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TL - Chapter 94: Tan Jiao 13 (1)

I opened my eyes once more and saw an unfamiliar scene before me. My body was still shaking slightly, as the pain from slamming into debris had not disappeared.

However, I was no longer there.

Grey clouds obscured the sky, but I now had houses with thatched roofs around me. I laid on the ground with my back feeling cold. It was as if I was lying on wet snow.

I took a glance at the ground.

Holy moly! It really is snow! There was snow everywhere.

I shot up abruptly and found myself lying outside of an unfamiliar wooden house. I had on my single-layer pajamas, the one I had on when I was on the ship!

It was so cold that my feet had gradually become numb. I got up from the ground with a slight stumble and quickly recognized my current location. I was in Li Xian, the place where Wu Yu and I had travelled to and where professor Chen’s home was. From afar, I could even see professor Chen’s home in the mountains.

Winter. We had returned from that ship’s timeline and came back to winter! But what winter was this? Was it the future or the past? Nothing was more terrifying and ridiculous. Stumbling along the way, I held my arms close to myself and started to wander around, yelling, “Wu Yu… Wu Yu…”

No one answered me. Not many people lived in this village after all. Some distance ahead, the window of a house opened, probably a curious villager checking on this strange person wandering in the snowy outside.

Memories of before I fainted slowly surfaced in my mind. That dummy Wu Yu had abandoned me and rushed to the lake. He left me there alone facing the terrifying scene before me and looked as if he was about to jump into the lake the next second.

I had never felt so much pity for him.

Then there was the collapse. I almost drowned, but Wu Yu kept appearing before me. Sometimes, he appeared in front of me, sometimes, he was merely inches away from me. Afterward, when I saw him hitting a rock and catching me, I finally understood that he was trying his best to swim toward me.

I had always thought he was an intelligent man, and he definitely was one. He was also self-centered, which manifested in his material and success-oriented mindset. He barely cared about the feelings of others. Now, I think he is just assertive and stubborn with his ways. Even though he knew our feelings for each other, he would not become close. He was not greedy; he was merely one-track-minded, trapping himself in his mindset and unable to come out.

However, after last night’s near-death experience, I saw another side of him when he looked toward the ship and then back at me. I saw a man that was trying extremely hard to save everyone and had taken up all the responsibility.

Thinking about this, tears soon rolled down my face. Snow was everywhere, with the houses wearing a layer of white. Where was he? Did he come to the same place and time as me? My heart dropped when my mind developed these thoughts.

Finally, after going through several streets, I heard some movement from the nearby bushes. I ran over, and sure enough, I saw someone lying there. Lean figured, summer wear, who else could this be?

He sat up with difficulty, his hand on the floor. He looked extremely exhausted.

I came before him, plonked down, and hugged him. He held me tight in response, looking somewhat emotional.

“It’s winter?” he asked beside my ear with his hoarse voice. Our faces were close together, and our breath was almost intertwined.

“Yeah… it’s winter…”

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Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.