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IGK - Chapter 40.2: Zhu Hongyi (2/2)

This bunch of people are just standing there like wooden stakes, not saying a peep; are they waiting for me to speak? Is there another secret password of sorts that Wang Ke didn’t tell me about? What a bastard. Wang Ke will get it from me later! Zhang Shenxu thought while fuming with anger.

“You should know my intentions here! So now, are you going to give us what we want now?” Zhang Shenxu asked.

“Give you? What do you want?” the Parlor Lord responded sternly.

Despite his sternness, he was definitely confused. After all, the intruder’s arrival was too sudden. Has he mistaken something?

“What do we want? We want Virtue Merit by slaying demons, of course! What else do you have?” Zhang Shenxu asked.

The Parlor Lord’s eyelid twitched. This is it. He had to be sent by Chen Tianyuan. For what? For Virtue Merit?Humph, do the righteous sects speak so directly these days?They used to cover their greed with the excuse of eliminating demons from the face of the earth to guard the righteous ways. And now… They don’t even bother to justify and directly ask for Virtue Merit!

“How much virtue merit are you asking for?” The red-robed Parlor Lord tried to probe Chen Tianyuan’s determination.

“Everything! Of course!” Zhang Shenxu replied immediately.

Have I convinced these guys?I knew I could put up a good act!

“Everything? Hahhaha! Everything? Dream on! You think you can make me stay?” the Parlor Lord responded with a mocking tone.

“Of course, you have to stay! Don’t tell me you want to leave here with me? We only want Virtue Merit! We won’t leave until we slay the demons today! You have to hand them to us either way! Chen Tianyuan gave the order!” Zhang Shenxu threatened.

“Okay, fine, fine!” the red-robed Parlor Lord agreed with an icy voice.

“Why? You dare rebel against Chen Tianyuan? You forget yourself.” Zhang Shenxu stood up with staring eyes.

Zhang Shenxu closed his fan and stood up, and then the Parlor Lord took his action as a signal to start attacking, initiating a pre-emptive strike.

He slammed his palm toward Zhang Shenxu ferociously.

“We are here to collect the goods. Why are you attacking me?” Zhang Shenxu cried out in shock.


Following a loud explosion, Zhang Shenxu was sent flying off. He crashed through numerous walls and landed on the streets nearby.

“Attack!” the Parlor Lord commanded his men.

The black-robed men took out their swords and slashed at the Golden Crow Sect disciples.

The latter didn’t expect that those alleged wardens of the demons would attack them. Didn’t we present the authenticating token already?It’s not like you have to kill us if you don’t want to hand them over!You’re tearing the wrong ticket!


An intense fight broke out between the two parties almost instantly. Horrifying saber-Qi was swept across the vicinity, while billowing demonic Qi rose to the skies.

On the street—Zhang Shenxu looked at the group of black-robed men in dismay. He vomited blood when he stood up; he placed his hand over his aching chest.


The red-robed Parlor Lord didn’t attack the other Golden Crow Sect disciples, opting to soar to the sky all of a sudden.

The surrounding black Qi also rose to the sky as he flew up, looming over the entire Wolf Cultivation Town.

“Chen Tianyuan! Don’t be a coward hiding in the dark! Come out now and fight me! Roar!” the red-robed Parlor Lord blasted.

The wind swept his hat off, then intense flames enveloped his body. His face turned sinister as he vigilantly looked around him, revealing a ferocious and murderous aura.

Zhang Shenxu was stupefied at the sight of this. “How can this be?”

The demons ran amok and fought wildly with the righteous sects in the Wolf Cultivation Town. Explosions could be heard all around, and the demonic Qi loomed over the sky; all the cultivators in town watched with horror.

The Parlor Lord’s cry had instantly reached the nearby Heavenly Wolf Sect too.

The Heavenly Wolf Sect’s guards decidedly shut the gate immediately after seeing that demonic Qi covering the skies and a powerful demon clamoring for Chen Tianyuan to meet him in battle.

