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ABBR - Chapter 81-Pt.1

Even after Fang Qin had left, the faint smell of her shampoo still lingered in the car. To rid herself of the smell as soon as possible, Ange opened the car window.

However, when the hot wind outside blew into the car and struck her face, the discomfort she felt made her close the window immediately.

Pulling over by the roadside, Ange ruffled through her shoulder bag in irritation and pulled out a bottle of perfume. Then, she began randomly spraying the perfume around the car.

The strong perfume quickly covered up the unfamiliar scent. When Ange could no longer smell the scent of Fang Qin's shampoo, she sighed in relief. However, as she had sprayed too much perfume, the fragrant scent irritated her nose, and she ended up sneezing.

Almost at the same time, a certain someone's voice vividly echoed in her mind. "You smell nice..."

You smell nice...

You smell nice...

You smell nice…

That intoxicating voice lingered in her mind for a long time.

Suddenly, Ange felt her body heating up and her limbs going soft. Even when the perfume bottle in her hand fell to the floor, she did not look at it or pick it up.

When Ange shut her eyes, the memory of that night poured in like a tide, annihilating her sanity.

It was something that had happened five days ago, which was the day before the opening of Ange's new shop.

That day, Ange had visited her cousin's home to discuss the final details about the shop's opening. By the time she left her cousin's house, it was already late at night.

While Ange waited for a red light at a certain intersection, a figure suddenly staggered over and knocked on her car's window.

The night was tranquil, and there were almost no cars and pedestrians on the street. Hence, the sudden appearance of a person by her window gave Ange the scare of her life.

Upon turning to the window, Ange found a drunk woman with messy hair erratically knocking on the window, the woman's mouth making random mutterings.

Less than half of the 90-second red light had gone by. Unable to stand incessant knocks, Ange rolled down the car window.

The smell of alcohol drifted into the car along with a gentle breeze. Ange frowned at the smell, her body moving further away from the window to avoid making any physical contact with the drunk woman.

Meanwhile, seeing the window disappearing, the drunkard said, "Driver, I...I'm getting on, so please…open the door."

Driver??? Does my jeep look like a taxi to you???

Ange didn't know where this drunk woman appeared from. She also wasn't a good samaritan, so she coldly said, "You are mistaken. My car isn't a taxi."

"I'll give you...give you money," the drunkard said, seemingly failing to understand Ange's words as she began struggling with her shoulder bag. A short moment later, she said, "Why isn't the zipper opening… Driver—burp—gimme a second."

Give you a second? I don't have the time for that.

The traffic light in front turned green, and Ange promptly rolled up the car window. However, as soon as Ange stepped on the accelerator, the drunk woman suddenly pounced at the car at a baffling speed and tightly held onto the car's wing mirror while shouting, "Don't...Don't go!"

Ange was terrified by the woman's suicidal behavior, and she hurriedly slammed on the brakes. Then, she rolled down the window and angrily bellowed, "Are you insane?! Are you tired of living?!"

Unfortunately, there was no way a drunkard would know what danger was. Upon seeing the car stopping again, the woman revealed a silly smile and said, "I want to...go back to my hotel."

"Get a taxi, then! Can't you see this is a private vehicle?!"

Upon hearing Ange's words, the drunk woman began scrutinizing the car she was holding onto. Then, she turned back to look at Ange's angry face. After staring at each other for several seconds, the drunk woman muttered, "Hah— How fierce."

Ange: "..."

As a passing breeze struck her, the drunk woman seemingly regained her consciousness. Then, she loosened her hold over the wing mirror, apologized to Ange, and began wobbling away by herself.

However, to Ange's surprise, the drunk woman didn't walk away from the car. Instead, the drunkard had stumbled to the front of the car. Then, after walking another two steps, the drunkard staggered and fell to the ground.

Ange thoroughly despaired at this situation, and she couldn't help but wonder to herself, Did I come across a scammer?

This wasn't an impossible scenario. In the current chaotic society, the number of scammers was increasing by the day. Hence, Ange promptly grew alert.

Seeing that there were no cars behind her, Ange put the car into reverse and turned the steering wheel; she planned to bypass the drunk woman using the other lane.

However, just as she was about to switch lanes, the woman on the ground suddenly climbed up. Ange failed to react in time to this sudden turn of events, and the side of her car brushed past the drunk woman's body.

The woman fell to the ground once more.

I'm screwed.

Ange fell into a panic. Hurriedly, she unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car to check on the woman.

Upon seeing the drunk woman struggling to stand up, Ange hurriedly moved over and helped her, asking, "Are you hurt anywhere?"

The drunk woman shook her head and did not speak.

She's fine?

Did I not meet a scammer??? Ange was confused.

Having run out of patience to reason with the drunkard, Ange dragged the woman to the side of the road. Meanwhile, the woman tightly held onto Ange's arm and stared at the latter with bloodshot eyes. Then, she said, "Don't be scared. I...I'm not a bad guy."

