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ABBR - Chapter 89-Pt.1

By the end of the birthday celebration, Little Yan and Xu Xiangxiang had both drunk themselves to sleep, and Fang Qin had to take on the responsibility of sending them back to their respective schools once again. Before leaving, Fang Qin said, "I'll leave you two to yourselves for the rest of the night. Have fun."

After seeing off the trio, Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi wandered around the pub's vicinity.

There was a musical fountain in the nearby plaza, and lights brightly illuminated the area. Hence, many children accompanied by their parents could be seen playing around the fountain.

Murong Shi disliked lively environments, so Xu Chuanchuan had to coax her into going to the fountain. After arriving by the fountain, Xu Chuanchuan took out a one-yuan coin and threw it into the fountain. Then, she closed her eyes and made a wish. After making her wish, she happily pulled Murong Shi away from the plaza.

Looking at the silly smile on Xu Chuanchuan's face, Murong Shi asked, "What did you wish for?"

Xu Chuanchuan's eyes wandered for a moment before she asked, "What about you?"

Murong Shi knew Xu Chuanchuan was referring to the wish she made while cutting her birthday cake in the pub. So, she said, "I wished for my parents to remain healthy and for you to become a famous author as soon as possible."

Surprised, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "You didn't wish anything for yourself?"

"I'm already satisfied with my current life. I'm also confident in my future. God is a busy person. If I make too many wishes, he might not have enough time to fulfill them."

"So that's why the wishes I made in the past never came true. I was too greedy," Xu Chuanchuan said, pursing her lips.

Murong Shi couldn't help but laugh at Xu Chuanchuan's words. Then, she reminded, "You still haven't told me what you wished for just now."

"This… Not telling."

Murong Shi was stunned. "Are you going back on your word?"

"I never said I was going to trade with you," Xu Chuanchuan said in a righteous tone.

Murong Shi narrowed her eyes. Then, she extended a hand to scratch the soft flesh on her lover's waist.

Xu Chuanchuan gritted her teeth to endure the pleasure. However, Murong Shi was simply too familiar with her weak points. In less than half a minute, she had already succumbed to the pleasure and pleaded, "I'll tell you after we're back in the car."

After returning to the car, Xu Chuanchuan still hesitated to speak. Losing her patience, Murong Shi pretended to be angry and asked, "Are you waiting for me to scratch you again?"

Slapping away Murong Shi's demonic claw, Xu Chuanchuan said, "What I wished for just now… It isn't anything important."

Xu Chuanchuan wasn't trying to go back on her word. It was just that she was suddenly feeling embarrassed. After all, the wish she made was quite petty compared to Murong Shi's.

Meanwhile, Murong Shi tilted her head and let her long hair loosely fall aside. However, while her sitting posture looked very casual, her eyes were locked on Xu Chuanchuan's face. Then, she commanded, "Say it."

Clearing her throat, Xu Chuanchuan timidly said, "I wished that I could celebrate your every birthday with you from now on."

Xu Chuanchuan was unused to speaking such romantic words in such a straightforward manner. Not to mention, there was still a lively crowd outside. So, she turned her head away as soon as she finished speaking.

Murong Shi quietly observed Xu Chuanchuan for a while. Then, a smile formed on her mouth as she asked, "Are you feeling shy?"

"I'm not," Xu Chuanchuan stiffly said.

"Even your face has turned red already."

"That's because...I drank alcohol just now."

Murong Shi burst into laughter. Then, she said, "I'm not suffering from memory loss. I was the one who drank all of the alcohol for you."

Xu Chuanchuan could feel Murong Shi's intense gaze on her face. She could also sense Murong Shi's face moving closer and closer to her. While pretending to be calm, she pushed Murong Shi's face away and said, "It's hot. Why are you sticking so close to me?"

"You're feeling hot after just this much? I was even thinking of kissing you."

Murong Shi's eyes looked a little dazed because of the alcohol, and the tenderness they contained could drown a person to death. Her voice was also full of temptation, and Xu Chuanchuan couldn't help but find herself seduced by it. However, she managed to sober up at the last minute and said, "There are people outside."

"They won't notice."

