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TL - Chapter 60: Tan Jiao 09 (3)

I picked up my phone and replied okay.

“I’ll come pick you up later.” Wu Yu replied within seconds.

After giving it some thought, I replied, “I’ll pay for dinner. You’ve bought me food a few times already.”

“Sure,” he replied.

A thought suddenly popped into my mind, So is this our first date? To compensate for the one we were supposed to have on that ship.

I arrived before a wardrobe and rummaged through everything I had. In the end, my eyes became fixed on several of my short skirts as I thought about how Wu Yu looked at me the several times I wore them.

Is that the thirsty look Zhuang Yu talked about?

My heart rate shot up thinking about it. I picked out a navy blue skirt and a simple T-shirt. I even went to a salon to get my hair washed, as I had gone through a lot of hardship and fights. All this time with him, I had to admit I had not been able to maintain my appearance. Finally, I matched my outfit with a pair of sandals, something that was slightly sexy and rev…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.