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ABBR - Chapter 92-Pt.2

On a certain night before bedtime, Murong Shi suddenly said, "Come back home with me for a few days."

Hearing this, Xu Chuanchuan yawned and dazedly asked, "Aren't we going back this weekend?"

While helping Xu Chuanchuan fluff up her pillow, Murong Shi said, "It's my lunar birthday tomorrow."

Realization dawned upon Xu Chuanchuan when she heard Murong Shi's reminder. Then, rubbing her eyes, she said, "Okay."

After laying down with Xu Chuanchuan in her arms, Murong Shi said, "Actually, I'm not going back for the birthday celebration, but to accompany my mom instead."

Xu Chuanchuan's heart tightened upon hearing Murong Shi's words. Worriedly, she asked, "Did something happen to Auntie?"

"Her health is fine. It's just that she gets in a bad mood around this time every year."


"Do you remember that I told you I had a twin brother?"

Xu Chuanchuan nodded.

Murong Shi's eyes dulled for a second. Then, she slowly said, "My mom might look happy when celebrating my birthday every year, but I often find her crying in secret during this day. She's probably thinking about my short-lived brother."

Xu Chuanchuan had heard Murong Shi mentioning her twin brother when their relationship hadn't been so close before. However, back then, she had refrained from asking too much to ruin the atmosphere between them.

Xu Chuanchuan rarely ever saw Murong Shi in such a fragile state. After clenching her fists and resolving herself, she looked up and softly asked, "Do you feel sad as well?"

"Sometimes." While rubbing her chin against Xu Chuanchuan's soft hair, Murong Shi said, "I once wondered why, despite being twins, he would be so unlucky as to be born with cerebral palsy while I'm living properly. Is it because I bullied him and stole his nutrients while in the stomach, so..."

Xu Chuanchuan covered Murong Shi's mouth with her hands, a frown forming on her face. Then, she said, "This is just a matter of probability. It has nothing to do with you, so don't blame yourself."

In response, Murong Shi kissed the palm of Xu Chuanchuan's right hand and said, "I'm not blaming myself. I just think that life is fragile."

The next day, the two packed up and returned to the Murong household.

Aunt Lian had already prepared a hearty meal for them by the time they arrived. Murong Mingshu had personally prepared longevity noodles for them as well. Upon seeing the two bowls of noodles, Xu Chuanchuan secretly sighed as she inadvertently recalled the conversation she had with Murong Shi last night.

Although Murong Mingshu still looked dignified as usual, her complexion was worse than before.

Shortly after Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan arrived, Sun An returned home as well. After taking a seat at the dining table, he said, "I don't know what gift you would like, so feel free to ask for whatever you want."

On Murong Shi's birthday last year, Sun An had given her a big gift by transferring 10% of Bright Grid's shares to her. As for this year, Murong Shi already had an idea what to ask for, so she said, "I think the new real estate at Yonghe is good."

Sun An immediately understood what Murong Shi was trying to say, so he jovially laughed and said, "Then, I'll have them save one for you."

"Little Shi, will you be moving out?" Aunt Lian interjected.

Xu Chuanchuan also had the same question.

"Aunt Lian, this is something that will happen sooner or later," Murong Shi said with a smile.

"But you still haven't married..."

Murong Mingshu interrupted at this time and said, "Children will have their own ideas once they're grown up. I don't think there's any conflict between owning a house and marriage."

Then, Murong Shi added, "I'll come back to visit frequently."

The meal proceeded smoothly and peacefully, with everyone separating after the meal. Aunt Lian stayed behind to clear the table, Sun An went to the study to work, and Murong Mingshu made her way back to her bedroom.

However, before Murong Mingshu could leave the dining room, Murong Shi pulled her to the sofa and said, "Chuanchuan and I will watch TV with you."

"My eyes are a little tired, so I think I'll go lie down instead," Murong Mingshu said, attempting to get up from the sofa.

However, Murong Shi refused to let her mother go as she said, "Don't think that I don't know. You're just planning on hiding in your room and crying again."

Murong Mingshu glanced at Xu Chuanchuan. Then, forcing a smile on her face, she said, "What nonsense are you saying?

Why would I cry on such a good day? Chuanchuan, come, have a banana."

However, Murong Shi snatched the banana away and said, "We just ate. Eat it later and watch TV for now."

The show playing on the TV was a palace drama that was trending recently. The birth of a baby boy was shown in the very first episode, and everyone in the palace celebrated in joy.

Xu Chuanchuan had never watched this drama before, so she didn't expect such a scenario right off the bat. Afraid that this episode would affect Murong Mingshu's emotions, Xu Chuanchuan sent Murong Shi a visual signal, asking if there was a need to change the channels.

Murong Shi reached for the remote controller in response. However, before she could grab it, she heard Murong Mingshu saying, "Don't change it. Isn't this show good? Look at how cute and chubby the child is."

Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi briefly exchanged glances.

Then, Murong Mingshu changed the topic and said, "It's a pity we don't have any boys in our family."

Murong Shi's heart thumped upon hearing this, and she inwardly thought to herself, Here it comes.

While listening to the crying boy on TV, Murong Mingshu turned to look at Murong Shi and smiled, saying, "It would be great if your firstborn in the future is a boy."

Murong Shi was momentarily stunned. Then, she said, "That might not be the case."

"I guess you're right." Revealing a gentle smile, Murong Mingshu said, "Actually, I don't mind either gender. I like both boys and girls."

"Mom, I don't want to have children."

"Why not? Are you afraid of the pain?" Murong Mingshu asked, stunned.

