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ZL - Chapter 1023- Don't kill helper

The autumn breeze blew across the forest and the leaves rustling helped to cover the sound of the horse hooves.

A Wind Elf Archer with pointy ears stood in the crowd and held a bow, looking around warily. No place in the hunt was safe. He frowned and then lay on the ground next, pressing his ears to it. "Someone is here. Cavalry. At least ten thousand of them; the sounds of horse hooves are too dense!"

Another Berserker raised his axe. "Stop listening.We can already see them!"

"Prepare to fight!"

An Elder-level player's voice trembled. He was an Undead Warrior, and on his shoulder was the Undead Will effect, +15% Attack and+1% lifesteal, but at this time, his face was filled with fear. "Cavalry, use Heavenly Shield Wall and block a wave of their attacks. Firepower, follow up. They came too quickly and actually hid from our War Hawk Knights. D*mn it!"

An Archer reminded, "Third Brother, our War Hawk Knights were killed half an hour ago, so we had no scouts at all."

"I don't need you to remind me!" The Elder was furious. "Prepare to fight; don't say anymore!"


I pulled out Butterfly and increased God Dragon Horse's movement speed to the maximum. This speed allowed me to pass their firepower net. Lin Wan Er also used Hermit God’s Arrival to fly into the sky and charged with me towardthe shield formation. A one-hundred-meter line of Furnace God Cavalry pulled out their blades and tossed out Blade Spin!

Keng keng keng...

Sword, axe, spears, blades, et cetera pierced through the shield formation. One Second Hero used Roar of Zhang Fei and greatly increased the attack of players around. I used blade rush and Wind Carrying Slash to slash through five waves of shields. The penetrative attacks were able to insta-kill dozens of people. I also laid out an Azure Dragon Crossbow to attack. I waved Butterfly and used Seven Star Fragment Slash on the crowd to open a path for Li Mu and Wang Jian. Now was the time for Furnace God Cavalry to perform.

Intense clashing sounds spread from all around. The Cavalry's attacks were like iron machinery, merciless and menacing. Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry was the top among cavalry, and each one slashed at the crowd. Where they passed, the people would all be stunned. This guild's players did not even have a chance to fight back before they were stunned and killed. This type of feeling definitely made one feel annoyed. Unfortunately, once they died, they wouldbe unable to return to King's Hunt. As such, they had no chance to scold us.

We swept past them, only losing two hundred plus Furnace God Cavalry. This was an absolute difference in strength.


Very quickly, Yue Qing Qian said new coordinates: "Brother Xiao Yao, Forest of Stars (16322, 80477); another India guild is laying out an ambush there. They’re in a small valley and appear to be targeting Wrath of the Heroes. There are around twenty-four thousand of them. Should we go?"

"Twenty-four thousand?"

I hesitated and then looked at Lin Wan Er. "Wan'er, what do you think?"

Lin Wan Er bit her red lip. A few seconds later, she replied, "Go! We can't let Wrath of the Heroes get ambushed; if not, Waterfront City will slip out of our grasp!"

Li Mu was stunned. "We only have half their number;we also lost half of the Furnace God Cavalry!"

I smiled. "No worries. Scouts, maintain the message chain; we'll push ahead. Once they clash with Wrath of the Heroes, then we'll attack. We won't suffer too many losses that way."

"Good. I like this idea!"


Northwest, we slowly proceeded forward.

Roughly twenty minutes later, Yue Qing Qian got a piece of news. Wrath of the Heroes received our warning and had started attacking those ambushing troops. As for us, we were less than three minutes away.


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With the blade out of the sheath, I pointed northwest and smiled. "Full speed ahead. Follow me to the valley. Wrath of the Heroes only has eight thousand people and is definitely not the match of those twenty-four thousand."

A large group of people pulled out their blades as we all headed there.

In less than two minutes, when our speed increased to 100%, the sceneof battle ahead could be seen. As expected, I saw the body of Tyrant of Western Chufrom far away. He waved his blade to clash with the Cavalry players. With his equipment, he looked like an expert that would fight anyone. However, the enemies’ firepower was too strong and Wrath of the Heroes was losing members really quickly.

