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CSG - Chapter 2966: Infiltrating the Moon God Hall

As Jian Chen’s Martial Soul Force turned into a black light and shot into the sixth elder’s soul, the sixth elder immediately let out a shrill shriek, and his soul leapt about violently.

Clearly, the pain that Martial Soul Force could cause to his soul far exceeded whatever Jian Chen could do to his body.

And because Martial Soul Force specifically targeted the soul, the intense pain from the soul when the sixth elder received the attacks from the Martial Soul Force could not be compared to any regular attack.

Due to the fact that Jian Chen’s current Martial Soul Force was still weak, coupled with his control over its strength, the sixth elder’s soul did not collapse from the attack.

However, the agony from his soul could basically make him believe he was better off dead. 

“Sixth elder, cooperate obediently, and not only will you face a little less torture, but I can even guarantee I won’t kill you.” Jian Chen smiled like he was telling a joke, attacking the sixth elder’s soul with Martial Soul Force as he tempted him with words.

The sixth elder was an Infinite Prime after all. He already counted as one of the higher-ups in the Moon God Hall, so he definitely knew quite a lot of secrets. He could destroy the Godking, Ding Mao, without even batting an eye, but he was reluctant to kill the sixth elder.

Otherwise, capturing another Infinite Prime from the Moon God Hall might not be this easy.

“Hahahaha, no matter who you are or what background you have, only death awaits you if you oppose our Moon God Hall. The Flame Reverend won’t spare you,” the sixth elder’s soul said as he trembled. He was extremely stubborn.

Jian Chen sneered. “Then let’s see how much longer you can last.” Jian Chen made up his mind viciously and unleashed the Martial Soul Force again and again, immediately making the sixth elder produce deafening shrieks. Just his cries alone could make hairs stand on end.

However, the voice was contained in an extremely small range. It could not make it past the spatial barrier.

Under the torturing of my Martial Soul Force, even the artifact spirit of a medium quality god artifact submitted to me. I refuse to believe I can’t deal with an Infinite Prime like you.

However, the sixth elder clearly could not be compared to the artifact spirit in the past. He had only lasted for six hours before going from rather dying than submitting to coming to a compromise.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you! Please stop! Stop! Stop torturing me! I can’t last any longer! I really can’t last any longer!” The sixth elder’s soul sobbed. He was extremely feeble. 

“If you were going to submit sooner or later, why did it take you so long? Tell me, how is fairy Hao Yue right now? Has she really died like what the rumours dictate?” Jian Chen immediately began to interrogate him.

“I- I only know that the hall master personally tried to hunt down fairy Hao Yue. He even clashed with fairy Hao Yue momentarily, but the end result is unknown. However, with the hall master’s strength, you can imagine the outcome of the battle.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen asked many questions regarding the Moon God Hall. The sixth elder had become completely compliant too, answering all of Jian Chen’s questions with everything he knew.

From the sixth elder, Jian Chen learnt about the entire strength that the Moon God Hall possessed. Apart from their hall master, Nan Potian, who was rumoured to have died at the hands of the Empyrean Demon Lord, the Moon God Hall had another seven Chaotic Primes and over twenty Infinite Primes.

They were much more powerful than when the previous Moon God was still around, as part of these Infinite Primes and Chaotic Primes had been absorbed into the organisation after Nan Potian had reached Grand Prime.

“Everyone in the world says that our hall master is already dead, but the reason why our Moon God Hall hasn’t faced any turmoil is because basically all of the higher-ups know a supreme expert like the Flame Reverend is standing behind us,” said the sixth elder.

“Aren’t there any trusted subordinates of the previous Moon God?” Jian Chen asked.

“There aren’t any left. All of his trusted subordinates that refused to submit to hall master Nan have been completely eliminated, apart from a great elder.”

“A great elder? Tell me in detail.” Jian Chen was intrigued.

“He’s called Yun Wufeng. He’s not the strongest in the Moon God Hall, but he is the oldest in terms of seniority. Whether it was the previous Moon God or hall master Nan, they’ve all received his guidance in the past. Speaking of which, great elder Yun Wufeng should count as half of a master to them.”

“Great elder Yun Wufeng has always stood by the previous Moon God. However, because hall master Nan owes him a debt of kindness, hall master Nan never laid his hands on him. He only imprisoned him in the Burial Moon Cavern.”

“The Burial Moon Cavern is a prison in the depths of the Moon God Hall.”

“The daughter of the previous Moon God, fairy Hao Yue, had only been discovered because she infiltrated the Burial Moon Cavern in an attempt to rescue Yun Wufeng.”

Soon afterwards, Jian Chen left the Sheer Ice Valley, except it was just him. The sixth elder was nowhere to be seen.

However, when Jian Chen emerged again, he had already assumed the sixth elder’s figure, not just in terms of appearance and presence, but even his uniform was exactly the same as the sixth elder’s.

Apart from hall master Nan, the strongest in the Moon God Hall is great elder Yue Wuguang, a Seventh Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime. However, Yue Wuguang has already left the Moon God Hall many years ago. It seemed like he left for somewhere else because he had some important business. Apart from Yue Wuguang, there are two Fifth and Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime great elders in the Moon God Hall. They’ve also left many years ago to investigate whether hall master Nan is actually dead or not.

As a result, in the current Moon God Hall, only four of the seven great elders remain if you include Yun Wufeng,” the sixth elder’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen stood by his word and did not kill the sixth elder. Instead, he allowed his soul to exist, basically storing it in his head almost like it was possessing him. He temporarily hid the sixth elder’s soul like that.

Of course, it was impossible for the sixth elder’s soul to create any trouble before Jian Chen with how feeble it had become.

Very soon, Jian Chen swaggered into the Moon God Hall under the identity of the sixth elder. Along the way, many disciples of the Moon God Hall greeted Jian Chen politely. “Greetings, sixth elder.”

Jian Chen secretly communicated with the sixth elder. Under his direction, he entered a central region of the Moon God Hall very soon. This place was normally used as a residence for elders of the Moon God Hall.

Lead the way. I want to save Yun Wufeng!” Jian Chen said to the sixth elder.

Senior, the Burial Moon Cavern is a sealed space constructed by the high quality divine hall. You can only force your way in there if you have the cultivation of a Grand Prime. Otherwise, you’ll need the secret tablet that only great elders possess,” the sixth elder’s voice rang out.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..