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ABBR - Chapter 84-Pt.2

To no one's surprise, when Xu Chuanchuan came out of the shower and climbed on the bed, she was the one who got stripped instead. Then, with her limbs sprawled out on the bed, Xu Chuanchuan gasped for air as she complained, "You liar."

Unfortunately, Xu Chuanchuan's voice sounded weak and not threatening at all. With a smirk on her face, Murong Shi circled her forefinger around one of Xu Chuanchuan's breasts. Then, she suddenly lowered her head and enveloped it in her mouth.

"..." Xu Chuanchuan's resistance collapsed in the blink of an eye, her mind drowning in pleasure.

Murong Shi's phone rang amidst their lovemaking. However, neither of them paid any attention to it.

After the deed, Murong Shi pulled Xu Chuanchuan out of bed and dragged her to the bathroom. On the way out, she also took a look at her phone and saw that Fang Qin had called her. Without much thought, she called the other party and asked, "What do you want?"

Pretending to be surprised, Fang Qin asked, "It's been an hour already. Did I interrupt your fun time just now?"

"Do you have any business, or not?"

"Actually, it's nothing particularly important. I'm leaving on a business trip tomorrow, so I wanted to ask you to help me take care of my little cuties."

"Little cuties?"

"The fish I'm raising."


Xu Chuanchuan only managed to hear parts of the conversation. When she saw Murong Shi hanging up the phone with a complicated expression, she curiously asked, "Is Fang Qin going on another trip?"

"She says she's going on a business trip for a few days."

"Where is she going?"

"She didn't say."


It was fortunate Murong Shi did not ask. Otherwise, Fang Qin wouldn't have any idea how she should answer.

A few days ago, Fang Qin suddenly got the urge to raise fish, so she went to a pet shop and bought a few. She also bought them a half-meter fish tank that currently sat on the shelf in the living room.

Unfortunately, it was suddenly decided today that she had to go on an impromptu business trip tomorrow. Worried that her fish would starve to death during her absence, she had no choice but to ask Murong Shi for help.

Fang Qin had also booked her plane ticket online today. After packing her luggage, she pulled out her phone to recheck her flight schedule.

The flight was at 8:15 AM, and the plane would be flying from S City to Shanghai. This meant that she would have to wake up very early tomorrow.

Fang Qin couldn't help but have complicated feelings at the thought of flying back to Shanghai less than a week after leaving the city.

Why Shanghai? This could only be chalked up to coincidence.

After returning to the country, Fang Qin had gone job hunting for two months without any luck. One day, she bumped into her university roommate, Zhu Chen. After conversing with her friend, Fang Qin found out that Zhu Chen and her husband had started an advertisement company together, and the company was currently hiring. So, Fang Qin ended up receiving an invitation to work at the company.

Because of this relationship, Fang Qin managed to unconditionally take a few weeks off to go travel.

Zhu Chen's husband mentioned that he would be leaving on a business trip during today's meeting. Initially, he had planned to bring his female secretary with him. However, after the meeting, Zhu Chen had secretly approached Fang Qin and asked, "Fang Qin, can you drop your work here for now and go with my husband on his business trip?"

Confused, Fang Qin asked, "Isn't he going with his secretary? Aren't two people enough?"

Then, Zhu Chen dragged Fang Qin into an empty office nearby and locked the door behind her. Afterward, she discreetly pointed her chin at the female secretary that was passing by outside and whispered, "They're a lone man and woman going on a business trip. I can't help but worry."

Stunned, Fang Qin pointed at herself and said, "I'm a woman as well."

Zhu Chen drew the curtains and briefly scanned Fang Qin's face. Then, she said, "You're different from her. You don't like men."

Apparently, not liking men could also be considered a kind of "advantage."

Fang Qin unnaturally turned her head away. Then, she said, "If you're worried, why don't you just go with him?"

Zhu Chen sighed in response to Fang Qin's words. Then, while rubbing her belly, she said, "I'm pregnant, so it's inconvenient for me to fly around."

"You're pregnant?" Staring at her friend's flat belly, Fang Qin said, "I can't tell. How many months has it been already?"

Zhu Chen wasn't tall. She was also a little chubby. So, when she smiled, the flesh on her cheeks would bulge, giving her a gentle look. Then, she happily said, "It's only been three weeks, so, of course, you can't see it."

Fang Qin also smiled as she said, "Congratulations."

"Thank you," Zhu Chen said. Then, she affectionately held onto Fang Qin's hands and continued, "Although my husband is an honest person, I still can't help but worry about letting other women stay around him. We've been roommates for four years, so I know I can trust you. Help me out, please?"

Fang Qin was honestly reluctant to leave so soon after she had just returned home. However, she also couldn't resist Zhu Chen's soft tactics. Not to mention, Zhu Chen was her boss, so she couldn't disobey her even if she wanted to.

"Alright, then, I'll go. But where to?"


"..." Fang Qin's mind blanked out when she heard where the business trip would be taking place. Hesitantly, she asked again, "Where?"

"Shanghai." Seeing the dazed look on her friend's face, Zhu Chen thought her friend was regretting her decision. So, she softly said, "Shanghai is a little far away, but don't worry. I'll book plane tickets for you two; you'll reach there in just two hours."

