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ZL - Chapter 1008- Nuwa stone

What we did not expect was that after Gonggong's Soul had around 50% health, his body would be wrapped in a blood light and his movement speed would increaseby a lot. Moreover, the aggro value kept OT-ing. My attacks could not restrict him and maintain aggro on me. Right at this moment, only after Mengyao used Saint Hall Chant plus Judgement was she able to restrain the Boss. The surrounding Cavalry players all used Justice Provocation to pull the Boss in case it charged too far and killed the replenishment squad.


With a giant roar, Gonggong's Soul suddenly charged at the right where Li Mu and a bunch of people were at. Gonggong was like a cannonball that shot out. In the next moment, he struck onto an illusionary pillar and the corridor started to show the effect of how Buzhou Mountain collapsed. A flame meteor landed in the crowd and caused AOE damage. This was the Boss's fourth skill- Smashing Buzhou Mountain!

This skill was just too strong. Li Mu quickly used Thousand Man Enemy to charge forward. Flame Scorching Sword stabbed into the Boss's body, but right behind Li Mu, at least twenty-plus Furnace God Cavalry fell in the blistering meteor. Many meteors continued to drop and we tried to dodge. I used Icy Wings to fly about. I, too, tossed out Butterfly and the Blade Spin restricted the Boss. The entire situation was getting out of control.

Wang Jian rode forwardand brushed past the Boss. His Quickness attack managed to stun the boss for three seconds. He stopped his horse, turning and using his A-grade combo: Power Slash Xiangyan, Stab+Down slash+Knockup+Sweep+Heavy Strike, instantly he dealt five damage numbers. He then used Halberd Whirlwind before retreating.

After Wang Jian's attack, Gonggong's Soul's momentum was messed up. Before he stood still, Old K carried his axe over. Greedy Nine-headed Snake landed on the Boss's chest with Burning the Enemy’s Boats. He then used Whirlwind Slash. When Old K appeared behind the Boss, the Boss had just turned around; Old K used Savage Jump Slash to move behind the Boss and left. He also turned around and used Battle Axe Throw to deal 40,000-plus damage. His mechanics were quite good. Honestly, Old K's strength was already first rate. If he met Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han, and other such players, he would have at least 30% chances of winning. Of course, all of this was based on skills and equipment. Moreover, he was familiar with these attack styles and skill uses, such that his current combat strength was far above the previous time in the Allstar Battle.


Gonggong's Soul roared in rage and waved his sword to use Shocking Waves once more. Before it was completed, he was stunned on the spot. Lin Wan Er's Gouge had managed to stun him. Our beautiful little missy was so strong. She slid behind the Boss and used Backstab+Chain Attack. The ring on her finger flashed and she used Ruins of Spirit Fragments to recover 100 energy value. Spinning Ice Blade and Hermit God’s Arrival were used, resulting in her dealingseven attacks on the Boss. When Gonggong's Soul woke up, Lin Wan Er took out her umbrella and her body was wrapped in the level 17 Shield of the Mundane World. She took one hit and left right away. She opened her palm and used Ice Pick Whirlpool once more to restrict the boss.

Yue Qing Qian charged from the wings and summoned a shield to make herself immune from damage. Her movements were really exquisite, and after brushing past Gonggong's Soul, she used the ambush effect on his back. She then retreated and summoned Grip of the Firefox to hit the body of Gonggong. At the same time, she said, "Brother One Second, go!"

One Second Hero charged forwards with his shield. Zhangba Snake Spear waved. After using Divine Provocation, Blood Judgement was used too which drew the Boss's aggro value. His shield was slashed three times. Yue Yao Yan was here and knocked One Second Hero aside. She raised Greedy Shield up and summoned the Greedy Shield Formation. At the same time, she slashed many times to maintain the aggro.


Thus, the Zhan Long super first-rate players took turns to restrain the Boss. Each person did not care about the skill CD and special skill CD. All sorts of special skills were thrown out to control Gonggong's Soul. Although there were still many players dying, Gonggong's Soul's was already under our control.

In the blink of an eye, another half an hour passed. Gonggong's Soul had less than 3% health left. Out of the five hundred of us, 170+ were left. To kill this Boss, pretty much all of our super first rate players were killed. Fortunately, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er, and the other top players were here. The suppressive power on the Boss was still here. Throughout this process, Gonggong's Soultriggered Smashing Buzhou Mountain five times, and each time, fifty-plus people were killed. Now, his life was at its final legs and it was time he died.

