The Black Emperor Dragon Classic was powerful, but it did not have any advantage over the Demon Suppression Statuary. On top of that, even if Li Qingshan did not use the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, his battle prowess exceeded that of regular Demon Kings with his powerful demonic nature as a foundation.

“Fellow Yue, what happens now?” Li Qingshan was not in a hurry to go after him, or in other words, he really could not catch him if he did not use his other abilities.

“The battle is still not over. I’ve already sealed up the Asura Field. Only one person can leave here!” Yue Wuyang said solemnly. 

Yue Wuyang did not want a crown prince to die in his Asura Field, but duels had rules. If he had the determination to kill, then he had to be ready to be killed.

“What if he keeps running?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I will shrink the range of activity available to you every two hours. This is also one of the rules of the duel,” said Yue Wuyang.

“You can say that payback is a bitch.” Li Qingshan chuckled aloud. Several years ago, Si Qing had used this exact rule to force many cultivators into meeting their doom.

“If that’s the case, I’ll wait here for him!”

He dispersed his heavy armour and demonficiation, sitting down and studying his demon heart. After a small battle that was not exactly intense, his demon heart had shrunk by quite a lot, but it had also eliminated quite a lot of impurities.

“Remorselessness of the Demon Heart! Damned disciple, how did you practise the Demon Suppression Statuary?” The Unraging monk questioned him loudly.

“I obviously comprehended it from the Demon Suppression statues. Is there something wrong?” Li Qingshan feigned ignorance.

“It’s not just wrong. It has basically been incorrect right from the beginning. It’s completely and utterly wrong! How are you any different from demonfolk right now?” the Unraging monk said with bitter hatred.

“Difference? Not only do I avoid doing bad things, but I even held off the locust swarms and saved over a million people. What difference do you think there is? Master, your horizons are far too narrow. Who knows, I might be practising the right version, and you might be practising the wrong version.”

The Unraging monk was also uncertain. Did this path really exist in the Demon Suppression Statuary? Then he asked, “When did you face the third heavenly tribulation.”

“Not too long ago,” Li Qingshan said.

“So much for keeping it hidden. That’s clearly due to a guilty conscience.”

“I keep a very clear conscience, so what guilt is there to feel?” Li Qingshan yelled at the sky, “Si Qing, stop wasting time! Get down here to face your death!”

His voice echoed through the entire mountain range. In a mountain stream, the black dragon had shrunk to the size of a little finger, hidden within the cracks of the rock like a little snake. He concealed all of his aura as he hid there.

Various emotions like fury, fear, irritation, and regret surged through his heart. His pride as a crown prince had collapsed in a single day. He thought to himself, No, I still can’t die here. I want revenge. Li Qingshan, I’ll definitely make you feel regret!

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.