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ZL - Chapter 1037- Grand Battle Axe

I opened Destiny's China Region page, and as expected, something looked like Water God's Halberd was at the top right corner. A flag floated underneath it with the words ‘Heaven Planning Hall’. Shortly after, the details and background of it came out—

  [Heaven Planning Hall

  [In the current day and age, heroes rise and lords fight. China Region is the core of the land. During the first country war, the players joined hands to take down Flaming Cloud, Waterfront, and Fire Elephant cities, such that China server's reputation has spread far and wide. Now, various tigers are hungrily eyeing China. Waterfront City has been lost. To protect our power, Heaven Planning Hall will be conceived.

  As a corporation that replaces the China Esports Alliance, Heaven Planning Hall will serve all China Region players. We will gather many elite players and intellectuals to join us. Let Heaven Planning Hall be the key to our victory; let Heaven Planning Hall become China Region's mark to war!]

  The background was really well-written, but when I saw the positions stated, I did not feel that this was any well-written. Maybe this was just a tool. There were six different levels, and the positions were distinct—

  First grade: Grand Battle Axe (1, decided: Player Rumor)
  Second grade: Battle Axe (8, undecided)
  Third grade: Leader Horse (24, undecided)
  Fourth grade: Advisor (64, undecided)
  Fifth grade: General (200, undecided)
  Sixth Grade: Scholars (unlimited)


  The guild channel blew up; pretty much, each topic was about this Heaven Planning Hall—

  Wang Jian: "This is such nonsense! D*mn! Who gave Rumor the rights to be the Grand Battle Axe? Tsk! Since he could get that position, at least a thousand Zhan Long members should be able to! Even Brother Xiao Yao hasn’t gotten it, so how come Rumor managed to?"

  Li Mu: "I think talking about Xiao Yao and Rumor in the same sentence is an insult."

  One Second Hero: "Right, who gave Rumor the right?"

  Dancing Forest smiled. "Simple. It’s because his uncle is Liu Gong; that's so simple."

  Yue Qing Qian asked, "Brother Xiao Yao, will you accept their invitation?"

  I replied right away, "Of course not. I don't want to be restricted in the second country war. Listen to my orders: No one from Zhan Long is to join Heaven Planning Hall. They can play the way they want to; such politics have no place in the upcoming country war!"

  Yue Qing Qian smiled. "I have to reveal something to you... I don't know what the benefits of Grand Battle Axe is, but I heard that Battle Axe players in the CBN Battlenet Rankings will get a 15% increase, and each month they will receive 200,000 RMB. The money will come from Destiny Corporation and the Esports Association. Apart from that, those who join Heaven Planning Hall can, to an extent, increase their guilds’ leaderboard points."

  Song Han asked, "That's so shameless! Are they using such a method to attract people in? Shameless! So shameless!"

  I was a little helpless. "This... China's Destiny Corporation is kneeling down to power?"

  Lin Wan Er replied, "Maybe they have problems, too. After all, we can't imagine politics."

  "En," I nodded, saying, "who knows how many other guilds in Tian Ling City are willing to join in?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled. "I told you that society is like an ashtray; let's see which guilds bow down to Heaven Planning Hall for rankings and development."

  Dancing Forest said, "If I were Rumor, I’d be shameless and force the guilds to join in, or else they’d face the risk of account deletion..."

  I laughed. "They're not so skilled yet. If this matter spreads, the whole world will laugh at them."

  Old K asked, "What should we do?"

  "Let's wait and see."



  I went offline.

  My phone rang right away. It was from Ouyang Nuo Yan. I, too, wanted to call her, so I picked up and her voice spread into my ear. "Xiao Yao, hello!"

  I smiled. "Nuo Yan, hello... By the way, Heaven Planning Hall..."

  She was helpless. "Actually... Do you know why Destiny China Corporation has combined their activities and let those affect the CBN Battlenet points? This, in fact, is related to 2019..."

  I was shocked. "You mean?"

