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ZL - Chapter 1027- Invincible Heaven Control


On the ship, Li Mu looked at my back.


Water pillars spun all about. I felt like the energy in my body was being sucked dry. Not only that. I was also able to suck the water in the whirlpool out. Many giant water dragons were being controlled by me. I waved my arms forwards. "Try this!"


Clear Black Eyes stood stunned on the ship and her face was filled with unwillingness and despair. She muttered, "Is Xiao Yao really my counter?"


Water dragons pounced on their ships and smashed into them. The Azure Ocean Army ships were pierced through by the water dragons, and now only two were left. Clear Black Eyes said calmly, "Retreat!"


The Azure Ocean Army troops cried for help in the water, but who would bother about them during war? After using Heaven Control at the greatest scale till date, my strength was sucked dry. I did not even have the ability to fly. The side effectof this skill was too brutal!


I fell into the water, and Lin Wan Er exclaimed from the ship. She flew up to catch me, andwe both rolled on the deck. My face felt really soft as I rested in her arms. My girlfriend's body felt really nice to the touch. If not for people being around, I definitely would not be willing to leave.

"Wu wu..."

Her face swelled red, but she still looked at me in concern. "Are you okay?"


I nodded my head and forced my way up. The water currents were already broken by Ocean Breaking and Heaven Control. Clear Black Eyes left with only two ships; the Azure Ocean Army had pretty much been wiped out. Those two ships wouldbe unable to do much.

I looked at the skill list, and all of them turned red, which showed that I could not use any. The cooldown was sixty minutes!

Heaven Control was a super technique; maybe I had overused it?

I was a little speechless and told Lin Wan Er about it. I was unable to use skills in sixty minutes, and my stats had dropped by 70%. Lin Wan Er was stunned, but then she smiled and spoke sweetly. "Don't worry. I will protect you!"


We returned from where we came from. We had defeated Clear Black Eyes and won, but the equipment from that naval battlecould not be picked up, as one would probably drown from diving.

Dragon Lake, Royal Army base, the logistics team was cooking.

Players did not need to eat in game, so Death God's Elegy and the others went offline. The others spread out to kill the solo players and independent teams. In the distance, the battle reports continued. Apart from the Fire Axe Army, the Xia Yu Army, which had developed to thirty thousand strong, was sneak-attacked by one hundred thousand India players. Fortunately, Ye Lai supported them in time and sent Prague's main force. They eventually killed all one hundred thousandbut only obtained 100,000points. The Fire Dragon Army, which was with the Xia Yu Army, had twenty thousand of theNPC troops killed, giving them over a million points!

Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple noticed that the points from killing NPCs were fifty times more than that of killing players.Thus, they would rather sacrificed players to kill Tian Ling City's NPC troops. Our War Hawk Knights found really unfortunate news that many Waterfront City NPCs were hiding within it. That place did not belong to the map, so there was no point in killing them.

The situation had developed badly for us and we had to stop it!


When I thought about that, I jumped on my horse and brought Lin Wan Er to the Fire Marsh Plains. Tian Ling City's guilds were basically all there.

We passed the Violent Thunder Army and Guards Army camps, and when we arrived at the main tent, Situ Xin was organizing a meeting. He was the other Commander in chief and the one with the highest rank here. When I was not around, he was the one giving out orders.


I lifted the flap and stepped inside the tent. Everyone stood up and cupped their fists. "Commander in chief!"

I nodded and did not say anything.

Situ Xin asked, "What news does Master Li have?"

I took a deep breath. "The news I brought is that we should retreat."

"Why?" Situ Xin was shocked. "War Hawk Knights sent news that Master Li's Royal Army had defeated the Azure Ocean Army. Why do we suddenly need to retreat?"

I was a little helpless and replied, "If I tell you that Waterfront City adventurers can gain huge rewards by killing you guys, so much so that Tian Ling Empire will lose Waterfront City, and that if you retreat and allow us to deal with them, that will be the best solution,are you going to listen to me?"

