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ZL - Chapter 1028- All of you are sheep

King's Hunt second day at 11pm. Forest of Stars.

We could not find any Waterfront City players in the forest anymore; they were probably hiding in Waterfront City or the guarded Three Blades Mountain. They did not give us any more chances to gain points.


The campfire burned and lit up the faces of the Zhan Long players around. I sat beside the fire and used Butterfly to movethe twigs and branches. This caused the flames to burn even brighter.

Li Mu looked firmly at the flames and a bright light jumped in his eyes. "Are we really going to attack Three Blades Mountain along with Legend and Hero Mound?"

"We just have to follow instructions," I said helplessly.

Yue Qing Qian sat next to the flames in her short skirt. "Based on what I know, there are at least seventy thousand Flame Lion Army soldiers on Three Blades Mountain. Moreover, there are definitely over two million players. I heard that Clear Black Eyes, Drunk Maple, and Thunder Bear had moved their guilds there. They’re waiting for us!"

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Old K clenched his fists. "Actually, that doesn't matter. As long as Xiao Yao sends the Royal Army to blow them up, Three Blades Mountain will be leveled. It doens't matter how many they have!"

Lin Wan Er smiled. "The key problem is this. If we use the Royal Army, we will be giving them a chance. If the Royal Army gets crushed, Waterfront City may be able to turn the tides. I recommend that we don’t use the Royal Army, only the players. This way, we won't lose."

Yue Qing Qian looked at me. "Brother Xiao Yao, what do you think?"

I nodded. "I agree with Wan'er's thoughts. A while later, I'll tell the Royal Army to retreat north of War God River. Players alone can help crush Three Blades Mountain."

Li Mu stood up and smiled. "Then we have decided. Zhan Long and China Region players will all attack Three Blades Mountain. I don't believe that it is an inpenetrable fortress!"

I looked at the time and said, "Go offline and rest. We will attack at 5am. This is the final battle of King's Hunt, so let's rest well!"



Zhan Long players went offline, while I walked around the Royal Army camp with the Butterfly in hand. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, and Xia Ye were discussing something. When they saw me, they said respectfully, "General, you are here!"

I nodded.

Han Yuan said, "General, I heard that Xing Huo and Floating Clouds had moved the Flame Lion Army up on Three Blades Mountain! That's great. As long as our Cavalry heads right in, the fifty thousand of us can flatten that mountain. Give the order; the brothers are ready!"

Xiao Lie and Long Xing all expressed that they wanted to fight. Meanwhile, Xia Ye waited quietly for my orders;he was still the calmest and most intelligent one.

In the end, I shook my head. "No. I give my orders: The Royal Army will retreat north of the War God River. Without me commanding it, don't cross the War God River."

Han Yuan was shocked. "General, why aren’t we attacking? Why is the general not using the Royal Army?"

I explained. "I'm not. I'm cherishing you. Don't ask me why; just wait for news at War God River of our victory."

"Yes, General!"


After Han Yuan gave the order, the Royal Army started to retreat. I summoned God Dragon Horse and followed the Royal Army. It was not until they crossed the bridge that I went offline.

It was late at night, so I went to bed right away.

When I woke up, it was 4am. Actually, I was unable to sleep well at all. When I woke up, I saw that Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er's eyes were red. These two days, they really did not get much sleep. However, they were Zhan Long's core players, so since the guild needed them, they could not sleep much.

Morning, we ate a butter cake and hot milk for breakfast. Fang Ge Que was the commander of the China Region, and his orders were to gather in Fire Marsh Plains at 5am. We could not head in one by one. Clear Black Eyes was trying to turn the tables, so we could not throw the lead.


I appeared in Fire Marsh Plains. This was where I sent the Royal Army away. War God River's torches spread for tens of miles; this was where the various armies were at, too. This must be done in order to maintain their strength; otherwise, once the country war occurred, we would be outnumbered.

