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ABBR - Chapter 104-Pt.1

That evening, Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi had adopted an "in-depth" communication method to celebrate the upcoming publication of Xu Chuanchuan's novel.

Although the air conditioner kept the room warm, it also took away the moisture in the air. Murong Shi wanted to drag Xu Chuanchuan to the bathroom, but Xu Chuanchuan did not wish to move. So, Xu Chuanchuan clung onto Murong Shi's body like a koala and hummed, "I don't want to shower. I'm so tired."

Murong Shi was already used to showering after sex. However, Xu Chuanchuan holding onto her prevented her from moving. So, Murong Shi let out a helpless smile and said, "I'm becoming lazier and lazier the more time I spend with you."

Rubbing her frizzy hair against Murong Shi's breasts and neck, Xu Chuanchuan smiled and said, "Birds of a different feather don't flock together."

Murong Shi found Xu Chuanchuan's comment both funny and infuriating. After moving Xu Chuanchuan aside, she pulled out some tissue paper from the bedside table and carefully cleaned her and Xu Chuanchuan's lower halves.

After cleaning up, the two covered their bodies with the blanket and started talking and reminiscing.

"Rosa had already notified me in advance before she contacted you," Murong Shi said while helping Xu Chuanchuan tidy up her messy hair. "I did tell her that if the publishing firm refuses to help you to do a physical publication, I will do it at my own expense."

"At your own expense?" Xu Chuanchuan looked at Murong Shi in astonishment. "Then, this time..."

"I was also surprised," Murong Shi said, interrupting Xu Chuanchuan's line of thought with a smile. "I have no part in the successful deal this time. The publisher must've seen your talent."

"What talent?" Xu Chuanchuan said, pursing her lips. However, despite her humility, she still felt delighted to hear Murong Shi's praise. "Rosa told me that because this is my first publication and my popularity is subpar, the first print will only have a small volume. That also means I won't be making much money."

"Then, do you feel happy about it?"

Xu Chuanchuan hurriedly nodded and said, "I don't care about the money. I'll be satisfied so long as I can publish my book."

Now that web novels were becoming more prevalent by the day, the status of web novel authors was gradually rising. Meanwhile, which novel author wouldn't want their written work receiving physical publication? This was, after all, an affirmation of their ability.

In the past, Xu Chuanchuan would always hear about Ange's books receiving approval for physical publication, and she would always feel envious about it. Now that her turn had finally arrived, she was so excited that she thought she could fly.

During their previous conversation, Xu Chuanchuan had also found out from Rosa that Murong Shi had indeed recommended her book. However, what really made the publishing firm agree to a physical publication was the two surges of popularity After Being Bent by Reader received. One of them was when Fragrant Citrus slandered the book, while the other was the recent plagiarism incident.

Although these two incidents had brought Xu Chuanchuan's book many point reductions and negative comments, the book had also gained significant attention. Currently, even though the book was only half-completed, it already had over 50,000 bookmarks. At this rate, the book would have over 100,000 bookmarks by the time Xu Chuanchuan completed it.

So far, only famous authors like Ange could achieve 100,000 bookmarks in the yuri genre. Hence, the publishing firm had decided to take a chance with After Being Bent by Reader.

Xu Chuanchuan knew that her book wasn't story-driven. However, Rosa mentioned that she liked such sweet romance novels a lot and that such books provided a healing effect when read.

Rosa also mentioned that such works were typically popular among readers. However, as yuri novels had a small audience, only godlike works would receive physical publication most of the time.

Apart from this, Rosa also mentioned that she had read Xu Chuanchuan's completed novels and praised Xu Chuanchuan for her consistent writing style and themes. Because of this, if After Being Bent by Reader sold well, Xu Chuanchuan's other books might be chosen for physical publication as well.

However, Xu Chuanchuan dared not put much hope on her book selling well. She was satisfied so long as she could publish her book.

Xu Chuanchuan was never greedy, and she could remain in a good mood for several days because of this good news. When Ange heard about her friend's thoughts, she couldn't help but laugh and messaged her friend, saying: "You need to set your sights further. Who knows? Maybe you might become a best-selling author one day."

Best-selling author? What an intriguing title. Xu Chuanchuan closed her eyes and let her imagination run wild for five minutes. Then, she opened her eyes and woke up from her dream.

Xu Chuanchuan: "I heard from Murong that you'd moved in with Fang Qin?"

Ange: "It's only temporary. I'll be flying home in a few days."

Xu Chuanchuan: "So soon? When will you be leaving?"

At this point, Ange still wasn't sure when she would be leaving S City. However, she knew that she couldn't stay here forever.

Before Ange could think of an answer, she heard movement coming from the door, so she hurriedly kept her phone away.

When Fang Qin opened the door and saw that the room was pitch black, she slowed down her actions and tried to make as little noise as possible.

"It's fine. I'm already awake," Ange said in the dark.

Hearing this voice, Fang Qin immediately felt the fatigue she had accumulated during the morning vanishing instantly. Then, she turned on the lights and looked at the woman lying lazily on the bed, asking, "Why didn't you turn on the lights?"

"I'm helping you save on your electricity bill," Ange told a partial lie.

