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ZL - Chapter 1025- Whole body of treasure

At 12am, most Zhan Long players had gone offline to rest. Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, and I decided to attack their docks at 7am. The China and India time gap was 2.5 hours, so it would be 5am there. Most of their players should be asleep, and that was the best time to mount an attack. We did not mobilize everyone, onlythe elites. We just needed the twelve thousand Furnace God Cavalry.


At 6am, the alarm woke me up. I washed up and then went online after having breakfast.


I appeared at the side of Dragon Lake at 7am, and my body shone brightly. Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry got online one by one. At around 7:10, ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry or so had gathered. As for the rest, they should just take a break. They had probably overslept. After a full day of the King's Hunt, it was only normal for players to feel tired.

"Get on your horses!"

After summoning my God Dragon Horse, I pulled out Butterfly and said, "Prepare to set off!"

I pulled Lin Wan Er up the horse, while Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Meng Yao, et cetera got on theirs. Our speed was not really fast, and after a mile, we spotted two Azure Ocean Army ships nearing the shore. The Dragon Crystal Cannons were pointed at us. I pulled the reins. "Were our tracks exposed?!"

Yue Qing Qian smiled. "Brother Xiao Yao, look at who is on the ship."

I noticed that there was a person on a Furnace God War Horse. It was the third guild's Death God's Elegy. He was together with his men. Death God's Elegy got off the boat and joined our Furnace God Cavalry group. He explained, "A few hundred of our brothers and I didn't sleep last night and stole two Azure Ocean Army ships. Hehe! The NPCs were cleared out, so Clear Black Eyes shouldn't notice this."

I was shocked. "You haven't slept all night?Are you not tired?"

"I'm used to it!"

As expected from these steely brothers, the third guild had inherited Death God's Elegy's will. So what if they did not sleep for two boats!

However, with these two boats, we at least had the ability to face India on Dragon Lake.


We continued forward. The Furnace God Cavalry tried to lower their volume, but the sound of their horse hooves was not small. They probably woke the India Region players from their sleep, right? Dozens of minutes later, the Furnace God Cavalry reached the southern shore of Dragon Lake. A black dock stood by the shore and spread for a few miles. Resting on it were many ships. There were around fifty-plus Azure Ocean Army ships. This was looking really optimistic.

"Be careful!" Li Mu warned.

Killing shouts came from the distance as dozens of Beautiful Life Guild members came. There were Cavalry and ranged players!

"Have they noticed us?" Yue Qing Qian was shocked.

I shook my head. "No, they're from the branch guild. Let's not stay; let's end this battle quickly!"

"Yes!" This bunch of Furnace God Cavalry nodded their heads and pulled out their blades. Beautiful Life's side guild was obviously unable to block us, and they were easily swept away. We continued tothe dock. Right at that moment, there was a sharp ringing sound. They were here, the Flame Hawk Archers!

In the distance, it could be seenthat four-meter-tall walls stood around the dock. The walls protected the dock from being attacked. Many people hurried out; one of them was actually Ink Iron Boots, who had just gone online. He probably woke up from his dreams and appeared at the city walls right away. He summoned his war horse and shouted, "Don't panic. Second guild's Lightning Trampling Cavalry, come up to the walls to defend with me. Archers, get on the boats and protect those. Shoot the Flame Hawks and kill as many as you can!"

Purple lightning glowed on the walls. The Lightning Trampling Cavalry was level 172 Divine Tier Boss mountand was Beautiful Life's signature Cavalry type. Their unique point was that when they ran, lightning would splash to attack the surrounding targets. We had already known about this a week ago, but this was the first time we were experiencing it!

I shook my blade and charged at the front of the Furnace God Cavalry. I said, "Break them down; don't sacrifice too many Fan Shu City troops!"

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Flame Hawk Archers were what I needed for the country war, and we had only around thirty thousand. I did not want too many to be lost here.

The moment we got close, Meng Yao and the other Furnace God Cavalry raised their shields to block the spells and arrows. I raised my left hand, and one hundred God's Army Cards wrapped around me. A Violet Thunder Tank appeared on the wall and shook it. Ink Iron Boots was shocked. "Violet Thunder Tank again?!D*mn..."