“Quick, inform our eldest apprentice-brother. A demon is going to invade our sect!”

“That demon is at the Astral Infant stage. How is that possible?”

“He’s calling our Sect Lord to fight him? Quick. Everyone, on guard!”

“Inform our eldest apprentice-brother!”




The Heavenly Wolf Sect’s defensive array chimed into operation. Waves of lightning forked out from the spell array.

In midair—the red-robed Parlor Lord looked around. “Where is he? Chen Tianyuan? Where are you? Do you dare to fight me? Why are you hiding like a weakling? Are you going to act like a coward?”

Far in the distance… inside the Heavenly Wolf Sect, Murong Luguang exited the sect by request and stared at the red-robed Parlor Lord who was at the moment above the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

“Our Sect Lord is away. Demon, how dare you behave wildly in our Heavenly Wolf Sect’s turf! Fully activate the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array! Attack!” Murong Luguang commanded with a roar.

His voice traveled to the red-robed Parlor Lord’s ears, which left him in shock.

What?What did I just hear?Chen Tianyuan is not around?

How is that possible?If Chen Tianyuan is not around, then, what was that group of people planning to do?Weren’t they sent by Chen Tianyuan to humiliate us?To ambush us from all sides and wipe us out?Is this another trap set by that Sect Lord?


A bolt of heavenly lightning struck down toward him, and he punched back at it.


The lightning bolt exploded when it clashed with his punch.

“Continue, don’t stop the lightning strike attacks! Continue!” Murong Luguang kept on roaring.


The lightning bolts were flooding toward the red-robed Parlor Lord as if they were free, all thanks to their spirit mountain providing an endless amount of energy.

“Chen Tianyuan, you don’t dare to come out?” the Parlor Lord raged as he was showered by lightning bolts.


The lightning bolts continued to strike, and the Parlor Lord tried his best to withstand them. However, despite yelling as loud as he could while deflecting the attacks, Chen Tianyuan never appeared.

Damn, what is happening?Weren’t we ambushed and surrounded?Didn’t they find me?How was it that I exposed myself?

Back on the street, Zhang Shenxu’s mouth was wide open as he looked at the Parlor Lord waving his fists at the lightning bolts. Damn, I was too cocky. I threatened to kill an Astral Infant stage demon lord?Didn’t Wang Ke say that he was the one guarding the demons?How did he become a demon himself?

Wang Ke lied to me? Wang Ke lied to me! Zhang Shenxu came to a sudden realization. His body was covered in cold sweat out of fear.

The Parlor Lord in midair also realized what had happened. F*** the ambush! Chen Tianyuan is not here! How many tricks and schemes have I exposed of the righteous sects all my life! And still, this time I was fooled by a bunch of thugs!

“Bastards! How dare you deceive me, Zhu Hongyi. I will kill you! Roaarrrrr!”

The red-robed Parlor Lord roared toward the sky. Murong Luguang was increasingly perplexed. What is happening today?The demons exposed themselves for us to strike?Do demons have a different trick up their sleeves nowadays?

“Increase the power of the array. Strike them! There are many weaker demons in the Wolf Cultivation Town other than the Astral Infant one. Strike them all until they die! Don’t be afraid to waste spirit stones. Strike them with the maximum power!” Murong Luguang commanded.





Outside the Wolf Cultivation Town—
Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao climbed out of the underground tunnel. They could see the lightning and thunder above the Wolf Cultivation Town even from far away.

“What is happening? Celebrating New Year? Why are there so many fireworks and explosions?” Wang Ke exclaimed in shock.

“That’s Zhu Hongyi. One of the Parlor Lords under the Demon Sovereign! Why is he here?” Zhang Zhengdao said and shuddered.

“Stop looking. There’s no profit to be gained here. Let’s move, quickly! Princess Youyue is waiting for us to save her!” Wang Ke pulled Zhang Zhengdao along and continued his journey.

And so, they left just like that, leaving behind a chaotic battle between the righteous and the demonic.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.