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100000PSI - Chapter 59.1: Buy 6 Get 4 Free? Dream On (1)

The new update to her reservation app wasn’t up yet, so she decided to charge this phone call based on her old fee structure. 

“What happened?” asked Ji Fanyin as she unlocked her apartment door. “Was there a huge change in her attitude?”

“… Yes,” answered Li Xiaoxing concisely.

Ji Fanyin nodded with an “Oh”.

It looks like Ji Xinxin understands the importance of engaging in a multi-pronged approach to deal with problems. She contacted Father and Mother Ji and talked to Li Xiaoxing about it. My guess is that she has also reached a common understanding with Cen Xiangyang too. 

But what about it?

She still doesn’t know that Li Xiaoxing is one of my clients or that the lies she has uttered to him have already been exposed to me.

The pitiful one in the relationship appears to be Li Xiaoxing now, but it could very well become Ji Xinxin at the end. 

It’s almost like a toxic dating sim game, though I must say, it’s quite entertaining too. 

If this is really a dating sim, I guess I would be the player controlling ‘Control Freak’ Li Xiaoxing to win over ‘King of the Seas’ Ji Xinxin. 

The notion amused Ji Fanyin so much that she let out a chuckle.

“… What are you laughing at?”

“Isn’t this good news?” asked Ji Fanyin. “It’s about time for your relationship to change. Things have been too static between the two of you thus far. If I’m not wrong, she could be undergoing some sort of turmoil and is feeling uneasy at the moment. That’s why she hopes to find support in you.”

“So, I don’t have to do anything?” asked Li Xiaoxing.

“You can choose to enjoy the situation,” said Ji Fanyin. “Relishing her dependence and goodwill is an option you can pick. However, you can also further stoke her unease by choosing not to accept her feelings. It’ll prompt her to focus her attention on you.” 

Li Xiaoxing fell silent.

A moment later, he spoke with a placid tone, “The latter, how do I go about it?”

Ji Fanyin thought that Li Xiaoxing’s personality was rather warped too. 

Maybe it was his innate nature. Maybe his inability to control his legs drove his desire to control everything else around him. Maybe it was both. 

In any case, she thought that Li Xiaoxing didn’t pale to Ji Xinxin in terms of psychopathic tendencies.

Ji Fnayin spent half an hour breaking down Ji Xinxin’s trains of thought for him and explaining how he could deal with various situations. In order to make sure that he got the gist of it, she even conducted a surprise pop quiz, “So, what’s the most important thing of all?”

“… I mustn’t make any promise to her.” Li Xiaoxing was a good student. 

“That’s right.” Ji Fanyin nodded in satisfaction. 

She was just about to conclude the class when Li Xiaoxing suddenly added, “Just like how she treated me in the past.”

Ji Fanyin picked up her electric toothbrush and examined the face reflected in the mirror. As long as she controlled her expressions well, she could blur the differences between her and Ji Xinxin.

Similarly, she could also portray herself as ‘Ji Fanyin’.

Ji Fanyin stared at her own eyes in the mirror as she asked, “Mr Li, do you intend to marry Ji Xinxin after you conquer her?”

“Of course,” replied Li Xiaoxing calmly. “I love her.”

Ji Fanyin chuckled softly. “It’s about time. Goodnight, Mr Li. There’ll be some adjustments to my fee structure soon. I’ll relay the details to Secretary Fan.”

“Got it.” Li Xiaoxing wasn’t bothered by the fluctuations in prices at all. He hung up right after that.

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