Despite knowing that the windows were tinted, Xu Chuanchuan still felt that they had to pay attention to their surroundings when outside. Also, unlike Murong Shi, Xu Chuanchuan wasn't the type to fool around after consuming alcohol. So, she pushed Murong Shi away once more and said, "You didn't even drink a lot. Sit properly."

After struggling a few more times, Murong Shi lazily leaned back in her seat as if having run out of energy.

"Why are you staring at me?" Xu Chuanchuan asked when she noticed Murong Shi's gaze still fixated on her.

Murong Shi smiled but did not speak.

For a while now, Murong Shi would often find herself missing the Xu Chuanchuan who would blush at the slightest provocation. However, ever since they started living together and did all those shameless acts, they became more and more familiar with each other. Naturally, they also became less reserved toward each other. While this was undoubtedly a good thing, this development had also taken some of the fun and freshness out of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Xu Chuanchuan's shy appearance just now had caused Murong Shi to recall the feelings she experienced in the past. Drowned in her pleasant memories, Murong Shi couldn't help herself from moving aside Xu Chuanchuan's hair and giving the latter's ear a lick. Then, she whispered into her lover's ear, "Let's stop strolling and go home."

This was an invitation that only the two of them understood.

Xu Chuanchuan felt her throat tightening under Murong Shi's passionate gaze. Then, she put her hands on the steering wheel, her lips subconsciously curling upward as she said, "Fasten your seatbelt."


Although the dormitory supposedly housed three people, Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi were the apartment's only occupants most of the time. Particularly, after Linda found out about their relationship, she would try to make as much space for them as possible.

The moon tonight looked as if something had taken a bite out of it. There were no clouds in the sky, so moonlight shone through the window and illuminated a tall figure and a short figure in the room.

"...I'll close the curtains first," Xu Chuanchuan said in an unsteady breath.

However, before Xu Chuanchuan could walk to the window, Murong Shi embraced her from behind and planted a kiss on the back of her neck, the searing kiss causing Xu Chuanchuan to shudder.

Seeing as Xu Chuanchuan had become petrified from the kiss, Murong Shi inserted her arms through Xu Chuanchuan's armpits and drew the thick, opaque curtains on her lover's behalf. Then, while softly kissing Xu Chuanchuan's cheek, Murong Shi asked, "Are you not going to write today?"

Xu Chuanchuan had decided not to keep a stockpile for her current book, so she wrote and published her chapters on the spot every day. Typically, she would be sitting in front of her computer and desperately typing away at her keyboard at this time. However, because she wanted to celebrate Murong Shi's birthday today, she had left a message in her book's comment section earlier today stating that she was taking the day off and would be doing a double release tomorrow instead.

After returning from the birthday celebration, Xu Chuanchuan checked her book's comment section and found that many new comments had already drowned out her comment. Worried that there might be people who had missed the notice, she also made an announcement in her reader group.

After Being Bent By Reader had already been recommended on the platform's front page for two consecutive weeks. The slandering post Fragrant Citrus made had also helped the novel gain a lot of attention. So, the book currently had many readers, and many new members had joined Xu Chuanchuan's reader group. A larger portion of these new members was also constantly asking for her and "Passerby Shi" to share more details about their love life.

It was naturally a good thing for many people to like her book. Xu Chuanchuan also wanted to have more interactions with her readers to maintain her book's popularity. However, when she thought about how Fragrant Citrus's sub-account might still be stalking in her reader group, she couldn't help but worry her actions might stir up another argument. So, she decided to maintain a low profile for now.

Meanwhile, when the readers in the group chat found out that Xu Chuanchuan was going to celebrate Murong Shi's birthday, they instantly drowned out her announcement with a flood of messages. Although there were too many messages for Xu Chuanchuan to read, she still vaguely saw a certain reader's message.

Before thoroughly drowning in pleasure, Xu Chuanchuan weakly pushed against the person on top of her. Then, she took a deep breath and said, "They told me to push you down tonight."

Murong Shi, who was removing Xu Chuanchuan's shirt, paused. Then, she asked, "What did you say?"

Xu Chuanchuan had already gotten used to being on the receiving end during their nightly activities, so she found it truly embarrassing to talk about such a topic. It would be much better if she took direct action instead.