Not only did I use the Violet Thunder Tank, the Furnace God Cavalry, which had the Flying General effect, dealt 40% more damage to structures. We used Double Hit, Whirlwind Sword Break, Fierce Axe Strike, et cetera. The walls of the dock looked so pitiful, as in less than three minutes, they started to collapse. Furnace God Cavalry jumped in!

Right ahead, Ink Iron Boots held a spear and led the one thousand Lightning Trampling Cavalry behind him. He shouted, "Protect the boats and the docks. We need to hold on for twenty minutes, and the guild leader will be here with the main force!"

I waved my blade. "Wipe them out within twenty minutes.Attack!"

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Furnace God Cavalry charged forwardwithout my order. Ink Iron Boots was a courageous guy and he dashed over with the Lightning Trampling Cavalry. This Lightning Trampling Cavalry caused streaks of lightning to spread on the ground as they galloped forward. They looked good and were really strong, too. One strike and hundreds of Lightning Trampling Cavalry were stunned. Close to a hundred Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry were killed under the effects of Lightning Trampling.


Li Mu's Smashing Buzhou Mountain shook the crowd; dozens of Lightning Trampling Cavalry fell to the ground. Old K, who did not sleep for a night, pounced overas he used Savage Jump Slash to kill a Cavalryman. In an instant, the body of the Lightning Trampling Cavalryman fell to the ground. His legs and chest hair were on full display, and apart from boots, all his equipment dropped. Old K had not gone offline yet, so his infinitely stacking Greedy Nine-headed Snake effect was on full display. The drop rate now was at least seven to eight times.

Ink Iron Boots and his men could not take it anymore. He activated his invincibility effect once more, but he could not run this time. I locked onto him. "Don't let him leave; Old K, prepare to attack!"

I charged forward with Icy Wings, and the moment his invincibility state ended, I used Strength of a Thousand Men, taking him down to low Health. He obviously had no way to defend, so he went all out. He raised his hands and used Hell Dragon. Instantly, a giant dragon surged out from the ground and pounced on Lin Wan Er. This fellow wanted to kill Zhan Long's beauty before he died.

"Wan'er, invincibility!" I shouted.

Lin Wan Er knew that move was really strong. Her body was enveloped with a golden light. Invincibility. Hell Dragon's effect had been dodged by her, too.

Ink Iron Boots wanted to flee, and I obviously made sure to stop him from doing so. I raised my hand and used Defeat the Dragon!


Beautiful Life's deputy was back in front of me. Old K rode his Furnace God War Horse forward, so there was no need for me to kill him. I raised one arm and used Binding Chains to lock him down. This time, even if he had all the skill, he had no chance to flee at all!

As expected, Ink Iron Boots turned around and saw that Old K was right in front of him. He summoned an invincibility shield technique, which raised his Defense by 220%. However, that could not block Old K's Greedy Nine-headed Snake. Whirlwind Slash plus Burning the Enemy’s Boats were used, and Ink Iron Boots fell off his horse. Most of his equipment dropped. Apart from the shield, helmet, and necklace, the other parts all dropped!

Old K smiled. "What a huge gain! The drop rate is even higher than killing a God Tier Boss. Let me look... The chest plate and leggings are all one-star god artifacts, the ring is a Deity Tier, bracers are Demon Harvest Tier. The cape is a damage-absorbing Divine Tier cape. Tsk.The weapon is also a one-star artifact. This fellow only has treasures!"

I nodded. "Clear Black Eyes was planning to use this Ink Iron Boots to counter me. This time, we caused him to drop so much equipment..."

Lin Wan Er smiled. "Clear Black Eyes's relationship with us is totally broken this time."

"No choice." I spread my arms. "We were going to fight sooner or later. Clear Black Eyes isn't one to bow down, so we have no choice. We can only fight to the death. Quickly, blow the docks up and kill them. Burn the ships that we can and retreat within ten minutes!"



A few minutes later, we finished the hundreds of remaining Lightning Trampling Cavalry. Not long after, the docks were in flames. In the distance, Chi Yu Qing led the Flame Hawk Archers to shoot flame arrows at the boats. However, many of the Archers were killed and many hawks floated on the ocean surface. The Indians were not fools and used Dragon Crystal Cannons to shoot the air. Fan Shu City's interface showed that over seven thousand hawks had died in less than twenty minutes. That was too tragic!

Still, our mission was done: Burn the docks. Moreover, half of the ships were burned!



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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.