Fang Qin didn't care whether she would be traveling to Shanghai by plane or by train. She didn't even pay attention to what Zhu Chen was saying. Instead, only one thought filled her mind: That person also lives in Shanghai.

After leaving Shanghai, Fang Qin never contacted Tang Xin again. Their chat history also remained at that awkward point.

Since Tang Xin was intentionally rejecting her, there was no way Fang Qin would shamelessly continue sticking to the other party.

As Fang Qin had come to Shanghai this time for work, her mood when she left the airport was completely different. Moreover, as time was of the essence, Fang Qin had to constantly run about Shanghai every day with Zhu Chen's husband. She had no time to think about other things at all.

On the third day after they arrived in Shanghai, Zhu Chen's husband successfully secured the business deal he was aiming for. This had happened two days sooner than he expected. He had been so happy at the successful negotiation that he called his secretary on the spot to book him a flight home right on that same day. He was more than eager to fly home and share this good news with his wife.

After hanging up the call, he looked to Fang Qin and said, "Thank you for your hard work. I'll treat you to a big meal once we return."


Several minutes later, the secretary bought the plane tickets and forwarded the flight schedule to their phones. After taking a look, Fang Qin found that their plane would depart in two and a half hours.

Zhu Chen's husband smiled and said, "Since you're here already, why don't you buy some souvenirs to bring back home?"

Apart from Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi, nobody else knew that Fang Qin had flown to Shanghai. However, just as Fang Qin was about to say "Nevermind," she dismissed the notion as she suddenly thought of buying some deserts.

When Fang Qin had been wandering around Shanghai together with Xu Chuanchuan and co., they had passed by a cake shop that caught her attention. So, she decided to visit said shop.

Colorful balloons hung at the cake shop's entrance. There were also two golden bells dangling behind the glass door. So long as someone entered through the door, the bells would make a crisp sound.

The renovation is quite detailed. This probably increases the customer's desire to buy things, right? Fang Qin thought as she scrutinized the shop.

Then, a lukewarm greeting came from further inside the shop, "Welcome."

This voice…

There were rows of shelves blocking her view, so Fang Qin couldn't see the person who greeted her. Gently, she walked into the shop. Unfortunately, as she was wearing high heels, she still made a lot of noise despite walking carefully. In turn, the noise she made ended up attracting the attention of the person counting change at the cash register.

When Ange raised her head and saw the approaching woman, she couldn't help but be taken aback.

Ange instantly forgot how many banknotes she had counted thus far. As she watched the approaching woman take step after step, she stammered, "W-Why haven't you left yet?"

Fang Qin didn't think that they would reunite in such an unexpected manner. While scanning the cute apron Ange wore, Fang Qin smiled and asked, "Are you surprised?"

Ange: "..."

Recently, Xu Chuanchuan had been seeing people showing off their cats on her social media. To be precise, it was Little Yan showing off her chubby British Shorthair and Ange showing off her three beautiful Ragdolls. Whenever Xu Chuanchuan saw pictures of these cats, she couldn't help but have an itch in her heart.

Eventually, Xu Chuanchuan asked Murong Shi, "Should we raise one as well?"

However, Murong Shi furrowed her brows and said, "I don't like furry animals."

"Are you allergic to fur?"

"The one who's allergic to fur is my mother. I just dislike fur by nature; I find it troublesome."

Xu Chuanchuan curled her lips. Then, while gently poking Murong Shi's heart, she said, "The fact that you dislike animals shows that you don't have love in your heart."

Murong Shi did not get angry. Instead, she grabbed Xu Chuanchuan's hand, kissed it, and affectionately said, "I've given you my entire heart, so I don't have any excess love to spare for other things."

"Tsk, how romantic," Xu Chuanchuan said in disgust. However, despite her reaction, she still felt joyful at hearing Murong Shi's words.

"This is what you call romantic." Immediately, Murong Shi pulled apart the collar of Xu Chuanchuan's nightgown, held one side, and sucked on it.

Xu Chuanchuan gasped, feeling like her soul had just been sucked out.

"Is that romantic enough for you?"


It's even swollen… Why must you use so much force? I don't even have milk. o(╥﹏╥)o

If not for their lunch break being too short, Xu Chuanchuan suspected that a certain someone would behave even more wolfishly. Hurriedly, she covered herself with a pillow and warily hid aside.

Xu Chuanchuan felt a little depressed at being prohibited from raising a pet cat. Since she couldn't raise a live one, she decided to go on Taobao and search for a cat doll to use as decoration. However, partway through her search, she came across a bunch of strange items.


"Why aren't you sleeping yet?" Murong Shi, who had just shut her eyes, asked after having her rest interrupted.

Then, Xu Chuanchuan showed Murong Shi her phone and pointed at a certain image displayed on it. "I'm sure you'll look spectacular in this."

After looking at the image, Murong Shi pursed her lips and remained silent.

The image was of a sexy cat dress.

Without waiting for Murong Shi's reply, Xu Chuanchuan retracted her phone and happily added the item to her shopping cart.

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