Hearing her mother's questions, Murong Shi turned to look at Xu Chuanchuan. Then, she said, "I just don't want to give birth. I can't give birth, anyway."

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

"You can't give birth???" Murong Mingshu's voice suddenly increased by a few decibels. Then, staring at her daughter's flat abdomen, she said, "By the way, you told me you visited a gynecologist some time ago. Did something go wrong?"

Murong Shi furrowed her brows when she heard her mother's words. Not sure whether to laugh or cry, she said, "Mom, what are you talking about? That's not what I told you back then."

Meanwhile, Xu Chuanchuan patted Murong Mingshu's shoulder and embarrassingly said, "Auntie, I was the one who went for a check-up. Murong was only accompanying me. I had irregular menstruation at the time, though everything is fine now."

"That gave me a scare." Murong Shi sighed in relief.

Afraid that her mother would continue discussing children with her, Murong Shi excused herself to the bathroom.

Late at night…

After publishing her daily update at 11 o'clock and turning off her laptop, Xu Chuanchuan found that Murong Shi was staring at her while sitting on the bedside rocking chair. She also noticed that Murong Shi was still wearing the clothes she had on for dinner, so she asked in surprise, "Why haven't you showered yet?"

Murong Shi stretched out a hand and beckoned for Xu Chuanchuan to pull her out of the chair. Then, she caressed her lover's lips with her thumb and meaningfully said, "I was waiting for you."

"But I'm a little tired today."

"Let's have a soak in the tub, then."

However, halfway through the bath, Murong Shi started growing disobedient.

The bathtub was huge, so there was more than enough space for the two of them to lie in. After spreading open Xu Chuanchuan's legs and hanging them on the bathtub's edge, Murong Shi leaned over to kiss Xu Chuanchuan while exploring Xu Chuanchuan's lower body with her fingers.

"Why are you so tight today?"

Xu Chuanchuan stretched her neck to try and catch her breath. Then, in an uneven breath, she said, "...It's already been half a month."

Because of her abnormal period, Xu Chuanchuan had Murong Shi accompany her to the hospital for a check-up. The treatment took a long time, and the two of them had restrained themselves from any nighttime action throughout this time.

Murong Shi smiled and stopped talking. Then, she suddenly forced her way in.

Xu Chuanchuan gritted her teeth and let out a groan. While rubbing her inner thighs against Murong Shi's soft waist, she said, "Be gentler."

Then, Murong Shi began marking Xu Chuanchuan's body with kisses.


Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi woke up early the following day since they still had to go to work. By the time they arrived at the dining room, Aunt Lian had already prepared a bowl of nourishing porridge for each of them. Murong Mingshu was also awake already, so she joined them for breakfast.

Partway through the meal, Aunt Lian suddenly came down from the second floor with something in her hand. Then, she made her way to the dining table and asked, "What are these things?"

Xu Chuanchuan glanced at Aunt Lian, nearly choking on her porridge when she saw the items in Aunt Lian's hands. Then, while covering her mouth, she looked at Murong Shi with widened eyes.

However, Murong Shi simply winked in response.

Xu Chuanchuan: "..." What does that mean?

Meanwhile, Aunt Lian was still curiously researching the packets in her hand. "I picked these up in your room. They were scattered all over the floor. The description on the wrapper says they're meant to go on the fingers. What are they for?"

One of the packets had already been torn open. Just as Aunt Lian was about to open it up and investigate further, Xu Chuanchuan hurriedly put down her chopsticks and snatched over the opened packet. Then, with a pale complexion, she said, "Aunt Lian, this is... This is mine..."

"What is it?" Murong Mingshu asked, growing curious as well.

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

"Why is your face so red?" Aunt Lian asked in confusion as she looked at Xu Chuanchuan's panicked expression.

"I..." Xu Chuanchuan looked at Murong Shi for help.

Then, Murong Shi leisurely took a sip of porridge before saying, "Those are finger cots meant to be worn on fingers."

How can she speak so bluntly? Xu Chuanchuan was shocked.

However, what Murong Shi said next shocked Xu Chuanchuan even more.

In a calm tone, Murong Shi said, "It's meant for female masturbation."

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

Murong Mingshu: "..."

Aunt Lian: "..."

Xu Chuanchuan's face instantly turned as red as a tomato. Then, she had her head buried into her bowl for the rest of her meal while avoiding the strange gazes of Aunt Lian and Murong Mingshu. After finishing her meal, she quickly ran to the hallway and changed her shoes.

"No need to hurry. We have plenty of time left," Murong Shi leisurely said while following Xu Chuanchuan.

Using a voice that only the two of them could hear, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "We didn't use those things last night, so how could they be scattered on the ground?"

"I left them there."

Gasping, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "You did it on purpose?"

Murong Shi smiled without saying a word.

"You did!"

"Shh—They're still looking at us. How can you be so cute? Look at how red your face has become."

"You still have the gall to say that?!"

"Oh, I won't say it then."

After saying so, Murong Shi stood up and pulled Xu Chuanchuan up from the bench. Then, she tugged on Xu Chuanchuan's chin and planted a loud kiss on the latter's lips.

Even after Murong Shi had released her, Xu Chuanchuan remained in a daze.

What is she trying to do?

However, Murong Shi did not leave Xu Chuanchuan with any time to collect her wits. Immediately after the kiss, she wrapped an arm around Xu Chuanchuan's waist and said to the two elders in the dining room, "Mom, Aunt Lian, we're leaving now. We'll be back tonight."

"..." Both Murong Mingshu and Aunt Lian had already become dumbfounded.

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