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TL - Chapter 94: Tan Jiao 13 (1)

I opened my eyes once more and saw an unfamiliar scene before me. My body was still shaking slightly, as the pain from slamming into debris had not disappeared.

However, I was no longer there.

Grey clouds obscured the sky, but I now had houses with thatched roofs around me. I laid on the ground with my back feeling cold. It was as if I was lying on wet snow.

I took a glance at the ground.

Holy moly! It really is snow! There was snow everywhere.

I shot up abruptly and found myself lying outside of an unfamiliar wooden house. I had on my single-layer pajamas, the one I had on when I was on the ship!

It was so cold that my feet had gradually become numb. I got up from the ground with a slight stumble and quickly recognized my current location. I was in Li Xian, the place where Wu Yu and I had travelled to and where professor Chen’s home was. From afar, I could even see professor Chen’s home in the mountains.

Winter. We had returned from that ship’s timeline and came back to winter! …

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.