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ZL - Chapter 1037- Grand Battle Axe

I opened Destiny's China Region page, and as expected, something looked like Water God's Halberd was at the top right corner. A flag floated underneath it with the words ‘Heaven Planning Hall’. Shortly after, the details and background of it came out—

  [Heaven Planning Hall

  [In the current day and age, heroes rise and lords fight. China Region is the core of the land. During the first country war, the players joined hands to take down Flaming Cloud, Waterfront, and Fire Elephant cities, such that China server's reputation has spread far and wide. Now, various tigers are hungrily eyeing China. Waterfront City has been lost. To protect our power, Heaven Planning Hall will be conceived.

  As a corporation that replaces the China Esports Alliance, Heaven Planning Hall will serve all China Region players. We will gather many elite players and intellectuals to join us. Let Heaven Planning Hall be the key to our victory; let Heaven Planning Hall become China Region's mark to…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf, Ciel. Edited by Slumber, Pret.