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TL - Chapter 49: Wu Yu 07 (4)

The other policeman said, “No wonder brother Shen has been working hard on the case. Last night, he even insisted on preparing a bed for her to have some rest. He even got her breakfast this morning. Looks like brother Shen is trying to rekindle old flames.”

“I heard the captain even instructed Shen Shiyan to send that lady home. Maybe our captain is trying to set them up too.”

I took a deep draw from my cigarette instinctively after the two policemen walked away, feeling stuffiness in my chest. The image of Tan Jiao’s face and how Shen Shiyan and her acted awkwardly flashed before me.

That explains it.

Sometime later, Tan Jiao came out from the front door accompanied by Shen Shiyan, who was still in his uniform. The former wore a green policeman T-shirt over her shirt that the birds had probably ripped to shreds already. She looked cute even with such casual clothes.

The two seemed to be chatting about something. Tan Jiao would let out an occasional laugh as she looked at hi…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.