"If no one has problems, then I shall kill the Boss."

I waved Butterfly, which caused sparks to fly on the Boss's armor. "My Charm is 1,728. I don't really care about the experience, just that the drop rate will increase by around three times. If you want more God Weapons, then allow me to kill?"

Li Mu was roughly twenty meters away from the Boss. He was preparing to use the Quickness attack once more. "No problems.You kill him when he has around 0.5% Health left!"


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Two more minutes and Gonggong's Soul killed three more of us. Among them was Bai Qi, that unlucky child. He was locked on by the Boss's Beheading!

Maybe as it sensed that the Boss was nearing its end, Butterfly started to ring excitedly. Stars in the sky flashed and the 20% Star Power was triggered. A heat wave surged into my arm; this was a lethal strike effect, and when stacked, it dealt eight times damage. I used Seven Star Fragment Slash, and Gonggong's Soul instantly cried out. A huge damage number rose up on his head—


Following his cry, Gonggong's Soul finally knelt. This was when a golden light descended. I directly rose to level 179, which was just one step away from 180!

The players around me all leveled up, too. The people who died were quite saddened as they would not get the Boss experience. However, they could get the equipment. If they were lucky, they could roll for it.

I looked at the ground and Gonggong's Soul dropped three pieces of equipment. One of them was a sword with a darkgreen pattern. This was Gonggong's weapon. Next was the shield in his other hand. Then there was a mantle. I knelt onthe ground and picked the equipment up. I first shared the stats to everyone—

Broken Ocean Sword (God Weapon 3 Stars)

Attack: 7,700-10,050

Strength: +415

Stamina: +412

Magic Attack: +410

Agility: +400

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 140% and Attack Speed by 75%.

Bonus: Ignore 35% of target's Defense.

Bonus: Raise user's health by 32,000

Effect: Sword Technique skill.Raise the user's damage effect by 15%.

Effect: God Power.Raise user's Strength by 3,500.

Effect: Broken Ocean.Slashing swords forwardcan slice open a river or ocean.Consume 100 Rage value and cooldown of thirty minutes.

Required Charm: 400

Required level: 174


The weapon's stats were decent. The system activated for players to Roll. Level, Charm, damage, et cetera...Only four players were suitable. Among them were Li Mu and Wang Jian. Alas, Li Mu was not truly lucky, and Wang Jian got it in the end. The single damage of this sword was not bad. God Power increased 3,500 Strength and was really useful. As for Broken Ocean, that would depend on when it was used. If during a naval battle, it would be overpowered, right?

Wang Jian equipped it happily. I looked at the second one, that shield. Actually, this shield looked very exquisite and was a little translucent. On its surface, one could see the patterns. This shield looked like it had been carved from a piece of stone and was really special. I reached out and the stats floated in the air. Everyone was stunned as its stats were far stronger than Greedy Shield!

Nuwa Stone (God Weapon 3 Stars)

Defense: 6,400

Strength: +435

Stamina: +420

Agility: +414

Magic Attack: +410

Bonus: Raise user's Defense by 190%.

Bonus: Raise user's basic Defense by 3,500 and basic Attack by 2,000.

Bonus: Raise user's health by 55,000.

Effect: Impenetrable.Increase user's damage reduction by 30% and Defense by 3,000.

Effect: Nuwa Protection.Summon Nuwa's God Power and provide a god power shield for allies within one thousand yards to absorb a bit of damage. The damage absorbed depends on the user's Attack and Defense. Consume100 Rage value and cooldown of two hours.

Introduction: Nuwa Stone.After Gonggong smashed into Buzhou Mountain, a huge crack appeared in the sky. Nuwa used the five-colored god stone to fix the sky. After the crack was fixed, Nuwa used the remaining god stone to create a shield. She wanted to use this shield to return peace to the mortal world. This shield is the Nuwa Stone.

Required Charm: 40

Required level: 172


Looking at the strong stats, all the Cavalry players were stunned. Nuwa Stone was actually designed as a shield and its stats were so strong. The skills were strong too and quite overpowered.

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Only a small group of Zhan Long's Cavalry met the requirements like Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero, Tang Heart, and Palace Decree.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.