I galloped southand from afar, I could see Q-Sword leading Hero Mound's Hundred Abyss Cavalry. Hundred Abyss Cavalry wiped out the remaining Waterfront City navy on Dragon Lake. Actually, after that battle, Flame Lion Army wanted to build more ships, but Q-Sword's Hundred Abyss Cavalry destroyed their plan. The moment they tried to build in the docks, Hundred Abyss Cavalry would slicethem into bits, so they were forced to give up. This was why, in terms of the Dragon Lake battle, Hundred Abyss Cavalry had done a good job. Clear Black Eyes also comppletely gave up on that map.


Further forwardwas Zhan Long's group. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, and Yue Qing Qian led this group. After so many tough battles, we had close to half. Forty thousand troops were considered quite a lot out of the large guilds. The other guilds, such as Legend and Hero Mound, had around 40% left. Judgement, Enemies at the Gate, Appearance Alliance, et cetera only had ten thousand. The battles were really intense, and each guild had to go all out.

However, like that, we still had around four million people in Fire Marsh Plains. China Region really had many players!

We had two times their number, but they had the seventy thousand Flame Lion Army supporting them with heavy cannons.

Li Mu and Wang Jian lined up by my side. We were the frontlines. Far away, Rumor held his sword and shouted, "Guilds, tell us your numbers; I will tabulate the troops!"

Ye Lai said, "Judgement has fourteen thousand; should we be the vanguards?"

Rumor smiled. "No need to rush to die; you'll have a chance."

Ye Lai's eyes flashed with killing intent. "Judgement isn't asking to die; we want to kill the enemies. Even if your guild hides at the back, you are still waiting for death. We are the wolves and you are the sheep!"

Rumor laughed coldly and did not say anything.

Not long after, Fang Ge Que's orders arrived. Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry, Hero Mound's Hundred Abyss Cavalry, and Legend's God Wind Cavalry would open the path, while the other guilds were to guard the rear. We would set out in ten minutes’ time.


"His grandma..." Li Mu frowned. "They want us to block the arrows. What's Fang Ge Que thinking? We are swords, not shields..."

I smiled. "Don't grumble; let's head out! Didn't Fang Ge Que send his God Wind Cavalry and Q-Sword's Hundred Abyss Cavalry with us, too? As the vanguards, we must be professionals; otherwise, we won't even be able to break through. Moreover, even though we are the swords, most of our shields are dead, so we must go."

"Okay, then."

Li Mu smiled. "Let us let Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple taste how strong the Furnace God Cavalry is!"

I nodded and charged to the front with the Furnace God Cavalry. However, I was a little nervous. Could we really be good swords this time? Three Blades Mountain was a steep mountain range, and Furnace God Cavalry had to exceed the full speed by 50% to use the Quickness effect. To get that speed, we needed at least one hundred meters of flat land. This battle may not go as smoothly as we thought.

Old K and Li Mu always felt like I thought too much and did too little. I could only smile awkwardly. Since I was the guild leader, I had to be more thorough and think about more things to raise our chances of victory. This was also the basics to being a commander. If not, one could only lead their men to death.


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What kind of opponent was Clear Black Eyes?

She was the person who burned Tian Ling City's grains and caught us off guard in Fire Elephant City.

She tried to use water to drown our troops, and then she bombed the mountain body to kill the Fire Dragon Army General.

She nearly succeeeded on wiping out the Royal Army's naval fleet this time on Dragon Lake by relying on geographical advantage.

I clearly understoodhow terrifying Clear Black Eyes was. Since she was leading the NPC troops on Three Blades Mountain, she had definitely considered many things.


What else didI not consider?

As long as the four million of us surrounded Three Blades Mountain, we would basically win. Waterfront City did not dare to send too many NPC troops, for that would cause them to lose even quicker. If there were Dragon Crystal Cannons, Waterfront City's resources could not compare to Tian Ling City. We sank a large number of the cannons, so how many more could they have?

In terms of support. Moon, Swirling Abyss, and Iron Skull cities were far away. If they were really planning to help them, they could only travel a long distance. However, if they passed the Ice and Fire Plains or the dessert, we would notice. As for Nine Heavens City, the three of Demon Mountain, 7K, and Clear Black Eyes'relationship was not good. They often fought, so they probably would not assist them.


As such, we would definitely win!

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