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ABBR - Chapter 88-Pt.1

Even the ever-calm Murong Shi did not expect such a dramatic scene to take place. Hurriedly, she pushed Fragrant Citrus away and pulled her frightened lover behind her. Then, Murong Shi, Xu Chuanchuan, and Jiang Shaohua all looked at the center of Fragrant Citrus's face with complicated expressions.

The nose, which had initially looked straight and pristine, was now beaten to the side and wobbling. It looked as if it would break off with the slightest of touch, and it was truly a horrific sight.

As if Fragrant Citrus's pain receptors had failed to function properly, quite some time had passed before she realized that she had been hit. However, she didn't have the time to care about this right now. When she heard Xu Chuanchuan bringing up her nose, she panicked and tried touching it with her hand. Then, after falling into a daze for a second, she yelled out in horror, "My nose! My nose!"

After steadying his posture, Jiang Shaohua pointed at Fragrant Citrus's nose and cursed with disgust, "Fuck! You're actually artificial!"

Fragrant Citrus paid no attention to Jiang Shaohua's words. Her facial features contorting, she glared at Xu Chuanchuan and bellowed, "I...I'll kill you!"

Xu Chuanchuan never expected her slap to yield such results, either. Shuddering, she tightly held onto Murong Shi's arm and said, "I'm sorry, I…"

"No need to apologize to her," Murong Shi flatly said while shielding Xu Chuanchuan with her body.

After being disfigured, Fragrant Citrus couldn't be bothered to keep up her image anymore as she desperately lunged and clawed at Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan.

Murong Shi was already prepared to defend herself and her lover. However, before she could take action, Jiang Shaohua had effortlessly subdued Fragrant Citrus.

Although Jiang Shaohua didn't know the exact cause of this situation, he had a good understanding of Murong Shi's personality. His childhood friend definitely wasn't the type to start a fight with someone else for no reason. There was bound to be something strange going on.

On one side stood his childhood friend, whom he had a great understanding of and whose family's interests were tied to his own family's interests. On the other side stood his bed partner, whom he didn't even know had artificial facial features. If Jiang Shaohua were to pick a side, he would definitely choose the former.

In an attempt to quell the situation, Jiang Shaohua embraced Fragrant Citrus and said, "Alright, alright, stop making trouble."

Upon hearing Jiang Shaohua's words, Fragrant Citrus turned around and glared at the man with reddened eyes. Then, in a sobbing voice, she yelled, "Young Master Jiang, are you just going to let them bully me like this?"

If it was a beautiful woman flirting and acting weak in front of him, Jiang Shaohua's heart would've probably softened. However, Fragrant Citrus's current appearance was something he didn't even dare to look at. So, he simply looked at Murong Shi and said, "She dares to bully even me. How am I supposed to help you?"

"You!" Fragrant Citrus grew angry and frustrated when she realized that she couldn't rely on the only man in the room. Then, she pointed at Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan, yelling, "I'm going to sue you for malicious harm! I'm going to have you compensate for my loss!"

Xu Chuanchuan couldn't help but shudder when she heard Fragrant Citrus's hoarse voice. Then, she anxiously looked at Murong Shi and asked, "What should we do?"

After giving a pat on Xu Chuanchuan's hand, Murong Shi frankly said to Fragrant Citrus, "Sure, we'll pay."

Fragrant Citrus was momentarily stunned when she heard the other party readily agreeing to her demands. However, when she realized that she had just suffered a huge humiliation, she added, "Do you think it's over just because you pay? On what basis are you allowed to hit people for no reason? I'm going to sue you! I'm going to call the police!"

In response, Murong Shi calmly said, "It'll only be regarded as a civil dispute even if you call the police. We will compensate you for whatever you deserve. Rather than continuing to make noise here, I advise you to go to a hospital and get surgery done first."

Fragrant Citrus felt that Murong Shi was trying to evade the topic, so she yelled, "Why are you so arrogant after hitting someone?!"

At this time, Jiang Shaohua turned Fragrant Citrus toward him and said, "I think she's right. You should hurry to the hospital. Just look at your nose; even the skin has torn already. My god, how disgusting."

Jiang Shaohua's words frightened Fragrant Citrus. Then, while sticking her sharp nails into his flesh, she pleaded, "Young Master Jiang, I'm scared. Can you go with me?"

