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ABBR - Chapter 87-Pt.2

"You'll know in a moment. Once you're done applying for leave, take the railway and come to Bright Grid. I'll wait for you at the front desk."

Bright Grid was S City's largest real estate company, and Murong Shi's father was the company's second biggest shareholder. Murong Shi had previously worked at Bright Grid but switched to her current workplace afterward to prove herself and break free from Sun An's protection. Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan would frequently drive past Bright Grid's company building when they went on dates, but Murong Shi had never bothered sparing it a glance.

Since Murong is having me apply for leave, it should be something urgent. But what could be the reason? Is it to meet her father? Xu Chuanchuan wondered. But if we're going to come out of the closet, shouldn't Murong discuss it with me beforehand?

Wait, could her father have found out about our relationship? Is he threatening her and stopping her from coming back? So, is she asking me to go save her???

In a matter of seconds, Xu Chuanchuan had thought up numerous possibilities. However, none of them were positive situations.

Not daring to waste time, Xu Chuanchuan hurriedly looked for her department chief and applied for a temporary leave. Fortunately, her department chief did not question the random excuse she made up and only told her to hurry back once she was done with her affairs.

Then, after running to Human Resources and dropping off her leave application, Xu Chuanchuan dashed toward the subway station and made her way to Bright Grid.

It took only a few minutes by train to reach Bright Grid. After exiting the station, Xu Chuanchuan frantically ran for Bright Grid's building, afraid that something terrible would happen if she was even one second late.

However, when Xu Chuanchuan rushed into the lobby while panting, she found Murong Shi leisurely sitting on a sofa and sipping on a cup of coffee.


Seeing Xu Chuanchuan's arrive, Murong Shi set down her coffee and walked toward her lover. When she saw the sweat covering the other party's forehead, she frowned and asked, "Why didn't you use an umbrella?"

"I was in a hurry and forgot," Xu Chuanchuan said while looking at Murong Shi in a daze. "What did you call me here for?"

Instead of responding, Murong Shi dragged Xu Chuanchuan into a private elevator. Only after making sure that nobody was around did she say, "Thankfully, that woman still hasn't left."

"What woman?"

"Fragrant Citrus," Murong Shi said. While wiping Xu Chuanchuan's sweat with a napkin, she continued, "She's in Jiang Shaohua's office right now."

"Don't tell me you called me here to have a frontal confrontation with her?!" Xu Chuanchuan exclaimed.

Murong Shi didn't know whether to laugh or cry at Xu Chuanchuan's reaction. "What's the point in having a frontal confrontation? You also don't need to let her know you're I Love Malatang."

Puzzled, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "What did you call me here for, then?"

Murong Shi pondered for a moment and said, "You don't need to say or do anything. Just stand aside and quietly watch the show afterward."

"Watch the show???"

Xu Chuanchuan wanted to ask more questions, but they had already reached their floor, and the elevator doors had opened.

As the only daughter of the company's second biggest shareholder, Murong Shi was able to reach the ninth floor and enter the office area unhindered.

Murong Shi's tall figure and inherent temperament made her a magnet for attention. The moment she appeared in the office area, some people immediately recognized her and greeted her. Murong Shi nodded in response to these greetings, but her feet did not stop as she led Xu Chuanchuan straight to Jiang Shaohua's office.

—"Who's that?"

—"You're new here, right? That's Miss Murong! Director Sun's daughter."

—"So this is Director Sun's daughter? She's so beautiful. But why does Director Sun's daughter have a different surname than him?"

—"How would I know?"

—"Who's the person walking behind Miss Murong?"

—"Probably her assistant?"

—"That's strange. Miss Murong has already disappeared from the company for half a year. Why is she suddenly back again? Could it be…"

—"Did she find out that Young Master Jiang has brought another woman to the company?"

—"Wao—This is going to be interesting!"

Although there were people whispering behind them, Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan did not hear what they said. When they arrived in front of Jiang Shaohua's office, Jiang Shaohua's female secretary hurriedly ran over to stop them. "M-M-Miss Murong, y-y-you're back?"

The secretary's reaction was much more intense compared to the front desk's receptionist. Seeing the secretary, Murong Shi said in a familiar tone, "Hello, Little Yue. I'm here to look for Jiang Shaohua."

While sneaking peeks at the tightly shut door behind her, the secretary stammered, "Young Master Jiang is… He is currently…"

"I know there's another woman inside," Murong Shi casually interrupted.

Secretary: "..."

Pushing the secretary aside, Murong Shi said, "Go back to your work; no need to notify him."

