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TL - Chapter 95: Tan Jiao 13 (2)

After holding onto each other for a while, I said, “We should find some place to stay first.” As I said that, he suddenly let go of me and got up from the ground. I reached out with my hand expecting some help, but there was none. He stood there with a blank look and said with a dry voice, “Let’s go.”

Taken aback, I followed behind him. Even though the snow made it difficult to walk, he did not turn back to look at me. The two of us were only a few steps apart, but it felt as if we were miles apart.

I knew that something was wrong. Something must be bothering him.

That inn was still operating, but our names were not on the registration book. Wu Yu got us another room, and we turned the heater to the max. After taking a shower, I put on a simple bathrobe and went under the covers. After Wu Yu finished showering as well, he sat on the chair opposite the bed. Only after a warm shower did our pale faces return to normal.

We were sure now that we had gone back in time again.

Not o…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.