Smiling, Fang Qin held up the bag of food in her hand and said, "Have you showered? I bought some food for you."

During the few days Ange had moved in, Fang Qin continued going to work as usual. However, she would always excuse herself from the office during lunch break, saying that she wanted to go home and rest. In reality, though, she just wanted to spend more time with Ange.

Apart from her housekeeper, Ange had never had others serve her like this before. Seeing Fang Qin busily setting up the plates and cleaning up the trash in the room, Ange couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed. Then, she cleared her throat and said, "I initially planned to do some cleaning after waking up, but I didn't expect to oversleep."

Fang Qin turned to observe Ange's face. After her eyes scanned Ange's dehydrated lips and slightly reddened eyes, she said, "I saw that you weren't sleeping well last night, so I turned off your alarm clock."

"...So that's why I didn't hear it ringing."

After setting up the dishes and tidying up the room, Fang Qin went to wash her hands and ate lunch together with Ange.

Fang Qin had been buying nutritious fast food back home for lunch the past few days. Afraid that Ange would grow tired of the food, Fang Qin made sure to purchase different kinds of food every day. Now that it was winter, food would grow cold quickly. Fortunately, Fang Qin lived close to where she worked, so the food she brought back was still steaming when she opened their packaging.

Fang Qin handed Ange a portion of radish sirloin soup.

Meanwhile, Ange frowned when she saw the red dates in the soup. However, before she could react, a pair of chopsticks had appeared in front of her as Fang Qin dropped her portion of red dates into her bowl. Then, Fang Qin smiled and said, "Have some more."

Ange furrowed her eyebrows even more. After hesitating for a moment, she decided to confess, saying, "I hate eating red dates."

Fang Qin was momentarily taken aback. Then, she said, "I saw that your complexion doesn't look too well, so I wanted you to eat some more."

After hearing this, there was no way Ange could remain ungrateful. So, she blocked the chopsticks attempting to reclaim the red dates in her bowl and said, "Since you're doing this for my good, I'll give you some face."

"Don't push yourself."

To show that she wasn't pushing herself, Ange picked up a red date and ate it. The date was sweet and melted in her mouth. Although its taste wasn't to her liking, it wasn't as unacceptable as she imagined, either.

"What are you looking at me for? You eat as well," Ange said.

Looking down, Fang Qin faintly smiled and said, "Okay."

Then, the two ate in silence.

In reality, Ange had long since been starving. However, she couldn't bring herself to eat too quickly. In addition, she could constantly feel Fang Qin's scorching gaze on her body. The gaze was so intense that Ange felt as if Fang Qin was trying to eat her for lunch instead.

Pausing for a moment, Ange looked up at Fang Qin and asked in annoyance, "Why do you keep looking at me?"

Fang Qin did not bother concealing her emotions at all. While staring attentively and tenderly at Ange, she said, "You used to avoid me on purpose. Now that we are living together, I keep feeling that I can't get enough of you."

There was no straightforward compliment or numbingly romantic words. Yet, Ange still felt her cheeks burning up when she heard Fang Qin's words. After taking a sip of soup to hide her embarrassment, she said, "I think that it's not good for me to trouble you so much every day."

"I don't think it's troublesome at all," Fang Qin said. Taking advantage of Ange's brief inattentiveness, she grabbed a piece of tender fish belly and put it into Ange's rice bowl. Then, she said, "Every second and minute I get to spend with you makes me feel very happy."

Ange felt her heart thumping loudly when faced with such a sudden confession. However, she maintained a calm expression on the surface and jokingly said, "You won't be able to go to work if you spend every second and minute with me."

"I did have such a thought before."

"What thought?"

"Your treatment of me keeps switching between hot and cold. Whenever I open my eyes and can't see you next to me, I would always wonder if you ran away without saying a word."

"..." Ange nearly bit her tongue when she heard Fang Qins' words. Then, after calming herself, she said, "How could I possibly be so rotten?"

Revealing a bitter smile, Fang Qin said, "You're not rotten. I'm just afraid you might be too sober."

Ange was speechless.

Fang Qin quietly reached for Ange's hand and held it. Then, looking into Ange's eyes, Fang Qin earnestly and tentatively said, "Tang Xin, promise me that even if you want to leave, you have to tell me in advance so that I can be mentally prepared, okay?"

If it weren't for Fang Qin's timely return today, Ange would've suspected that Fang Qin had seen the content of her conversation with Xu Chuanchuan.

There was no doubt that Ange had to return to Shanghai one day. After all, her parents weren't in S City. She also had three cats and one dog waiting for her at home. She had only come to S City to seek temporary "shelter."

However, when Ange saw Fang Qin looking at her with such a tender gaze, she felt as if a hammer had just struck her sturdy heart and left a small crack on it.

With her heartbeat accelerating, Ange quickly stuffed some rice into her mouth. Then, she nonchalantly said, "It's too cold outside, so I'm too lazy to go out for now."

It took a moment for Fang Qin to realize what Ange was trying to express. However, as soon as she understood Ange's words, joy surfaced on her face. Then, she picked up her chopsticks again and said, "Eat more."

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