Now that Jiang Shaohua's official girlfriend had arrived, and the other party had a powerful father, there was no way the secretary would dare to stop Murong Shi. Hence, she fled back to her office without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Murong Shi made a cursory knock on the door.

"Enter." A man's voice came through the door, mixed with a woman's demure voice.

Murong Shi snorted when she heard the woman's voice. Then, she opened the door and entered the office with Xu Chuanchuan behind her.

The scene inside the office was much more eye-catching than Murong Shi imagined.

The woman named Sweet Melon was currently seated on Jiang Shaohua's desk, and her skirt was lifted to the point where it was revealing part of her hips. While wrapping her arms around Jiang Shaohua's neck, she sweetly smiled and said, "Someone's here; hurry up and let me down."

Both Jiang Shaohua and Sweet Melon had their backs facing the door, so they didn't see who had entered the room. In response to Sweet Melon's urging, Jiang Shaohua pinched her buttocks and frivolously said, "What are you afraid of? It's only my secretary."

Murong Shi did not call out Jiang Shaohua immediately. Instead, she turned around and found several pairs of eyes staring in her direction. When these spectators saw her turning around, they guiltily retracted their gazes and returned to work. Then, Murong Shi softly closed the door and signaled for Xu Chuanchuan to keep quiet.

After not hearing anything for some time, Jiang Shaohua impatiently said, "What other documents do you need me to sign? Just bring everything to me."

Murong Shi silently dragged Xu Chuanchuan to a sofa and sat down. Then, she lazily said, "There are no documents. You two can continue."

Upon hearing the voice that clearly did not belong to his secretary, Jiang Shaohua snapped his head around and gaped in shock. "Murong???"

With a look of interest on her face, Murong Shi asked, "Did I interrupt your fun?"

Jiang Shaohua did not answer. Instead, he quickly picked Sweet Melon off of the table.

Sweet Melon felt a little embarrassed when she saw two unfamiliar women suddenly entering the office. Without even seeing what the other party looked like, she quickly hid behind Jiang Shaohua and tidied up her messy clothing.

However, seemingly having gotten used to such situations, Jiang Shaohua straightened his tie and leisurely walked over to Murong Shi. "Well, this is a first. What brings you here today?"

Murong Shi looked over Jiang Shaohua and stared at the woman behind him. Then, she put on a sarcastic smile and said, "I'm here to catch a fox."

"Catch what fox?" Jiang Shaohua asked in confusion.

Murong Shi stood up and walked up to the woman behind Jiang Shaohua. Then, she began unscrupulously scrutinizing Sweet Melon—also known as Fragrant Citrus.

From what Murong Shi could tell, Fragrant Citrus looked a lot more beautiful in person than in the pictures she shared online. Setting aside whether Fragrant Citrus had gotten any plastic surgery done before, she was undoubtedly a beauty if one judged her purely based on her facial features. In addition, she also had a body with perfect proportions. Combined with her revealing clothing, she just so happened to fit Jiang Shaohua's taste for women.

As Murong Shi was wearing high heels, she was much taller than Fragrant Citrus. While looking down at the other party, she said, "Flirting in the office? You really know how to have fun."

Fragrant Citrus had heard of Jiang Shaohua's womanizing behavior before. She had even seen many of his rumored girlfriends. Hence, she suspected that Murong Shi was also one of Jiang Shaohua's many girlfriends. However, she also couldn't help but doubt her judgment as Murong Shi's temperament was different from Jiang Shaohua's other women. Moreover, the woman before her wore a cold expression. There was also a sharp look in her eyes. At a glance, it was obvious that Murong Shi had not come here with good intentions.

Realizing this fact, Fragrant Citrus timidly stuck to Jiang Shaohua's back. Then, she carefully asked, "Young Master Jiang, who is she?"


"I'm his girlfriend," Murong Shi coldly stated.

Looking at Murong Shi as if he had just seen a ghost, Jiang Shaohua said, "Haven't we already—"

Murong Shi held Jiang Shaohua's mouth and stopped the latter from speaking. Then, she stared at Fragrant Citrus and asked, "And who are you?"

So she is one of his girlfriends. Then, that makes us no different from each other. No, there is a difference. After all, I'm Jiang Shaohua's favorite right now, Fragrant Citrus thought, feeling delighted with herself. Then, she smirked and said, "Why should I tell you?"

"Are all mistresses so cocky nowadays?" Murong Shi mockingly said.

Fragrant Citrus's facial muscles trembled. Then, she raised her voice and said, "Who are you calling a mistress?!"