"Slice them!"

We were attacking from the back. Furnace God Cavalry was really mobile; we charged down the hill, and in the next moment, thousands of Blade Spins were used to slash at the crowd. Their shield formation could not handle it at all. More importantly, their average level was lower than 164, while the average Furnace God Cavalry's level was 176. The level difference was huge, so their attacks missed a lot. We pushed forwardwith this huge momentum.

I charged ahead with Butterfly. I did not use Icy Wings and just sliced them head on. As for those lousier weapons, I just turned them into God's Army Cards.

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At the start, when they saw that we only had around ten thousand people, this guild wanted to go all out against us. However, just after one clash, they had changed their minds. They were not our match at all. They started to break down and were chased down by us. After an hour, these twenty-four thousand people were mostly wiped out. The remaining five thousand had scattered. We did not give chase and also did not dare to give chase. We were afraid that we would spread out and fall into their trap.

"Ang ang..."

Eagle’s screeching came from the sky; that was a War Hawk Knight. However, the name was red and it belonged to the India region. An enemy scout had finally reached the area.

Lin Wan Er smiled. "My love, go deal with that mosquito!"

I smiled and jumped up in the sky. Everyone saw me disappear as I flew above. Meanwhile, the face of the level 172 War Hawk Knightwent cold. "D*mnit!"

The one who would die was him. I used a level 19 Double Hit, Strength of a Thousand Men, and Great Realm of Desolation on him. Instantly, he fell from the sky. The feathers of the War Hawk rained down from above. To get intel with me around was just him asking for death. It was much safer if they had sent an Assassinover, instead.


After landing, I walked up the hill, where Wrath of the Heroes was resting. They went from eight thousand people to five thousand.That was quite tragic.

Liu Ying held his bloodstained sword and his expression was not too good. However, he still walked over politely. "Li Xiao Yao, thank you for your help and reminder; if not for that, my men would have all died here."

I said, "Wrath of the Heroes'War Hawk Knights still exist, right? You really need to send your scouts out to get news here."

Piggy said, "Wrath of the Heroes has fifty-one War Hawk Knights. Most of them have exhausted their flying stamina or have been shot at by the Indians. We sent out two War Hawk Knights, but we received no news back. They're probably killed. Those Indian players are just too cunning."

I looked behind him. "Wrath of the Heroes has at least fifty thousand people online, right? Why are there only five thousand left? Do you have other forces?"

"No!" Liu Ying was a little annoyed.

Piggy smiled. "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, you should've seen it. On the Fire Marsh Plains’ battlefield, we lost close to seventy thousand. Along the way, many of us were killed, too.Especially after we entered the Forest of Stars,we were ambushed by three armies. The losses are just too much."

Behind Piggy was the level 176 Drunken Cold Rain. "Deputy leader, we just counted the numbers. What should we do next?Head in or retreat?"

Piggy, who had not yet decided, said to Liu Ying, who clenched his fists, "It’s better to die valiantly than return and get looked down on by the other guilds. Let's push towardWaterfront City!"

I was shocked and frowned. "You are left with five thousand; what push in? If you continue, their next wave will wipe you out. I think that you should head east.There are no scouts in that direction, so you can head to the Fire Marsh Plains. Thenyou won't be ambushed. Go meet the other guilds and come out when you have at least twenty thousand people."

Liu Ying said, "Wrath of the Heroes doesn't need Zhan Long to decide our matters."

I smiled. "Waterfront City concerns Zhan Long, though. If you continue to give points, we will lose Waterfront City. That's what I don't wanna see."

Piggy said, "Boss, Guild Leader Xiao Yao is right.Let's just retreat from Dragon Lake."

Liu Ying was still calm. "Okay..."


Thus, Wrath of the Heroes retreated, while Zhan Long pushed forward with killing random Indian players.

In the end, thirty minutes after Wrath of the Heroes left, Yue Qing Qian's face turned white. "Not good! Wrath of the Heroes' five thousand were attacked at Dragon Lake and have most probably been wiped out!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.