  Ouyang Nuo Yan smiled, "Right, Liu Gong used his strength to fight us. If we hadn't yielded, the 2019 version wouldn't have entered China."

  I was shocked. "So shameless?"

  Ouyang Nuo Yan smiled bitterly. "Do you remember why WOW's server didn't start?"

  "Alright, many times, we’ve underestimated how shameless some people could be. I understand now."

  "Really? Then, do you want to accept my invitation as one of the eight? Fang Ge Que’s, Q-Sword’s, Jian Feng Han’s, and your participation is demanded."

  "I won’t be participating." My tone was really light but firm.

  Nuo Yan asked, "You don't want the 15% CBN Battlenet points? If you really don't join in, your rankings will drop by three to five positions..."

  I laughed. "Who cares about the rankings? How many of those in front of me are my match?"

  She laughed. "I really can't do anything to you. You can choose not to join in, but don't cause problems during the country war. Truthfully, I'm really annoyed about this, but this is all that we can do. Power is often above strength and righteousness. We can only wait for time to tell. Maybe we will fail during the second country war. At that time, maybe you or Fang Ge Que can take over."

  I nodded. "Those are things of the future; let's not think about such now."

  "Right, won’t the other Zhan Long CBN experts also join in?"

  "En, at least the top 100 won't."

  "Okay, I understand. Good luck!"



  After hanging up, I walked into the hall. It was dinnertime; Lin Wan Er walked out lazily. She was in her home clothes, but she still looked stunning. She walked to my side and hugged me. "There's no one around..."

  I laughed and looked at her red cheeks. My heart started to beat. Just as I kissed her lips, I heard Dong Cheng Yue's door opening. We split right away. When Dong Cheng Yue walked over, she tugged at her bra. "I think it has become smaller; what is going on..."

  Lin Wan Er smiled. "Did you grow again?"

  "This..." She looked at her chest. "My current size isn't bad, though. I don't want my body to look as good as you..."

  Lin Wan Er flushed. "I didn't want to grow like this. People always stare at me and it is so awkward..."

  "You really don't know how to appreciate things; you don't know how flat girls feel...

  "You can ask Tang Heart, Yue Ling, and the others..."

  Lin Wan Er was helpless. "Good fellow, you really ogle them, right?"

  "That... I'm just concerned for the guild members..."

  Dong Cheng Yue laughed. "Simp!"

  She picked up a laptop. "Oh, many people have joined... Tsk tsk! Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, and Yan Zhao Warrior have all joined in..."

  "They're all Battle Axes?"

  "En!" She pushed the laptop in front of us, and it showed clearly their names—

  Battle Axe (4): Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior
  Leader Horse (11): Lu Chunyang, Enchanted Painting, Simple, Mu Xuan, The Seventh Tang, Bai Li Ruofeng, Luo Yan, Sword Tears, Death's Contract, Shang Li, Chen Yu
  Advisor (27)
  General (17)
  Scholar (8.7 million) 


  "They all bowed down to RMB and rankings..." Lin Wan Er smiled.

  I smiled. "Maybe they have been forced. Still, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Mu Xuan, and Han Bei Song didn't join in."

  Lin Wan Er said, "There are still four places; one of them is for you right?"

  "Who knows..." I lay on the sofa. "Rumor has long been feeling annoyed of me. Zhan Long's Li Mu, Old K, and Wang Jian have all been scolded by him. I don't want to bring Zhan Long in and then let my brothers get bullied. After all, we want to be more carefree in game; who wants to be like Yue Fei?"

  "You know that, too..."

  Dong Cheng Yue glanced at me in anger. "When you were chased out of Tian Ling City, you were already like Yue Fei."

  "Didn't I make a comeback... I was planning for the future!"

  "Okay, you have your own logic."

  I looked at the data on the laptop. "There are over eight million people in Heaven Planning Hall. Twenty-four hours later, it should be over twenty million. Rumor will definitely amass huge power. I want to see how this fellow will bring China to victory!"

  Lin Wan Er squinted her eyes. "Let's just hope that we don't get destroyed."

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.