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Records of the Human Emperor

Records of the Human Emperor
Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇
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I cannot hand this world over to those who I disdain!

Thus, Wang Chong stepped over mountains of bones and rivers of blood to ascend to the throne of the Human Emperor. With his might, he reversed the fall of the Great Tang and brought it to the pinnacle of the world, thus becoming an unsurpassable legend!


Starve’s Synopsis

Forcefully brought over from the modern world to an alternate world in the era of Great Tang, Wang Chong felt detached and lived his life aimlessly.

However, when calamity struck and he saw his family and everything he cared for being torn apart, he felt deep regret.

Thus, he stood up and eventually became the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains, leading an army against those who seek to destroy all he cherished.

Yet, despite all his efforts, it was already too late to reverse destiny.

But before his death, a shooting star, the same one which brought him to this world, appeared before him, and he was given another chance to undo his regrets.

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Chapter 2118: World in Crisis!

8th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2128: Steel Fortress!

13th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2129: Youzhou in Shock!

13th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2136: Powerful Allies!

17th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2140: Taking Control!

19th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2143: Hindsight!

20th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2156: Clash of Edges!

27th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2162: Show of Force!

30th Jan, 2021

Chapter 2171: Sun Archers!

3rd Feb, 2021

Chapter 2172: Advance!

4th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2173: Kerosene Bombs!

4th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2176: Lethal Gold!

6th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2180: Demon God Bow!

8th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2181: Ice Bridge!

8th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2185: Opening a Gap!

10th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2202: Spacetime Prison!

19th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2204: Unstoppable!

20th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2217: A Frozen World!

26th Feb, 2021

Chapter 2229: Ancient Glacier!

4th Mar, 2021

Chapter 2235: Thunder Strike!

7th Mar, 2021

Chapter 2254: Heaven Reappears!

17th Mar, 2021

Chapter 2269: Deep Sea Ruins!

24th Mar, 2021

Chapter 2276: One-Hit Kill!

28th Mar, 2021

Chapter 2280: Heaven's Plan!

30th Mar, 2021

Chapter 2290: Origin Supreme!

4th Apr, 2021

Chapter 2293: Luo Supreme!

5th Apr, 2021

Chapter 2299: Supreme Buddha!

8th Apr, 2021

Chapter 2317: Alpha Supreme!

17th Apr, 2021

Chapter 2325: Apex Battle!

21st Apr, 2021

Chapter 2326: Heaven's Secret!

22nd Apr, 2021

Chapter 2327: Heaven Flees!

22nd Apr, 2021

Chapter 2336: Layers of Seals!

27th Apr, 2021

Chapter 2340: Operation Start!

29th Apr, 2021

Chapter 2346: The Final Seal!

2nd May, 2021

Chapter 2356: Endless Ocean!

7th May, 2021

Chapter 2363: Heaven's Pledge!

10th May, 2021

Chapter 2374: A Story

16th May, 2021

Chapter 2380: The Wind Stirs!

19th May, 2021

Chapter 2388: Imminent War!

23rd May, 2021

Chapter 2392: The War Begins!

25th May, 2021

Chapter 2410: The Final Move!

3rd Jun, 2021


11th Jun, 2021

Side Story

Side Story Chapter 1: Doomsday!

12th Jun, 2021

Side Story Chapter 4: Danger!

13th Jun, 2021

Side Story Chapter 14: Test!

18th Jun, 2021

Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by hypersheep325. Edited by Michyrr.