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100000PSI - Chapter 58.1: He’s Blind (1)

With a loud ‘ka!’, the phone was hung up. 

Ji Fanyin found herself achieving a state of inner peace after having crushed someone’s spirit. 

For the first time, Ji Xinxin had torn off her mask and erupted. Was it out of love? Hatred? A sliver of warped kinship amongst jealousy and fear? 

In any case, Ji Fanyin couldn’t care less. She didn’t have the right to forgive anyone in ‘Ji Fanyin’s’ place anyway. 

At this very moment, she was standing at the bottom floor of Bai Zhou’s apartment, waiting for her cab to arrive. Bai Zhou had offered to send her home, saying that it was getting late, but she declined the offer. 

Thinking about it, Ji Xinxin’s call did come at the perfect timing. She wouldn’t have been able to receive it if the other party had called ten minutes earlier. 

Ji Xinxin was still confused about my identity the last time we talked. What could have happened for her to suddenly stumble upon the truth?

I guess the earlier in-game incident might be one of the causes, but even if she knows that I have met with Bai Zhou… Ah, there’s that video in the brunch restaurant too. But even if she saw that and guessed that I’m in the midst of raiding her fishery, a normal person still wouldn’t have concluded that I’m a transmigrator. 

She must have received another important piece of news during this period of time. 

Also, in her parting message, she said that I was no nobler than her. If those words were referring to my job

that would make perfect sense too.

Here comes the question. I’ve made sure to keep my job confidential, such that only a selected handful of people knows about it. I’m not the one who leaked it, and it isn’t Bai Zhou either. That leaves Song Shiyu, Li Xiaoxing, and… 

Cen Xiangyang.

Having found the suspect who divulged her information, Ji Fanyin blinked her eyes contemplatively. She subscribed to the adage ‘know a person not through his words but his actions’.

Cen Xiangyang must have his reasons for informing Ji Xinxin about her stand-in job. From this, it was possible to make deductions on his goals. 

Ji Fanyin suddenly felt vibrations from the phone in her pocket. She reluctantly fished her phone out of her pocket and took a look. 

Bai Zhou had sent her a message asking if she had gotten on a cab yet. 

She raised her head to look at the highest level of the apartment, but shortly after, she slipped her hands back into her warm and cozy pockets, choosing not to respond to his message.

Soon, a white sedan car slowed to a halt in front of her.

Ji Fanyin pulled the door open and entered the car. She switched on the heater for the back seats before exhaling deeply in relief. Then, she took out her phone and tapped into her WeChat.

Is there anything I need to do with regards to Ji Xinxin right now?

… Probably not. 

Ji Fanyin knew what fishes Ji Xinxin was rearing in her fishery. There were only two people whom Ji Xinxin could count on right now. 

One was Cen Xiangyang, who was patiently waiting for Ji Xinxin to approach him for help so that he could get something out of her. The other was Li Xiaoxing, who was already under Ji Fanyin’s control. 

Will Ji Xinxin choose the safer route and go for the powerful and affluent Li Xiaoxing, or will she choose to go with wild card Cen Xiangyang? 

Ji Fanyin loosened her scarf a little before chuckling softly to herself.

Actually, it doesn’t matter at all. 

Regardless of Ji Xinxin’s choice, the true trump card here is Li Xiaoxing. 

If she chooses Cen Xiangyang, I’ll use Li Xiaoxing to strike her down. If she chooses Li Xiaoxing, I’ll still use Li Xiaoxing to strike her down. 

It was already midnight by the time she reached home, so she decided to drop by the convenience shop to buy herself some oden. 

The night-shift employee looked at her and asked, “996?”

“Fifteen hours a day,” replied Ji Fanyin.

The night-shift employee shot her a look of pity.

“But once my company’s system finishes upgrading,” Ji Fanyin pondered for a moment before continuing on, “my working hours will be reduced to at most 10 hours a day.”

The night-shift employee felt even more sympathy for her. 

She smiled at the employee before leaving the store with a cup of oden and warm milk. 


996 is a reference to Jack Ma’s remark that young people should seek to work from 9 A.M. to 9P.M., 6 days a week. It’s a common phrase used amongst netizens, at least when it comes to overworking. 

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