Situ Xin was shocked. "I-I... don't understand..."

He was aNPC, so I did not have hopes that he could understand game matters.

Situ Xin cupped his fists. "Still, as long as Master Li gives an order, we will follow it!"

I was relieved. "En! General Situ, lead the army to the north of War God River. There's no need for all of you here; I shall solve it!"

Violent Thunder Army Commander Xu Yan stood up. "Master Li, I don't understand. We are all generals fighting for the empire; why does Master Li have to stay here while we need to hide? If that's the case, then why should we join the army?"

Luo Fei did not understand, too. "Yes, Master Li.We are loyal to the empire. Why do we need to be cowards? I really don't understand!"

Situ Xin said, "What is with this nonsense? Master Li is The Executor; his words are orders. Who have any doubts?"

Xu Yan was stunned and cupped his fist. "Yes, this general adheres!"

Luo Fei said, "General understands, too!"


I nodded. "Sorry, generals. I'll make sure to explain to His Majesty once we returnthat all of you aren't cowards. I'll help all of you to explain."

Luo Fei said, "Suiding Duke doesn't need to do that; we just need to follow orders!"

I did not say anything else. "Retreat immediately!"


Thus, Tian Ling City's soldiers retreated. Only Royal Army remained. We had enough firepower and equipment. We also had the Dragon’s Den troops. We really did hope that the Indians had the courage to send points over to us.


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A little later, Fang Ge Que asked the guild leaders to gather in the Forest of Stars to discuss the battle plan.

I brought Lin Wan Er over; this place was already filled with hundred people. The forest was shining brightly and the atmosphere was quite good.

Fang Ge Que waved his fan and sat next to the fire. He smiled when he saw me. "Xiao Yao, sit here."

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I brought Lin Wan Er over. Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan, et cetera were all beside the campfire. The guild leaders were all nearer to the flames, which I found quite amusing. However, what could I do? It was like that for hundreds of years; the difference in status was obvious.

"We can begin." I said.

Fang Ge Que nodded. "All of us thought that we could crush them and win this event, but it's not that easy. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple are too smart. They tried fighting a battle of attrition and then used players to exchange for NPCs. Now that our point gap is small, they just need one battle to defeat us."

Fang Ge Que touched his nose and smiled. "We were overconfident and many small guilds gave points to them. I was at fault and would reflect on this."

Wang Zecheng said, "I was also too arrogant, so Fire Axe Army was defeated."

Q-Sword laughed coldly. "Not only once.Haven't you lost to the Royal Army on Fire God Mountain previously? This should be the second time, right? Losing so many times, the Fire Axe Army is about to be lost because of you!"

Wang Zecheng was stunned. "Q-Sword, you might not like me but that's okay. I can allow your emotions; I just want China to win this event."

I said, "Okay, no need to say all this. Let's talk about what we should be doing next."

Fang Ge Que nodded. "Xiao Yao has ordered back the NPC troops, so we don't need to worry about Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple sneak-attacking us. I also received intel that not all Waterfront City NPC soldiers are in the city. They do have troops on the map."

Fang Ge Que waved his hand. A map was then shared to everyone, which had markings on where the troops and their numbers were. "Flame Lion Army's General Xing Huo is a careful person; he doesn't even trust his own woman. Apart from the troops in the city, here..."

He pointed at a mountain. "This place is Three Blades Mountain and is one of the maps for the event.There are fifty thousand Flame Lion Army soldiers there. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple will also be there. Clear Black Eyes is smart and defends Three Blade Mountain while sneak-attacking us."

Q-Sword was shocked. He slapped Three Blades Mountain, which caused energy to ripple. "Our next step is to attack Three Blades Mountain, right?"

Fang Ge Que nodded. "Right. Killing the fifty thousand troops there will give us at least 2.5 million points. Then, we would definitely win this battle!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.