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CSG - Chapter 2951: Hitchhiking

“Right now?” The Wind Venerable was taken aback by that, but he soon frowned and became troubled.

He could tell with a single glance that Jian Chen’s current condition was not looking very good. Even with the Chaotic Body, it was unavoidable for his battle prowess to decline severely. Jian Chen’s state left the Wind Venerable both worried and wracked with self-guilt.

Jian Chen had ended up like this completely for his sake. Originally, the Wind Venerable wanted to completely grasp the powers of the fetal membrane of the world and become a Grand Exalt true to his title. Then he would do all that he could to help Jian Chen recover so that he could properly pay him back.

However, Jian Chen was determined to leave right now, which left the Wind Venerable at a loss as for what to do.

He obviously did not wish for Jian Chen to leave right now. Because of the Myriad Bone Guild, it was extremely likely for Jian Chen to face danger once he left here.

However, if he forced Jian Chen to s…

Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..