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NETS - Chapter 118 – Oriole

Lu Ping let Senior Martial Brother Zhao wear down the water wall to a thin layer, the water wall was on the verge of breaking.

Yet, Lu Ping simply ignored his breaking defense. He continued to cast the Soaring Wing Swords into endless waves of attacks at Junior Martial Brother Wang. He was obviously fighting like a trapped animal.

To the two cultivators, Lu Ping would soon be surrounded by the crowd. He would be under their heavy attacks and killed on the scene.

But suddenly, a huge iron stamp seal appeared in the sky and smashed towards Junior Martial Brother Wang's protective light shield.

They never thought Lu Ping, who was just a Third Layer Blood Condensation Realm, could cast three high-grade mystic instruments simultaneously. But although unexpected, it wasn’t as surprising after witnessing Lu Ping’s Landslide during their pursuit.

Despite Junior Martial Brother Wang’s shock, he didn’t panic because he had by his side Senior Martial Brother Zhao, who was a Late Bloo…

Written by SleepingAutumn. Translated by RD. Edited by Milkbiscuit, Immortal BloodRogue.