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ZL - Chapter 1029- A wolf in the wind

Early in the morning, the morning sun pierced through the clouds and landed on the three blade-like mountain peaks.

  Three Blades Mountain, we were here!


  It was around midnight in game, but in reality, it was just around 5:45. Meanwhile, it was 3:15 in India. The Indian players should be deep in their sleep, so Fang Ge Que was definitely trying to use this time to exhaust them. We had gathered too many people; it was natural for the opponents to know. Thus, Clear Black Eyes and the others guarding the mountains would definitely be prepared. Since that was the case, let us fight them head on, doing the battle when they were the most tired. This was the point I respected Fang Ge Que about; during war, one would use everything that one had in their disposal.


  Furnace God Cavalry was really quick. Li Mu and Wang Jian sliced the few scouts blocking our path. The sun rose in the east; thus, the part of the mountain that we were on was still shrouded in darkness. At the foot, we could see a few defensive formations. There were Indian Archers on the trees, and pieces of stone were also waiting for us!

  Q-Sword pulled his reins to stop the horse and sucked in a deep breath. "So high... Why aren't they using Dragon Crystal Cannons to fire at us?"

  I smiled. "Maybe because we're not moving too close together and they’re afraid of wasting cannonballs."

  "Scoff scoff! That makes sense..."


  Not long after, the logistics team pushed up. When Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Painting, Mu Xuan, and the others arrived, the seige battle began. Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han, Drunken Spear, Yan Zhao Warrior, et cetera led their respective teams to attack the mountain from various directions. On the main battlefield, Furnace God, Hundred Abyss, and God Wind cavalries attacked the Flame Lion Army's camp together.


  I pulled out my blade and looked at the time. "Seven more hours and this King's Hunt will end. We don't have much time. We don't have much time. Follow us; charge up the midwaist!"

  The Zhan Long members nodded their heads.

  In the direction of Legend, Fang Ge Que fanned himself as he walked up step by step. Even the commander attacked himself so what else could we say? Time to go all out!


  The God Dragon Horse neighed and charged at the front of the group. The Ancient God Tiger followed me as everyone summoned their pets. All sorts of beings could be seen at the foot of the mountain. There were praying mantises waving their arms, buzzing bees, howling wolves, and more, making the place look like a zoo.

  At this moment, the Flame Lion Army had finally used their Dragon Crystal Cannons!

  Peng peng peng...

  Four mushroom clouds appeared around me, and much Furnace God Cavalry was swept away. However, this was not much, and at this point, everyone had gotten used to all this.

  Right ahead was the first line of defense made up of two hundred thousand soldiers. They blocked us with their shields. The Indian players looked really determined. Along the way, I was hit by several arrows. The next moment, I arrived at the formation and used Death God's Dance plus Sword Tempest. Li Mu used Thousand Man Enemy and activated Smashing Buzhou Mountain to force the cavalry back by dozens of meters.

  When Furnace God Cavalry passed, it was as if the breeze blew the leaves aside.

  However, when I arrived at the second line of defense, it was not so simple. The Flame Lion NPC Army was set up here. They placed many crossbow carriages in rows; iron arrows shot forth from them, killing close to a hundred Furnace God Cavalry. With the Flame Dragon Cannons’ fire, we started to lose numbers.

  Not only that; there was Fire Elephant Cavalry defending here. Their Scorch skill started to burn enemy players. The Archers and Mages behind started to fire, causing most of the first wave of Furnace God Cavalry, apart from Li Mu and Wang Jian, to be wiped out.


  A Dragon Crystal Cannonball exploded on Meng Yao's Nuwa Stone and forced her back, dealing 90,000 damage. Her face was covered in streaks of dust as she looked at me. "Brother, this won't do!"

  I held the Butterfly and sliced off dozens of Fire Elephant Cavalry. I also used the level 19 god skill, Wind Carrying Slash, to open a breach. When Star Blade led a bunch of Furnace God Cavalry over, a Flame Dragon Cannon and a bunch of crossbows shot them. Honestly, without my defense, lifesteal, and attack, it would be tough for one to survive in such an environment.