After calming her rapidly beating heart, Xu Chuanchuan pushed Murong Shi down and got on top of the latter without hesitation. Then, she planted a kiss on Murong Shi's lips before saying, "Let me do it tonight."

A playful smile appeared on Murong Shi's face as she looked up at the person above her. Then, after gently caressing Xu Chuanchuan's waist, she relaxed her arms and said, "I'm feeling a little tired anyway, so go ahead."

Xu Chuanchuan leaned down to kiss Murong Shi. While doing so, she did not let her hands stay idle as she lifted Murong Shi's nightgown, revealing the lace thong Murong Shi wore underneath.

Xu Chuanchuan instantly felt her heartbeat accelerating. The underwear had so little fabric that it might as well not exist. Just as she was about to remove the underwear as well, she suddenly thought of something.

Murong Shi felt a little chilly when the air conditioner's cold air landed on her bare thighs, so she rubbed her knees against Xu Chuanchuan's waist for some warmth. While doing so, she playfully said, "Go on."

However, instead of proceeding as told, Xu Chuanchuan slid out of bed, leaving Murong Shi partially undressed on the bed. Then, she walked to the wardrobe with her bare feet and began rummaging through it.

Murong Shi sat up on the bed and looked at Xu Chuanchuan in confusion. "What are you looking for?"

Less than half a minute later, Xu Chuanchuan ran back to the bed with a few pieces of black fabric and straps in her hands. Then, she smiled and said, "I nearly forgot about the cat costume I bought you."


The costume retained a faint scent of laundry detergent after being washed. The fabric also felt pleasant to the touch. The decorative tail, in particular, felt very fluffy and realistic. While rubbing her face against the furry tail, Xu Chuanchuan said, "It feels so soft and nice."

"..." Murong Shi let out a helpless sigh. Then, she extended a hand and said, "Give it to me, then."

However, Xu Chuanchuan deliberately avoided Murong Shi and excitedly said, "I'll help you put it on!"

Murong Shi had already promised to wear the costume, so she took the initiative to strip herself naked and let Xu Chuanchuan "tie" those pieces of fabric to her body.

With Murong Shi's willing cooperation, it took no time at all for Xu Chuanchuan to complete Murong Shi's "transformation."

The cat costume gave Murong Shi a truly sultry look. The ears on her head and the tail on her buttocks were especially eye-catching. And although Murong Shi had initially protested against wearing the ears and tail, as they were the costume's highlights, Xu Chuanchuan put them on her regardless of her opinion.

After getting a full view of Murong Shi's attire, Xu Chuanchuan couldn't help but gulp and exclaimed, "How beautiful. I don't even dare to touch you now."

Murong Shi disliked fur. Even though the tail was loosely hanging off of her waist, she felt as if a heavy object was tied to her back. She also couldn't help but stiffen when the furry thing brushed against her bare skin. Then, while maintaining a smile on her face, she asked, "I've worn it already. Can I take it off now?"

"No can do! You haven't performed yet!"


While tiptoeing and touching the cat ears on Murong Shi's head, Xu Chuanchuan said, "Now that you're wearing a cat costume, of course you need to act like a cat. Otherwise, what's the point of buying this thing?"

"So this is your true goal," Murong Shi said, the corners of her mouth twitching.

Xu Chuanchuan did not refute Murong Shi's words. While sliding a finger across Murong Shi's attractive collarbone, she said, "Come, meow like a cat."


"Come on, come on~ I know you're skilled at it~" Xu Chuanchuan said as she scratched Murong Shi's chin as if she were playing with a cat.

Murong Shi's throat moved a little as she grabbed her lover's misbehaving hand. Then, she bent her knees, put her mouth right beside Xu Chuanchuan's ear, and softly purred.

"Did you enjoy it?" Murong Shi asked.

Xu Chuanchuan instantly felt her entire body heating up, and she hurriedly nodded her head.

Murong Shi softly smiled at this sight. Then, she held Xu Chuanchuan's head with both hands and began gently licking Xu Chuanchuan's lips, nose, eyes, and face before returning to her lips once more…

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