Accompanying a woman to the hospital for plastic surgery was simply too shameful. There was no way Jiang Shaohua would do such a thing. After letting his eyes wander around for a moment, he said, "I'm very busy; the company needs me. Who would sign the papers if I leave? How about I find someone else to go with you?"

After saying so, Jiang Shaohua began dragging Fragrant Citrus out of the office.

Now that her face looked like something that came out of a horror film, how could Fragrant Citrus possibly dare let other people see her? So, she desperately dragged her feet and said, "I'm not going! I'm not!"

Jiang Shaohua gradually lost his patience in this situation. Eventually, he raised his voice and yelled, "Little Yue, come in!"

In less than three seconds, a knock came from the door, the door opened, and someone entered the office. Little Yue, Jiang Shaohua's secretary, had constantly been keeping tabs on the situation inside her boss's office. When she started hearing noise coming from the office, she had guessed that a fight had probably ensued in the room. However, never did she think that the fight would be so intense and...peculiar.

Murong Shi, the "official girlfriend" who should have been furious, was standing at the side behaving as if she was a bystander in the room; Xu Chuanchuan, who looked to be Murong Shi's assistant, hid behind Murong Shi like a child who had just made a mistake; Jiang Shaohua, who was tightly holding onto Fragrant Citrus's waist, surprisingly wasn't flirting; As for the "mistress" Fragrant Citrus…

Upon paying closer attention, Little Yue immediately had her attention attracted toward Fragrant Citrus's bent nose and exclaimed, "Heavens! This is…"

Seeing Little Yue's reaction, Fragrant Citrus hurriedly covered her face out of embarrassment.

Little Yue had seen many things in her life, but this was the first time she had come across a fight that had resulted in someone's nose being bent. Fortunately, her professionalism kicked in, and she retracted her surprised expression and said, "Young Master Jiang, what are your orders?"

Jiang Shaohua did not waste time with words. Pointing at the woman in his arms with his chin, he said, "She's injured. Bring her to the hospital immediately."

At this point, Little Yue guessed that Fragrant Citrus's injury should be related to Murong Shi. Hence, she couldn't help but hesitate in executing Jiang Shaohua's command. After all, doing so would be akin to taking the "mistress" for treatment right in front of the "official girlfriend." Wouldn't Murong Shi grow angry in such a situation?

Little Yue was troubled by this situation. She couldn't afford to offend either Jiang Shaohua or Murong Shi. So, she secretly snuck a glance at Murong Shi. Only after seeing Murong Shi was showing no reactions did she dare agree, saying, "Alright. Miss Sweet Melon, please follow me."

However, Fragrant Citrus refused to move.

Sighing, Jiang Shaohua removed his coat and used it to cover Fragrant Citrus's head. Then, she said, "Alright, no one can see it now."

But wouldn't this make her draw even more attention? Little Yue couldn't help but wonder if Jiang Shaohua was doing this on purpose. However, she also dared not laugh in this situation.

Looking through the opening in the coat, Fragrant Citrus glared at Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan and threatened, "Just you wait! I'll make you pay!"

Unfazed by the threat, Murong Shi said, "Remember to bring the receipt."

Murong Shi's reaction incited Fragrant Citrus's hatred even further. If she wasn't worried about her nose, Fragrant Citrus would've wanted nothing more than to tear up Murong Shi's face.

Little Yue noticed that something was amiss with Fragrant Citrus's expression. To prevent any further problems from happening, she forcibly pushed Fragrant Citrus out of the office, though not forgetting to close the door on her way out.

Xu Chuanchuan still couldn't calm down even after Fragrant Citrus had left. While patting her chest, she said, "I didn't think her nose would end up like that. I wouldn't have hit her if I knew something like that would happen."

Shrugging, Murong Shi said, "An eye for an eye. She harmed you first, so it's only fair you get to hit her."

"But her nose…" Xu Chuanchuan looked at her palm. Seeing that it was neither red nor swollen, she muttered, "I didn't actually use much strength just now."

At this time, Jiang Shaohua laughed out loud and interjected, "Had you used a little more strength, even her chin might've fallen off. You're Xu Xiangxiang's elder sister, right? You look like a little white rabbit. I didn't think you could be so ferocious when pressed."