  Not only were we attacking from below, we were facing their cannonfire and crossbow carriages. We were at a disadvantage, and the only thing we could rely on was our number superiority!

  I used Icy Wings and charged forward with my blade. At the same time, I used Zhen Yue Sword's Zhen Yue Warsong. "We have to break them down; attack together and stop at nothing!"

  Furnace God Cavalry fell in batches, but no one objected. We continued to use fresh blood to attack the mountain.

  Zhan Long's situation was really terrible; Legend and Hero Mound were even worse. From afar, Enchanted Painting charged forward with her halberd. Her halberd’s bright glow killed groups of Conquer the World players, yet the God Wind Cavalry was still dying, and it was at an even faster rate. One cannon blast and dozens died. Hero Mound was not fairing any better. At least, a thousand Hundred Abyss Cavalry fell on the mountain path. The top three guilds used our fresh blood to attack!


  The battle was really intense; it was just a battle of attrition. At this time, we had already spent close to two hours here. Many of our players died, and so did many Indian players. Conquer the World players were mostly eliminated, but another guild took over. They used the cannons and carriages to slow us down.

  When I used Wind Carrying Slash for the one hundredth time, the path ahead finally cleared!

  Li Mu was covered in blood, and the area around his eyes was drenched in it. He charged forward with the Flame Scorching Sword. "Destroy the cannons and carriages!"

  The Furnace God Cavalry with half Health remaining charged forward and shattered the carriages. They used Hellfire to slice the cannon barrels and also killed all the surrounding NPCs. Thus, the gap between the India Region and us started to open up. Killing one NPC was like killing fifty players; in fact, this was why we were assaulting this place.

  At this time, I finally had enough time to look at the battle by the waist of the mountain. Corpses of the Furnace God, God Wind, and Hundred Abyss cavalries were everywhere. This battle had caused nearly half of all three cavalries to die. However, the Indian players paid three to five times the price. We really had to respect their determination. They had used most of their Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons, and the arrows were all gone, too, before we managed to breach their defenses. Otherwise, if this continued for another hour, we would be the ones to break down!


  There were just three hours left before the hunt ended!

  I pointed Butterfly upward. "Continue to attack; don't give them time to breathe!"


  The Furnace God Cavalry lined up once more, and we charged forward at full speed again. Unfortunately, the geography was not good for us and we were unable to reach 50% speed. If not, with Flying General and Quickness, we would be able to break through easily.

  Further ahead was the peak of Three Blades Mountain, where there were more NPCs and players. We finally saw the leader. Drunk Maple stood on a giant piece of stone as he commanded this battle. Beside him were several Flame Lion Army Majors. They were gamblers and evil people. Flame Lion Army was originally the Flame Lion Mercenary Group. After the empire had taken them in, they rebelled. These people really should be sliced into many pieces!

  The final pass was even more intense. The mountain path was steep, and most of it was an uphill climb. There were a few marks of one dragging cannons. Drunk Maple's intentions were just too obvious. Our cavalry had no use here at all!

  "How should we charge up like that?" Li Mu gritted his teeth. "D*mn! So despicable. They drew us here and closed the path!"

  Fang Ge Que was stunned, but he still maintained his calmness. "Since they won't let us ride up, let's get off our horses. God Wind Cavalry, get off and prepare to climb! Wind Elves, fly up and cover fire!"

  I nodded. "They're cavalry on their horses and infantry off their horses. Prepare to fight!"


  Before we could attack, they had already started firing the cannons. Fortunately, there were not many cannons. Moreover, it seemed like Drunk Maple was afraid of blowing up the entire mountain, so he did not dare to go all out. The few Flame Lion Army Majors were arrogant and could not be ordered around by Drunk Maple. Clear Black Eyes and Floating Clouds had an agreement; if not, they would not be standing on their side right now.

  They loved being free and had the same character as Xing Huo.

  They were like wolves, arrogant and unrestrained.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.