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TL - Chapter 75: Wu Yu 10 (1)

Sitting at the noisy barbeque shop, with oils and smoke in the air, I felt as if everything around me was not there.

With my cigarette in hand, all I could think about was how Tan Jiao looked when she stood outside the repair shop.

Xiao Hua’s voice slowly became noticeable. “Brother Yu. Hey, Brother Yu… What are you thinking about? You seem out of it.”

“Thinking about my lady.”

The two of them were stunned, after all, they had never heard me talking about this. “Where’s your lady from?”

“Brother Yu, you didn’t go home because of her, right?”

I continued smoking and did not reply.

Xiao Hua said, “Speaking of which, brother Yu sure has some luck with the ladies. The beautiful lady that came to the shop today came to look for you the day you left the shop. She even looked sad when she heard you had resigned. How the hell did you get that kind of girl? There’s also that young married woman from the Hua Ting neighborhood. Do you remember her? She also came lookin…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.