Ange: "..."

Ange couldn't care less whether the drunk woman was good or bad. All she wanted to do right now was to go home.

Ange felt relieved after verifying that the drunk woman was unhurt. Then, she broke away from the woman and patiently said, "There are still a lot of taxis operating at this hour. Just wait here for a while."

"Don't go…" The woman suddenly embraced Ange.

Ange was dumbfounded. What is she on to now?

Immediately, Ange tried to push the woman's arms away. However, when she met with the woman's eyes, she was stunned.

The woman was crying. Without making a sound, tears poured out of the woman's eyes.

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you…" This was the first time Ange had come across such a situation, and she couldn't help but be at a loss on what to do.

Meanwhile, the woman slid down along Ange's body and sat on the ground. Then, while holding onto Ange's legs, the woman began wailing like a baby.

Should I call the police? Ange hesitated. But will the police even care about such a situation?

As it so happened, a taxi drove by at this time, so Ange hurriedly waved at it. However, to Ange's dismay, the taxi had simply driven past them for some reason.

Ange: "..."

By now, Ange's trousers had already become soaked. Upon sensing the woman's hot tears making contact with her skin, Ange looked down.

She's drinking by herself late at night and crying to such an extent… If she's not a scammer, then...

Ange crouched down. When she saw the tears streaming down the drunk woman's face, her heart softened as she asked, "Did you fight with your boyfriend? Or did you just go through a break-up?"

In response, the woman lowered her head and muttered, "Boyfriend… What's that? I don't like men. I don't like them—burp—one little bit…"

The woman's words confused Ange a little.

If she doesn't like men, then does she like women?

While Ange observed the woman, a strange thought suddenly surfaced in her mind.

Before Ange could sort through her thoughts, the woman started mumbling again, "On what basis…must a woman like men?"

Ange was stunned. If she hadn't misheard, then this woman should be similar to her. She never thought that the supposed scammer she came across late at night would be a lesbian as well. This was simply unbelievable.

While Ange was lost in her thoughts, the drunk woman seemingly got tired of crying and stopped. Then, she extended a hand to Ange and pitifully asked, "Can you help me up?"

The woman's hand was dry and thin. Her palm was also very thin, and it even had a single palm crease.

After hesitating for a second, Ange grabbed the woman's hand and helped her stand up. However, as soon as she released the woman's hand, the other party's body began wobbling unsteadily.

Ange felt mentally exhausted over this situation. Then, without even processing her words through her mind, she asked, "Which hotel are you staying at?"

The woman knitted her brows in response, seemingly in deep thought.

Seeing the woman's drunk appearance, Ange vaguely smiled and asked, "Don't tell me you don't remember?"

After letting out another burp, the woman said a name.

After running the name through her mind, Ange found that the hotel was not only on the way home but also just a short distance ahead. So, she waved at the woman and said, "Get on. I'll drop you off."

Ange knew that nothing good ever came out of being a busybody, so she began regretting her actions after getting into the car. However, chasing the drunk woman off the car wasn't something she could bring herself to do, either.

Meanwhile, the drunk woman quietly sat in the passenger seat. At this point, the woman had already stopped crying, and she wore a dull expression on her face as she stared at the swaying pendant hanging off of the rearview mirror.

Ange didn't bother the woman. While she was still wondering if there was something wrong with herself today, they had arrived at their destination in the blink of an eye.

After parking the car by the roadside, Ange said, "We're here."

However, the woman remained motionless.

Even when Ange tapped on the woman's shoulder, the latter remained motionless.

Puzzled, Ange moved away the hair blocking the woman's visage.


The woman had fallen asleep during the short ride.

The woman's tears had already dried at this time. With how tightly her eyelids were squeezed together, the woman appeared to be experiencing an unhappy dream.

After taking a closer look at the woman, Ange found that the other party actually looked quite beautiful. The woman's face was refreshing, her eyelashes were thin, and her lips were lightly colored.

Just as Ange thought to further her observation, the woman suddenly woke up.

Ange silently retracted her hand and sat upright. Then, she said, "We've reached the hotel."

The woman abruptly looked up, a hint of wariness appearing in her misted eyes as she stared at Ange, "Who are you?"

What an ungrateful bastard.

Ange's lips twitched. When she saw the panicked look on the woman's face, a playful thought came to her mind. Then, she whistled at the other party and said, "I'm a bad guy who's about to r*pe you."

The woman's complexion instantly changed, and she stuck her back against the door, accidentally bumped her head while doing so. After letting out a yelp, the woman began scrutinizing the person in front of her. Then, realization struck her as she muttered, "...It's you."

Ange lazily placed her hands on the steering wheel and asked, "Remember me now?"

The woman nodded. Then, she tapped her groggy head and said, "Thank you. I...I'll give you money."

After saying so, the woman began struggling with her bag once more.

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