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

Then, Jiang Shaohua turned to Murong Shi and asked, "Murong, what's up with this situation? What's with the fiancée and girlfriend thing? Haven't we broken up long ago? Did that Sweet Melon offend you before?"

"Mhm," Murong Shi blandly responded.

Although Jiang Shaohua had long since had his suspicions, he still couldn't help but be surprised by Murong Shi's answer. "Have you two met before? How did she offend you?"

This situation involved many matters, and Murong Shi found it inconvenient to explain everything to Jiang Shaohua. So, she ambiguously said, "She knows best how she offended me."

It was impossible to grasp a woman's thoughts, so Jiang Shaohua tactfully stopped asking. Then, he switched back to his slouchy appearance and said, "The beauty in my arms turned into an ugly witch as soon as you arrived. Now that I don't have anyone to accompany me anymore, what do you think I should do?"

Murong Shi rolled her eyes at Jiang Shaohua and ignored the man.

Seeing no response from Murong Shi, Jiang Shaohua looked toward Xu Chuanchuan, who seemed friendlier, and revealed a playful smile. Then, he asked, "How about you accompany me?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

Murong Shi stepped in front of Xu Chuanchuan without hesitation and blocked Jiang Shaohua's prying eyes. Then, she coldly said, "If your father finds out that you brought a dubious woman to the company during working hours, how do you think he would react?"

"..." Jiang Shaohua was rendered speechless.

"I'll pay for that woman's hospital fees. Have your secretary send me a bill once everything's settled."

"Since when did you become so generous?" Jiang Shaohua joyfully asked.

Sneering, Murong Shi said, "If I had known her face was so fragile, I should've had Chuanchuan send two kicks at her stomach instead.

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

"What if there's a child in her stomach? What would you do if your kick ended up killing the kid?" Jiang Shaohua jokingly asked.

Failing to get the joke, Xu Chuanchuan exclaimed, "She's pregnant?! Don't tell me it's yours?!"

"I'm just speaking hypothetically," Jiang Shaohua said. After a slight pause, he continued in a contemptuous tone, "I've seen plenty of women like her. I might fool around with her, but there's no way I'll have a child with her."

Although Fragrant Citrus isn't a good person, this Jiang Shaohua is also a human scum… Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together, Xu Chuanchuan thought to herself.

Then, Jiang Shaohua cast a wink at Xu Chuanchuan and said, "I quite like pure and unpretentious women like you as well. How about you be my girlfriend? I promise I'll be nice to you."

"Jiang Shaohua, are you tired of living?" Murong Shi sent Jiang Shaohua a sharp glare.

"What did I do?"

Holding Xu Chuanchuan's hand, Murong Shi said, "We're going back."

"What's the rush? Let's talk some more. I'll treat you two to dinner after work."

"No need." Putting on a solemn expression, Murong Shi said, "Sorry for coming uninvited today."

Jiang Shaohua chuckled when he heard Murong Shi's apology. "What are you talking about? What do you mean uninvited? You have 10% of this company's shares."

Murong Shi did not deny Jiang Shaohua's words.

Seeing Murong Shi's resolute attitude, Jiang Shaohua simply waved his hand and said, "Alright, then. I won't keep you here. Goodbye."

"By the way." Just as Murong Shi was about to reach the door, she suddenly stopped and asked, "How much do you know about that Sweet Melon?"

Jiang Shaohua had already returned to his seat. While fiddling with a pen, he pondered for a moment before saying, "I didn't even know her nose was fake. Not to mention, I'm just playing around with her. She sleeps with me while I give her money. We're just taking what we need from each other. I'm not trying to take her in as my wife, so why must I know so much about her?"

After hearing Jiang Shaohua's explicit and blatant remark, Xu Chuanchuan felt her contempt for the man increasing a little more. However, after putting more thought into the matter, she realized that Jiang Shaohua's words weren't without reason. If Fragrant Citrus intended on being his girlfriend, then why would she have him give her money after having sex with him?

What a messy relationship, Xu Chuanchuan thought to herself.

After staying silent for a moment, Murong Shi said, "Since you don't mind, pretend I never said anything."

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