"You, of course."

"Young Master Jiang, what is going on?"

"Mmmph…" Jiang Shaohua still had his mouth clamped shut, so he signaled for Murong Shi to release him with his eyes.

Murong Shi released Jiang Shaohua's mouth in response. However, before the man could say anything, she said, "Everyone in this building knows that Jiang Shaohua and I are engaged. I am his fiancée, so what are you?"

"Murong, what are you…"

"You shut up," Murong Shi ordered in a lukewarm tone.

Jiang Shaohua: "..." Can someone tell me what is going on?

At this time, Jiang Shaohua finally noticed Xu Chuanchuan, who stood behind Murong Shi. So, he cast a questioning look at the other party.

However, Xu Chuanchuan shrugged and expressed that she, too, was confused by this situation.

Meanwhile, Fragrant Citrus couldn't help but be shocked when she saw Jiang Shaohua obediently listening to Murong Shi's words. I heard that Jiang Shaohua had a fiancée, but didn't they say that she went abroad for further studies? Why is she back so soon?

Fragrant Citrus's confidence plummeted after this revelation. Then, she anxiously looked at Jiang Shaohua for help. "Young Master Jiang, I…"

"Don't expect him to help you," Murong Shi mercilessly interrupted Fragrant Citrus. Then, with a stern look in her eyes, she continued, "I'm going to teach you what the consequences are for snatching someone else's man today!"

As soon as Murong Shi finished speaking, she raised a hand into the air.

Fragrant Citrus's complexion paled upon seeing this, and she hurriedly tried to run away. However, Murong Shi swiftly caught her hands and held her in place.

Seeing this, Jiang Shaohua couldn't help but feel a little pity for Fragrant Citrus, so he said, "Murong, aren't you—"

However, Jiang Shaohua quickly shut his mouth after receiving a glare from Murong Shi.

"You, come here," Murong Shi said toward Xu Chuanchuan, who was idly standing behind her.

"What?" The situation had developed too quickly, so Xu Chuanchuan couldn't make sense of the situation at all.

"You crazy woman! Let go of me!" Fragrant Citrus struggled and screamed. Unfortunately, Murong Shi was taller than her and had longer arms. Most importantly, Murong Shi had much greater strength than she did, so she couldn't break free from Murong Shi's restraint at all.

Meanwhile, Murong Shi leaned into Xu Chuanchuan's ear and whispered, "She slandered you twice, so slap her twice. Hurry!"

She wants me to hit her???

Xu Chuanchuan had never even thought of doing such a thing. So, she widened her eyes in disbelief and instinctively shook her head.

Seeing this, Murong Shi said, "Think about the several hundred point reductions. Can you stomach this grudge? You won't get another chance like this if you don't act now."

Something snapped in Xu Chuanchuan's mind. Triggered by the words "point reduction," she stepped forward, raised a hand, and sent a slap flying at Fragrant Citrus's face.


A crisp sound echoed throughout the room. However, instead of hitting Fragrant Citrus's face, Xu Chuanchuan had mistakenly struck the other party's chin instead…

"You are going too far! What right do you have to hit me?! Young Master Jiang, save me!" Fragrant Citrus cried out in horror.

"..." Jiang Shaohua quietly watched the fight between the three women.

"That's not loud enough! Hit her harder for me!" Murong Shi said, her voice laced with killing intent. If one wasn't in the know, one would think that Murong Shi really was here to expose her boyfriend's mistress.

This is too crazy.

Xu Chuanchuan had never slapped another person before, so she couldn't help but shrink back a little after her first attempt. However, Murong Shi's words quickly encouraged her and changed her mind.

Moreover, when Xu Chuanchuan looked at the cursing woman in front of her and thought back to the slandering posts the other party made, a strong sense of disgust welled up within her.

After taking a deep breath, Xu Chuanchuan held Fragrant Citrus's chin with one hand and concentrated all of her strength into her other hand. Then, she ruthlessly sent her hand flying at Fragrant Citrus's face.


Accompanied by Fragrant Citrus's scream, a loud and crisp sound echoed throughout the office.

After landing her second slap, Xu Chuanchuan found herself shuddering in excitement. She never thought that slapping an enemy would feel so liberating and exhilarating. However, before she could sort out her emotions, she was given a scare by the sight in front of her. Gasping, she said, "Y-Your nose!"

"Holy shit—" Jiang Shaohua, who was enjoying the show from the sidelines, was similarly given a fright. Then, while pointing at Fragrant Citrus's crooked nose, he yelled, "What the hell is that?!"

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